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From the Red Fez library...

VD Man

by Larry Blumen

In 1965, Miami, Florida, has more cases of infectious syphilis than any city in America-a fact the Chamber of Commerce and the Miami Health Department conspire to cover up. Into this sticky wicket stumbles Allen Kravass, who gives up a cushy job in his father's bank to pursue a career in syphilis eradication with the federal government. Kravass aspires to be a VD man-a sleuth for syphilis. But he is... View VD Man

Publisher from another Mother...

Six Ft. Swells Press

Six Ft. Swells Press began on a moonlit night with a cluster of three barstools, many dollars in the jukebox and an open tab. After Hours poets–Matt Amott, Todd Cirillo, and Julie Valin–were talking about how poetry can be fun, and should be more accessible to the “everyperson.” Six Ft. Swells Press was born with the mission of bringing our brand of After Hours poetry to truck stops, bowling alleys, bars, couch surfers, soccer moms, and everyone in between. And to have fun while doing it. We believe our poetry readings are a reason for friends to get together and celebrate what the written word can do–with the best music playing, and rounds of the best adult beverages flowing…. View publisher Six Ft. Swells Press