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Put A Flower in your Hair


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About Leopold McGinnis

Leopold McGinnis is the author of 3 books of fiction, 2 books of poetry and the dark underlord of Red Fez. He's under the stairs looking at you right now. And also plotting the future of Red Fez..


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David P. Press    3 days ago
Excellent, LM. Great shadows, not to mention that shirt.
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Heather M. Browne    1 week ago
I really enjoyed what you did with this!!! The glasses the sharp crisp consonants and elongatiosn!!! Eerie and great!
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Leopold McGinnis    1 week ago
Thanks Cecelia. I have a secret passion for dark things...

In response to Cecelia Chapman.
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Cecelia Chapman    1 week ago
..and this is darkness, cool...
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