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Red Fez began publication in 2003 as one of the world's first online literary magazines.

Over its 20 year history Red Fez published 4000+ works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and graphic, video and author works from 1500+ authors and creators across 157 issues.

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Our Editors:

Head Editors:

Leopold McGinnis (Founder)

Michele McDannold

Chris Lambert

Doc Sigerson

Pat Simonelli


Associate Editors:

Miram Precious

Anne-Marie Yerks



Marvic Adecer

Elynn Alexander

Nicholas Damion Alexander

Yousef Allouzi

Maximillion Archibald

Jeffrey Aspern

Stephanie Austin

JovelleAngeli Avancena

Onyeka Azike

Marela Aryan Balagot

Kendall Barachy

Travis Bean

Deborah Benedic

Sheldon Birnie

Beau Blue

Lynne Breitfeller

Judy Brekke

Arlene Bridges

Paul Brookes

Natasha Cabot

Em Campbell

James Casey

Steve Chasin

Courtney Clute

Christian Collado

A.S. Coomer

Paul Corman Roberts

H. L. Cornetto

Donna Dallas

Rios de la Luz

Bill Diamond

John Dorroh

Carolyn Rhea Drapes

Kelly Driscoll

Caitlin Easter

Reyumeh Ejue

Eric Ellis

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Nicholas Iorio

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Marissa Ranello

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Riza Efe Reis

Douglas Richardson

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Jenifer Rowe

Rummy Rumface

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J. A. Tyler

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Lauren Voeltz

Grant Wamack

Cesca Waterfield

RW Watkins

Jennifer Wees

David Welper

Dylan Willoughby

Alicia Winski

Loring Wirbel

Tarek Zaher

John Zussman


Poetry published:

A.D. Winans, For Kell, Issue 12

Miles J Bell, I'd Like to Meet Whoever's Writing This Script, Issue 11

Jennifer McCarthy, Christmas Lights in June, Issue 3

Jeffery Van den engh, Clemency, Issue 8

Rob Taylor, A Note to All the Poets of the World, Issue 9

Michele McDannold, Bettin' Man, Issue 12

Stephen J. Golds, Between The Interval, Issue 10

A.D. Winans, Bill, Issue 12

John Sweet, chalkwhite sun over an empty parking lot, late afternoon, thursday, Issue 10

Mather Schneider, Biology 101, Issue 37

Jeffery Van den engh, Everyone is Dating, Issue 3

Stephen J. Golds, Don't Believe The Hype, Issue 10

Terry Collett, Easy Girl, Issue 12

Edwidge Valery, The Grain, Issue 3

David Sparenberg, Greek Chorus, Issue 10

Jennifer McCarthy, I Like It Hot, Issue 4

Edwidge Valery, Night, Knight, Issue 3

Ashok Niyogi, Pink Pine Forest, Issue 7

Michele McDannold, The Big Gulp, Issue 12

Erin English, The Elements Speak, Issue 10

David Sparenberg, The Shape of a Spanish Guitar, Issue 10

J. D. Nelson, Thursday Afternoon, Issue 9

K. L. McKay, The Travelling Trout, Issue 3

Justin Hyde, The Mazola Party, Issue 18

J. D. Nelson, Where Do You Robots Come Up With This Stuff?, Issue 11

David Sparenberg, Kalypso, Issue 13

Doug Draime, To the Good People at the Good Samaritan Hospital, Issue 13

Gary Robinson, I Want to Smooth This Day Out, Issue 13

Rob Taylor, No Wonder This is a Dying Art, Issue 14

Echezona Udeze, my mind is prettily preoccupied, Issue 14

Paul Tristram, Ignored by Angels, Issue 14

Ronan Barbour, Why Cab Drivers Don't Use Turn Signals, Issue 15

Joel Sweeney, The Horseshoe Lounge, Issue 16

Shaindel Beers, Last Train from the City, Issue 16

Robert T. Tiffin, Filmic Cool, Issue 16

Joseph Ridgwell, Ode to Francis Farmer, Issue 17

jason neese, Plastic, Issue 17

Travis Blair, Noche de los Muertos, Issue 20

Mathias Nelson, Gas for the Solo Bull, Issue 20

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, I Have Not Seen a Ghost in Years, Issue 150

Judy Brekke, Untitled, Issue 20

Jack T Marlowe, This Poem is Not a Eulogy, Issue 21

Chris Middleman, The Orient, Issue 22

Richard Fein, Will It Be on the Test?, Issue 22

David McLean, To Remember, Issue 22

Howie Good, Ding Dong, Issue 23

Misti Rainwater, America You Can ..., Issue 24

MK Chavez, I Married the Small Press, Issue 24

Grisel Y. Acosta, The Lamentation of Argon*, Issue 132

Susan Yount, Every Other Day Was Like That, Issue 24

Jenni Fagan, No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo, Issue 25

Doug Draime, Alligator Boots, Issue 25

John Grochalski, The Way the New Year Crumbles, Issue 25

Kyle Hemmings, Tarantula Boy #1, Issue 25

Derek Richards, Blood Fiction, Issue 25

Terry Collett, Bad Joke, Issue 26

April Michelle Bratten, Legs, Issue 26

Arlene Ang, Static, Issue 27

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, cat woman eating, Issue 27

