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Pidgeonholes wants your best work and wordplay, be it literary, speculative, experimental, or something absurdly unclassifiable. Just make sure it’s brief, brash, and beautifully written. While we only accept work in English, diverse ideologies, words,... View publisher Pidgeonholes

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Four Ties Lit Review

Four Ties Lit Review is an independent literary online magazine with the goal of publishing twice yearly. We are committed to the idea that creative writing and photographic arts are forms of expression that are essential to a thriving modern culture.

We... View publisher Four Ties Lit Review

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Five 2 One Magazine

A magazine for the everyday free thinker. "Our goal at Five 2 One Magazine is to give a forum to voices that are normally unheard and unseen in literary magazines." View publisher Five 2 One Magazine

From the Red Fez library...
From the Red Fez library...


by john sweet

collected e-books from 2004 - 2009 View sunpoison

From the Red Fez library...

Australian Love Poems

by Ed. Mark Tredinnick

This second edition was originally published as Australian Love Poems 2013. It contains an updated forward has changes to the original cover. View Australian Love Poems