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by Jay Passer

running low
on medicine
and source code
for the passage
to a simpler
we fondly consider
when strapping on
the seat belt.

under the bed
or stars
lurk equal

down there amidst
the porn mags and

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About Jay Passer

Mr. Passer, born in San Francisco, extensively traveled the States like a restless dog before settling in Seattle WA at the age of 24. In the habit of posting missives as if addicted to being mutilated by nameless entities posing as very interesting and fun people. Jailed twice in King County for driving without hands or eyeglasses. Returned to San Francisco, as written in Proverbs, 'like a dog to its own vomit'. Can be seen on occasion at Vesuvio's on Columbus, upstairs, drinking apertifs under the painting of the naked chick. Passer is currently at work composing tanka cycles on his cell phone.


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