James H Duncan, Help Me Drown the moonlight, Issue 27

Janet Butler, Weight, Issue 28

Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman, Cows Make the Best Meteorologists Pantoum, Issue 28

Sarah Sarai, Holy Minimalism, Issue 28

Alan Britt, Independence Day Dream, Issue 28

John Grochalski, at jack’s grave, Issue 28

Anna Donovan, Winter Counts, Issue 28

Harry Calhoun, Poems as Baseball Metaphor, Issue 28

Theron Moore, A Tornado of Blood is Coming, Issue 28

Fernando I, Para Selena, Issue 75

Ellyn Maybe, Myth, Issue 29

Puma Perl, impassable, Issue 29

Lyn Lifshin, Nights it Was Too Hot to Stay in the Apartment, Issue 29

Bill Gainer, The Stonecutter’s Balls, Issue 29

Jason Hardung, Dirtiest Of Creatures, Issue 30

Rebecca Schumejda, From Seed to Sin, Issue 30

Travis Blair, The Round Table, Issue 30

Jessica Thomas, Naked, Issue 30

Cynthia Ruth Lewis, The Art of Shedding Tears, Issue 30

Linda Lerner, Listening to The Trapeze Performers by Matisse, Issue 31

James Babbs, Tonight I'm Drinking Trying to Forget You, Issue 32

Joseph Gant, One More Night, Issue 32

Larry Ziman, Never Put On Your Enemy's Black Leather Jacket, Issue 32

Alan Catlin, Even Her Pubic Hair Looked Aggressive, Issue 33

R L Raymond, a case of constriction, Issue 33

Valery Oisteanu, The Drum Circle for Janine Pommy Vega, Issue 33

Gillian Prew, Reading Dylan Thomas While it Snows, Issue 33

M.P. Powers, The Last Days, Issue 34

Dan Provost, Be a Bum, Issue 34

John Grochalski, A.D. Winans' Poems, Issue 34

William Lyles, The Trumpet Summons, Issue 35

Andrew Darlington, If I Weren't a Poet, Issue 35

Kathy Burkett, Miss Universe, Issue 35

c. m. brooks, The Old Magic, Issue 35

Philip Tinkler, This Poem May Harm Your Computer, Issue 37

Carla Criscuolo, Christian Slater, Issue 37

Andrew Romanelli, That Night We Carried a NYPD Sawhorse 5 Miles Through Manhattan, Issue 149

Gabriel Ricard, Old Men Go Crazy, Issue 37

Cassandra Dallett, Up Chuck The Boogie, Issue 37

Barbara Moore, Penny, Issue 37

Alan Britt, Rilke's Panther, Issue 37

J. Claudius Cloyd, And the Cat Said to the Mouse, Issue 37

Z.M. Weiss, I am Not Your Journal, Issue 38

jason irwin, Howard Johnson's, Times Square, Issue 38

mike taylor, Across an Imperfect Sky, Issue 38

RC Edrington, Melissa Sometimes, Issue 38

Joey Dean Hale, And When the House Burned, Issue 38

John G. Hall, The Sayings of the Evil Buddha, Issue 39

Miles Budimir, The Day Scott Wannberg Died, Issue 39

Travis Blair, Picasso's Hands, Issue 39

Jason Hardung, Alone in a Vietnamese Restaurant, Issue 40

Michaela A. Gabriel, I Build a Pagoda for My Small Gods, Issue 40

Alan Gann, Unlike Robert Hass, I Never Used The Word Blackberry In A Poem, Issue 40

Alan Britt, When We Really Want The Truth, We Look To Our Prodigal Poets, Issue 42

Amy Stone, Spies, Issue 42

Kirstin Ruth Bratt, Don't be Alarmed by the Poet, Issue 43

Misty Decant, Tequila Burn, Issue 43

Steven Gulvezan, Poem Written Before Jumping Down An Eight Mile Rabbit Hole, Issue 43

Craig Shay, Ice Cream Truck Plays Mozart, Issue 43

Timothy Gager, All the Days and Nights, Issue 43

Crawdad Nelson, Love Poem, Issue 75

Apryl Skies, A Letter To Socrates, Issue 44

Alan Catlin, John Lennon's Clone On The 55 Bus, Issue 44

James H Duncan, Desolation, 2 a.m., Issue 44

John Swain, House Is A House, Issue 44

Rich Cronborg, It's Been a Wild Ride, Issue 44

William Taylor Jr, Prayer Or Surrender, Issue 45

Rhonda C. Poynter, Emerging from a Coma, Certain that Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation had been Administered by Picasso, Issue 45

Nathan Graziano, A Married Man Living in a Cheap Hotel, Issue 46

Melanie Browne, Perfect Barbie Hair Death, Issue 47

William Taylor Jr, A Friendly Note to Myself and Others Who Might Call Themselves Artists, Issue 47

Kyle Hemmings, Lana Turner Had Me in the Backseat of a Used Checkered Cab, Issue 47

