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juice and cookies

by Ross Vassilev

at the end
of Casablanca

Bogey and
the French cop
start a beautiful
friendship (of
a homosexual
nature no doubt.)

the bullet went in
through the back
of Bugsy Siegels
head, his eye
hit the wall
across the room.

i remember
my grandfather

bald with
a Hitler mustache

the same fiery eyes

drinking vodka
and eating raw
onions like they
were apples

dead of heart
failure at age 69.

he was
an atheist.

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About Ross Vassilev

Ross Vassilev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where they recently erected a monument to the American pilots who bombed Sofia in WW2. He's a poet and the editor of Asphodel Madness 2.0 blogzine. He likes girl-girl movies. You can but his new mini-chap "The Fury of Sparrows" here http://newpolishbeat.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/ross-vassilev-the-fury-of-sparrows/


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