Issue 86

Pretty Woman
by DB Cox
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Publisher from another Mother...

New Pop Lit

Not NFL. Not NPR. A mutant offspring: New Pop Lit. View publisher New Pop Lit

Publisher from another Mother...

Other Rooms Press

Publishes exciting, interesting, online, with an occasional print anthology. Holds contributor readings in New York City. One review: "celebrating the concepts of the new avant-garde" View publisher Other Rooms Press

Publisher from another Mother...

the open end

Why should you read TheOpenEnd?

1. TheOpenEnd is a general platform for creative writing of all varieties.

2. TOE contributors are insightful, musical, published, and pretty normal.

3. We were established in 2008. Explore us here.

4. TOE showcases... View publisher the open end

From the Red Fez library...

Tourist Trap

by Chris Campanioni

In suburban New Jersey, in the summer of 2006, a recent college graduate answers a Help Wanted ad from a travel agency seeking tourists for “direct sales distribution.” It doesn’t take him long to figure out the function of the company-issued camera.... View Tourist Trap

From the Red Fez library...


by Missy Church

Missy Church has selected the best of her books published throughout the years, here presented in a new format and design. Readers will find a rootsy and haunted America throughout her work, with weeds pushing up through the cracks. Rust Belt white knuckle... View Church

From the Red Fez library...

Working Stiff: The Anthology of Professional Wrestling Literature and Art

by Josh Olsen

Working Stiff is a literary battle royal of pro-wrestling themed poetry, fiction, essays, comics, and illustrations. Written and created by a stable of over 50 different writers and artists, and with a special guest foreword by Box Brown, the New York... View Working Stiff: The Anthology of Professional Wrestling Literature and Art