Miriam Matzeder, Embolus, Issue 47

Miriam Matzeder, glory hole, Issue 47

Doug Draime, Advice To An Elitist Editor, Issue 48

Diane Webster, 6 A.M. Carwash, Issue 48

Ryder Collins, I Would Ride A Bus With You, Issue 48

Ryan Swofford, Song, Issue 49

Ally Malinenko, Bandaids, Issue 49

Bill Gainer, Revenge of the Pumpkins, Issue 50

Ryder Collins, These Things are the Things You Need to Stop, Issue 50

Dana Stewart, Dark Wolf, Issue 50

Ali Znaidi, Jack-o'-Lanterns, Issue 50

Doc Sigerson, Les Métamorphoses du Vampire, Issue 50

Chris Bodor, Life on My Side of the Street, Issue 51

Paula Lietz, A Whole Lot Of Scared, Issue 52

Carly Bryson, Twin Railways, Issue 52

Ted Jackins, What To Say...What To Say, Issue 52

SB Stokes, In a Voice Only a Few Ever Heard, Issue 52

Steve Black, Own Devices, Issue 52

Robert Vaughan, Adversity & In Sandy Hook, Issue 53

Tina Culp Barton, Girl's Night Out, Issue 53

Francine Ellen Witte, Here are Some Lies You Can Tell Me, Issue 152

Cassandra Dallett, It's The Speed, Stupid, Issue 53

Ronojoy Sircar, All I Can See Are Your Eyes in Rearview Mirrors, Issue 54

Jeremiah Burrow, The Philosopher Tells Abba Joseph a Story, Issue 55

Peycho Kanev, One Poet in Chicago, Issue 55

Erin Reardon, A Bowl Of Dusty Oranges, Issue 55

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, The Laureate, Issue 55

Chuck Scott, Common Sense Drinks Alone, Issue 55

Bill Gainer, Loving You on the Cheap, Issue 55

Jay Coral, Watching The Tightrope Walker, Issue 56

Shalamar Sibley, Recalibration, Issue 56

Joan McNerney, Raffle Prize, Issue 56

Lee Passarella, Good Fences, Issue 56

Michael Ashley, It's Easter Monday, Issue 56

Jessica Dawson, Dreams as Impetus, Issue 56

Cara Nusinov, Feeling So Plath, Issue 56

Cassie Heltzel, I'm Still Crazy In-Fuck With You, Issue 56

Scott Laudati, Stony Hill, Issue 57

James Valvis, Signing My Enlistment Papers, Issue 57

SuZi X, Awkward Positions, Issue 129

Darla McBryde, Blue Horse, Issue 58

Rhonda C. Poynter, There are Some Things that Cannot be Forgotten, Issue 58

Holly Jaffe, Homecoming, Issue 58

Phillip Larrea, Bloody Broken Sonnet, Issue 58

Matt Dennison, Mousers, Issue 58

A.g. Synclair, On Landing a Windfall, Issue 59

Rich Follett, Poieplegia, Issue 59

Chandra Rose, Safe Sex or Another Note I Will Never Send, Issue 59

Amy Barry, The Angels of Pigalle, Issue 59

Puma Perl, Sleeping In, Issue 135

Erren Geraud Kelly, Bob Dylan in a Skirt, Issue 60

Aurelia Lorca, For Bambi Lake, Issue 148

Stephen Kopel, A Brace of Brass Tacks, Issue 60

Dana Stewart, Upon the Hill, Issue 61

Cassie Heltzel, Girl-Saint, Issue 62

Doc Sigerson, Cold Laughter, Issue 62

Jess Provencio, The Last Bohemian, Issue 62

B. Preston Johnson, How To Respond To Street Harassment, Issue 62

Brandon Figliolino, Night, Issue 62

Leopold McGinnis, A Year, Lover, Issue 62

Leopold McGinnis, Babel, Issue 62

Charlotte Hamrick, To Don't, Issue 63

James H Duncan, Single Malt Scotch, Issue 63

Steven Gray, The Old One Two, Issue 63

John Roth, Casual Espionage, Issue 63

Aurelia Lorca, Driving Under The Influence Of Heart Ache, Issue 64

Janelle Hankins, American Girl of the Millennium, Issue 64

Fernando I, Mango, Issue 64

Brooke Delp, When the Money Ran Out, Issue 64

Rich Ives, A Discussion of the Beadwork on the Queen’s Décolletage, Issue 64

Deborah Wong, Your Call For The Title, Issue 64

Ross Vassilev, Chance Of Snow, Issue 65

Viktoriya Neverov-Krstic, The Tour, Issue 65

J. Claudius Cloyd, Money Stays Away From Me With My Tired Poetry, Issue 66

Misti Rainwater, Moo, Issue 66

SB Stokes, Outside the Latin, Issue 66

Howie Good, Music To My Ears, Issue 66

Will Crawford, You Could Cut It With a German Butterfly Knife, Issue 66

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Reflection With Crow, Issue 137

john raffetto, Liberace, Issue 68

Tom Brzezina, Vegas Baby!, Issue 68

Kennita Ballard, Nella Larsen Crossroads, Issue 68

Mickey J. Corrigan, Grande, Issue 69

Dan Fitzgerald, Temptress, Issue 69

Alexis Rhone Fancher, Walk All Over You, Issue 69

A.J. Huffman, Of Sex and Chess, Issue 70

Louis Aragon, Tapestry of the Great Fear, Issue 155

Lauren Suchenski, My Baby Grew in Spurts and Whistles, Issue 70

Fernando I, The Bird And The Piano, Issue 70

Amy Barry, Threre's No Way To Say Goodbye, Issue 70

Bud Smith, Artificial Rose, Issue 70

Wayne Mason, There was a Fire, Issue 71

Ed Ruzicka, What Bukowski Left, Issue 71

Ron Charach, For the Polish Poets, Issue 151

Michael Brautigan, The Search Party, Issue 71

Gwil James Thomas, Somewhere Elsewhere, Issue 71

Travis Stephens, Birds In Alternate Plumage, Issue 140

Seraphine The Poet, Fragile Women, Issue 71

Deborah Leigh Jones, In the Dim, Issue 71

James H Duncan, When the Time is Right, Issue 72

Amanda Rosas, Snapshot of My Mother Before She was My Mother, Issue 151

David Welper, The Dogs Of Today, Issue 72

Tori Harris, Numbly Present, Issue 72

john raffetto, Venice, Issue 72

Tom Brzezina, Solitaire, Issue 72

Kaci Skiles Laws, Dance, Issue 146

William Taylor Jr, The Burning Moon and the Cries of Owls, Issue 73

Laurel Nakai, On Being Born, Issue 73

Scott wozniak, The Prince Of Quiet, Issue 73

Leigh Abrams, Constraint, Issue 73

Wred Fright, Boiling Yellowjackets, Issue 73

David Welper, Kissing at The Corner Outside of Starbucks., Issue 73

Crawdad Nelson, End Of The World, Issue 73

John Dorroh, Dead Vulture Rhapsody, Issue 128

Fernando I, Drown, Issue 74

Steven Gray, Water Brothers, Issue 74

Jannah Hankins, Ghost, Issue 75

Melinda Cochrane, Grey, Issue 75

Charles Cicirella, Things I Do That I Don’t Care to Admit, Issue 75

john raffetto, The Full Moon, Issue 75

Ty Vossler, Light from Stars, Issue 75

Todd Cirillo, A Subtle Motivation, Issue 76

Christian Lawrence Alvarez, thispoem)))), Issue 76

Tim Staley, Do You Feel Alright, Issue 76

Aurelia Lorca, Alone In Hollywood, Issue 77

Gordon Hilgers, Innate, Issue 77

Kevin Mazzola, The Red Carpet, Issue 77

John N. Miller, Requiem in Three Movements, Issue 77

Tom Montag, I Walk In Snow, Issue 77

Mark Reep, County Fair, Issue 78

Belinda Subraman, Meddling Woman, Issue 78

Sarah Frances Moran, If My Lover Were Aydian Dowling, Issue 78

Michael Estabrook, John Prine, Issue 78

Barry Jeffers, Poem at 70, Issue 79

Mike Hackney, Theory # 5, Issue 79

Kurt Nimmo, Dance in the Rain Naked, Issue 79

John D Robinson, The Rewards, Issue 79

Mike Jewett, Blank Houses, Issue 79

Ally Malinenko, Better Luck Next Year, Issue 80

Fernando I, My Lovely Wife, Issue 80

GMacias Gusman, Day Drunk Knight, Issue 133

Haze McElhenny, Potato, Issue 81

William Taylor Jr, The Place Where Real Music Is Born, Issue 81

Mary Lanphier, Detroit Sunset, Issue 81

Rhonda C. Poynter, Lately, I Have Been Dreaming of Van Gogh's Last Paintings, Issue 81

Rose, Underneath Cashew Chicken, Issue 81

Jean-Luc Fontaine, Mr. Olympia, Issue 127

Robert Joe Stout, On Stage as Sam in Pinter’s The Homecoming, Issue 81

A.S. Coomer, Reflections upon Nine Dead Horses, Issue 81

Ericka Becks, You Are (Ancient, Absent God), Issue 82

Erren Geraud Kelly, Lupe, Issue 82

Mickey J. Corrigan, Red Tide, Issue 82

K. P., Writers Block, Issue 82

Tom Brzezina, One For Lester, Issue 83

Jonie McIntire, There's No Easy Way to Patch, Issue 130

Cassandra Dallett, Poetry is Just Another Do-Wrong Man, Issue 84

Aleathia Drehmer, How Many Saints, Issue 152

Rose Aiello Morales, Time Between Time, Issue 84

Cassandra Dallett, Smolder, Issue 129

Anna Sykora, Repeat After Me, Issue 84

Patricia Walsh, My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark, Issue 84

Jay Passer, Blackjack, Issue 84

Heath Brougher, Black Kites on the Moon, Issue 84

Virginia Farrell, This Is Not A Sad Poem About My Yellow Dress, Issue 84

Vincent S. Coster, What Is A Man, Issue 85

Charles Joseph, #26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming, Issue 86

Steven Porter, Another Drunken Night at a Jazz Lounge, Issue 87

Wred Fright, Cleaning Day is the Worst Day of the Month, Issue 87

Adam Hughes, Gypsies And Foxes, Issue 87

James Tyler, Hate Crime 1986, Issue 87

susan mardinly, The Lady of the Neutron Star, Issue 87

Bradley Mason Hamlin, Pine Cove Tavern, Issue 87

KG Newman, Meeting Of The Minds, Issue 87

Donna Dallas, Dead Things, Issue 130

John N. Miller, The Ape Man, Issue 87

Matt Duggan, The Ghosts Of Devon, Issue 88

Ed Plunkett, The Onramp From I-70 East to 315 North, Issue 88

Steven Gulvezan, Paladin of Rarefied Ambition, Issue 88

Chavisa Woods, One Peak Mountain, Issue 128

Doc Sigerson, Mare's Nest, Issue 89

Michael Grover, Docker Dreams Of Running Free, Issue 89

Matt Sradeja, Knuckle Presses, Issue 90

William Taylor Jr, Margaritaville, Issue 130

Bree Bodnar, Day Breaks, Issue 90

Tony Pena, Four Pieces Of Paper, Issue 90

Saira Viola, Speed Punk Portulaca, Issue 91

Aurelia Lorca, After Goya’s Entierro De La Sardina, Issue 91

Donna M. Davis, Death of a Catholic School Girl, Issue 91

Paul Jones, At the Butcher's Souk, Issue 153

Lauren Suchenski, Love Will Never Know Me As Well As I Know It, Issue 91

Lester Melton, Tying A Fly, Issue 91

Steven Stone, The Mystery Floor, Issue 92

Ace Boggess, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Issue 92

Gayane M. Haroutyunyan, This Guy was a Writer, Not a Poet, Issue 92

Aurelia Lorca, Thoughts On The Worst Jukebox In The World From Granada, Spain, Issue 93

John Grey, Forgive Me, Issue 93

Robert Beveridge, Casa Roberto, Issue 93

Bill Tarlin, Fourth wall, third act, Issue 130

J. Claudius Cloyd, Elmo’s World is Not Big Enough, Issue 93

Lana Bella, Near the End, Issue 94

Michael Grover, Another Day In Quarantine, Issue 156

Laura Hanna, Photo, Cropping and Stringing Tobacco, Circa 1982, Issue 94

Mark James Andrews, Clara in the Ladies, Issue 94

CL Bledsoe, Yours is a Beauty I Can't Even Look Upon, Issue 95

Michael Gushue, Yours is a Beauty I Can't Even Look Upon, Issue 95

Richard Fein, Old Watches, Issue 95

James H Duncan, Nothing Else and You, Issue 95

Sanjeev Sethi, MUTUALITY, Issue 95

Paul Brookes, Am I Made, Issue 95

Aurelia Lorca, October 28, 2016, Issue 95

george wallace, Los Ebanos Crossing, Issue 146

Heather M. Browne, Ache of Dying Grass, Issue 95

Darren C. Demaree, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIE WELL FOR ME #31, Issue 95

Katie Matz, Columbine, Issue 96

Daniel Collins, Taking Time Off, Issue 96

Grace Merva, Battered Infatuation, Issue 96

Em Kleaver, Fridays Over Easy, Issue 96

Emily Forsyth, Talking Backwards, Issue 96

Ronan Barbour, Tanbark Blue, Issue 96

Wred Fright, Wednesday Evenings, Issue 96

Jonathan Beale, Talisman, Issue 96

Halé Isil Cosar, What Do You Have There?, Issue 96

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Plate, Issue 96

Sue Chenette, On Leafing Through the Lee Valley Christmas Catalogue, Issue 96

Jessica Brooke, City Streets, Issue 96

GMacias Gusman, 9:15 in Death Valley, Issue 96

John J Ronan, Regret, Issue 96

john raffetto, Too Much Paris, Issue 96

Tulasi Nidamarthy, Bright Orange, Issue 96

Cindy O'Quinn, Moon Dreams, Issue 96

Robert JW, Depression Is Fascism, Issue 97

James Croal Jackson, When You Visit Columbus, Issue 97

Diane Cambern, A New Moaning, Issue 97

T. J. McGuire, Vampire, Issue 97

KaraD Spain, A Question of Love, Issue 97

Blythe Nguyen, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Issue 97

Bill Gainer, The Last Light of Summer, Issue 97

Justin Hyde, Reflection, Issue 97

Ericka Becks, portrait of an existential road trip, Issue 97

Peycho Kanev, Immobility, Issue 97

Linda McCauley Freeman, Form with Children, Issue 97

K.A. Michener, What?, Issue 97

Ricky Garni, Action, Issue 97

Mark James Andrews, In a Silent Way, Issue 97

Matt Galletta, Getting lucky, Issue 97

Steven Gulvezan, PISS YELLOW, Issue 97

Paul Ilechko, Cathedral, Issue 97

Andrew Byrds, ATARAXIA, Issue 98

Patrick Fontes, Leaving Fresno, Issue 98

Patrick Theron Erickson, PROPER BURIAL, Issue 98

Pris Campbell, unreconciled salvation, Issue 98

Darren C. Demaree, FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO, Issue 98

Dan Jacoby, Ewing Avenue, Issue 98

Alan Catlin, They looked liked, Issue 98

Sanjeev Sethi, Television, Issue 98

Rob Plath, All Clear, Issue 98

john raffetto, John Cage Writes a Poem, Issue 99

Jeanne Julian, Spilled Beer, Issue 154

Leanne Drapeau, Dear Girl, Issue 99

Ace Boggess, Bluebeard, Issue 99

Martina ReiszNewberry, Coda, Issue 99

Steven Pelcman, Home, Issue 99

Ben Adams, ghost gum, Issue 99

Robert Matte, Repo Man, Issue 99

William Taylor Jr, The Fire, Issue 99

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Worker Bee, Issue 99

Heather M. Browne, Tendering Meat, Issue 99

Juliet Cook, Broken, Issue 99

John Swain, Beauce, Issue 99

Spencer Folkins, Reading in a Stained Glass, Cathedral-Ceilinged Theater, Issue 99

John Grey, Coffee House On A Winter's Morning, Issue 99

H.W. Day, Metabolism, Issue 99

Lyn Lifshin, Life in Aleppo, Issue 99

Craig Kurtz, Duelling School, Issue 99

Sergio Ortiz, There Were Windy Streets, Issue 100

DB Cox, epilogue for sara, Issue 100

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Filled With Sound, Issue 100

Ally Malinenko, I Hold Doors For Other Women, Issue 100

Chris Sparks, A Wicker Chair, Issue 100


Don Brandis, Landscapes, Issue 100

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Degrees of Happy, Issue 100

Michael Skau, Winter Love, Issue 100

Dan Provost, Old, Issue 100

susan mardinly, ALHAMBRA, Issue 100

Kerry Trautman, Three April Brides In Central Park, Issue 100

Chelsea Avard, Poor Little Thing, Issue 100

Colby Clair Stolson, Slow, Issue 100

John Swain, Beyond Echo Stone, Issue 100

Adrian Lime, Breakthrough, Issue 100

Mark James Andrews, Mission Statement, Issue 100

Ellaraine Lockie, City Girl, Issue 100

Kevin Ridgeway, Syndicated Immortals, Issue 100

George Freek, The River Still Flows, Issue 100

George Freek, There is Only One Season, Issue 100

Kevin Ridgeway, Syndicated Immortals, Issue 100

Saira Viola, Oyster Catchers, Issue 101

Mike Faran, shotgun, Issue 101

Adrian Alexander, Melbourne Poem 206, Issue 101

Frank Modica, Tapestries, Issue 101

Fernando I, Opportunity, Issue 101

Spencer Smith, EPHEMERON, Issue 101

Alexis Rhone Fancher, Dos Gardenias, Issue 101

Paul Ilechko, A Bridge Too Far, Issue 101

Daniella Derraugh, Twelve Portraits of Intimacy, Issue 101

Obed Ladiny, Resurrecting Mama's Dish, Issue 101

Pris Campbell, Sea Salted Kisses, Issue 101

, Between Two Bastions, Issue 101

Donna Dallas, Dumb as a Box, Issue 101

Nathan Tompkins, 42, Issue 101

john raffetto, Chicago, Issue 101

Sergio Ortiz, Between Two Bastions, Issue 101

Steven Gulvezan, The Poetry Clown Says, Issue 102

Beth Gordon, Insomnia, Deconstructed, Issue 102

Gene Berson, Traces of Constantine’s Cross, Issue 102

Edward Lee, Never to Be Found, Issue 102

AM Roselli, Uneven Candles, Issue 102

Dan Smart, Potentiality, Issue 102

Lester Melton, The Aralia, Issue 102

Bill Yarrow, In the Time of the Breaking of Congratulations, Issue 102

Alexi Elias, Catching Butterflies With Mary, Issue 103

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Snowy Night, Issue 103

Nathaniel S. Rounds, Dance/Ascent, Issue 103

Kelley White, Other, Issue 103

Elise McCarter, I Remember You, Issue 103

mark fleury, All Flowers are Welcome, Issue 103

Szandra Akkach, The Poem of You, Issue 103

M.P. Powers, Cafe Kott, Issue 103

Brendan Sullivan, Poison, Issue 103

Wayne Russell, We Are Spirits, Issue 103

Gene Berson, Tomb of the Unknown Civilian, Issue 103

Steven Stone, Spoon, Issue 103

Alan Catlin, Headhunters, Issue 103

Pris Campbell, Covet, Issue 103

DB Cox, Lost & By the Wind Grieved, Issue 103

Morgan Matchuny, Ghosts, Issue 104

John Grochalski, jack walks, Issue 104

Jared Pearce, Peony, Issue 104

Heather M. Browne, Pause, Issue 104

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, The First Poem in Weeks, Issue 104

James Tyler, A Ten Minute Poem, Issue 104

John Gimblett, Colours, Issue 104

Adam Levon Brown, Versus, Issue 104

William Taylor Jr, Today I'll Sing, Issue 104

Don-Allen Burnett, Ballad, Issue 104

SL Alderton, Alice In Therapy, Issue 105

Danielle Segobiano, Las Cruces, Issue 105

Juliet Cook, Unfriend Everyone, Issue 105

John Patrick Robbins, The Sax Man, Issue 105

Scott wozniak, It's a Dark Art, Issue 105

Jason Baldinger, Kerouac Go Home, Issue 105

Dan Jacoby, hiha’n winu’cala, Issue 105

Paul Ilechko, On Cutting, Issue 105

Ingrid Bruck, Nocturne., Issue 105

George Freek, The Lark Falling, Issue 105

Pris Campbell, Not For The Weakhearted, Issue 105

Michael Meyerhofer, Not For All the Anger in Fresno, Issue 105

Steven Gulvezan, Pumpkin Head, Issue 105

Craig Firsdon, The Walk, Issue 105

Sugar Tobey, Ramses II, Issue 105

Alicia Winski, Unrepentant (un)Damaged Goods, Issue 105

Nikki Byrnside, The Sadness, Issue 106

Aurelia Lorca, Broken Sonnet of Pink Ribbons, Issue 106

Heather M. Browne, Checkmate, Issue 106

Adrian Slonaker, Do It Yourself Therapy On Water Street, Issue 106

Terrence Sykes, Distant Memory, Issue 106

Emily Forsyth, Circuit, Issue 106

Robert Halleck, Fern Andrews, Issue 106

Jon Bennett, Erica in the Sun, Issue 106

Nathan Tompkins, Sylvia, Issue 106

Rajnish Mishra, I Don’t Go Out, Issue 106

john raffetto, Western Markers, Issue 106

Michael Kocinski, The Astronomy Girl's Legs, Issue 107

Gene Berson, trumpet player, Issue 107

Donald Barilla, Chilled Deep into the Night, Issue 107

Alan Catlin, Big City, Bright Lights, Issue 107

Mike Hackney, After Meditation, Issue 107

Bianca Nazareth, Masquerades, Issue 107

M.P. Powers, Walking through Neukölln in the Rain, Issue 107

William Taylor Jr, The Lines for the Urinals of Hell, Issue 107

Keith Mark Gaboury, A Beggar's Body, Issue 107

Tom England, 6am off Sora Patera, Issue 107

A.D. Winans, I am San Francisco, Issue 107

Puma Perl, Suicide Red, Issue 107

Kelli Allen, When the brother of the man I love says, I wish I could spell cunt with a K, Issue 107

Juliet Cook, Loch Ness in my Locket, Issue 107

, Loch Ness in my Locket, Issue 107

Morgan Matchuny, Cover Me, Issue 107

Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Pebbles, Issue 108

Alice Fulmer, The Vicar's Grove, Issue 108

Mike Faran, For A Wife, Issue 108

Sergio Ortiz, On Warm Afternoons, Issue 108

Mia Moltane, Eclipse, Issue 108

Gordon Hilgers, Long Night Of Bussin' Denny's, Issue 108

christopher robin, The Thing is Leave It, Issue 108

DB Cox, to understand the emptiness, Issue 108

Paul Ilechko, Banyan, Issue 108

John Patrick Robbins, One Day Kid, Issue 108

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, I'm Not Asking for Hope, but for Wonder, Issue 143

Stephen Mead, Loving The Woodworker, Issue 109

Pris Campbell, Red Robe, Issue 109

Alicia King, Misoprostol, Issue 109

Carolyn Srygley Moore, The Written Word is a Dead Word, Issue 109

Arlene Bridges, Knights Of The Field, Issue 109

William Taylor Jr, Another poem about burning, Issue 109

Shalamar Sibley, Protest Words, Issue 109

John Grey, I Never Tire Of October, Issue 109

John Grey, Back There, Issue 109

Clara Burghelea, Mother, Issue 110

John Grochalski, Philosophers' Ship, Issue 110

Elisabeth Horan, How I Wish Not to Own This, Issue 110

John Dorroh, When Your Mama Dies, Issue 110

Tony Pena, My Close Up, Issue 110

Keith Mark Gaboury, Sammy The Angel, Issue 110

Charlotte Hamrick, Lemons, Issue 110

Michael Meyerhofer, On the Unintentional Irony of White Supremacy Groups, Issue 110

Yasmine Badaoui, The Morning Paper in Review, Issue 110

Jeff Weddle, Here's What You Do, Issue 110

Zephir O'Meara, Underground Creek, Issue 110

Paul Jones, Poem in Which I Forget Myself, Issue 143

Pris Campbell, Carrying The Torch, Issue 110

Aurelia Lorca, Survivor's Gratitude, Issue 111

John Gimblett, Snow, March, Issue 111

Colton Ray, We’ll Be Dust One Day, Issue 111

Gene Berson, appearing to disappear, Issue 111

George Gad Economou, Dying Flowers, Issue 111

M.P. Powers, Bone Island Elegy, Issue 111

Mark James Andrews, Jimmy Mack, Issue 111

Michael Griffith, Bone, Issue 111

John Sweet, sunlight on ice, Issue 111

Don-Allen Burnett, The Telegram Cafe, Issue 111

Mike Hackney, Victory, Issue 112

Morgan Matchuny, McLean, Texas, Issue 112

Rich Ives, Contemplation of a Small Speckled Egg Frozen into a Whiskey Glass, Issue 112

Steven Stone, Subway Blues, Issue 112

Mickey J. Corrigan, Danger Ahead, Issue 112

Andrew Darlington, Cyber Killers, Issue 112

Robert Nisbet, Morgan's Ghost, Issue 112

Emma Chervek, with the wind, Issue 113

, with the wind, Issue 113

Emma Chervek, with the wind, Issue 113

Lexie Reese, Feeding Ducks, Issue 113

Ryan Havely , Coming to Terms, Issue 113

William Taylor Jr, A Short Note from Montparnasse, Issue 113

Robert Tremmel, His Story, Issue 113

Jon Bennett, No Nose, Issue 113

kerryn tredrea, yeah we all felt good., Issue 113

Elizabeth Stansberry, Iowa, Issue 114

christopher robin, No Chelsea Hotel, Issue 114

Ljubo Popovich, Nostalgia, Issue 114

Robert Joe Stout, Clearing Weeds, Issue 114

George Gad Economou, World Aflame, Issue 114

Eric Steere, Rushhour, Issue 114

James Diaz, What We're Made of, Issue 117

Vidd Jims, aaa, Issue 116

Frances Bloom, When Anger Comes Around, Issue 115

Rob Schackne, How It Is, Issue 115

Lester Melton, Friday Night Truth, Issue 115

DB Cox, S...O---S..., Issue 115

Ben Adams, An Automatic Transmission that Starts to Slip Will Not Repair Itself, Issue 115

Kenneth Trimble, Colossus, Issue 115

Morgan Matchuny, Rose Quartz, Issue 115

William Taylor Jr, Peace And Love Forever, Issue 115

Donna Dallas, There's A Crack In Everything, Issue 115

Ted Jackins, Closer To The Bone, Issue 115

Chris Lawrence, Bottled Polaroids, Issue 116

Trina Stolec, Make Sure You Say..., Issue 116

Michael Blake, 1B, Issue 116

Rose Aiello Morales, The Girl with Schrodinger's Earring, Issue 116

Paul Jones, On an Okra Flower, Issue 117

Nancy MacInnis, Autumn Come, Issue 117

William Taylor Jr, Casualty, Issue 117

Frances Bloom, Neighbors, Issue 117

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, What Could We Speak of, Issue 117

Debra Kaufman, Exulansis, Issue 118

Eric Steere, White Nights of Muharram, Issue 118

Mike Hackney, Following Foucault, Issue 118

Pris Campbell, Angel, Issue 118

John Swain, Bazas Saint-Jean, Issue 119

Miah Elizabeth Abdo, To the Suburb Kids, Issue 119

Don-Allen Burnett, Chairbler, Issue 119

Colin Dardis, The War on Clothes, Issue 119

Colin Dardis, Skinned, Issue 119

dirty poet, looney tunes, Issue 120

Chavisa Woods, Painting Godiva, Issue 120

Emily Claire Carpenter, No Prayers, Issue 120

dirty poet, luxury, Issue 120

dirty poet, tattoo, Issue 120

Alicia Winski, Speaking in Tongue, Issue 120

Alicia Winski, laundry day, Issue 120

Chavisa Woods, Admiring Godiva, Issue 120

Chavisa Woods, The Portrait, Issue 120

Dan Jacoby, harvest moon, Issue 121

Dan Jacoby, nobody, Issue 121

Ally Malinenko, A Woman Should Teach Her Daughter How to Navigate This World, Issue 121

Ally Malinenko, A Woman Should Know the Origins of the Witch Hunt, Issue 121

Cal Nordt, Impact, Issue 121

Cal Nordt, Lunacy, Issue 121

Nancy Mercado, Catcalls To My Brain, Issue 121

Nancy Mercado, Epilogue for the 21st Century, Issue 121

Maurice Devitt, January, Issue 121

Maurice Devitt, War Babies, Issue 121

Kerry Trautman, October 6, 2016, 9pm, Ohio, Issue 122

Kerry Trautman, Spider-man, Issue 122

Donna Dallas, Dress Me in This, Issue 122

Donna Dallas, Backlick Road, Issue 122

Puma Perl, A Day, Issue 122

M.P. Powers, Bohemian Rhapsody, Issue 122

Martina ReiszNewberry, Meaning of Magic, Issue 122

Miah Elizabeth Abdo, This Is Warmth, Issue 122

Eric Steere, Tick Tock Diner, Issue 123

Andrew Dooley, grocery list, Issue 123

Patricia Carragon, Angel, Issue 123

Ingrid Bruck, Flying, Issue 123

Ingrid Bruck, Pumpkin Hollow Elegy, Issue 123

Eric Steere, Qatar Airways Flight 536 to Calicut, Issue 123

Cyndi Dawson, Like Birds, Issue 123

Andrew Dooley, identity, Issue 123

Jack Silbert, After-Hours Book Club, Issue 123

John William Lyndon Toivonen, Keepers of the Gin, Issue 123

Jack Henry, ashes in a gray paper box, Issue 123

Donna Dallas, Stories, Issue 124

Joseph O. Legaspi, I'm Coaxing the Roach, Issue 124

Patrick Raneses, How To Use A Mirror:, Issue 124

Donna Dallas, When I Lay the Truth Down Will You Still Love Me, Issue 124

Margaret A. Rodriguez, Toothache, Issue 124

Margaret A. Rodriguez, Drunken Eulogy, Issue 124

Pris Campbell, Leaf In The Wind, Issue 124

, The Ghostly Green Luna, Issue 124

Rekha Valliappan, The Ghostly Green Luna, Issue 124

Daniel Nester, The Last Days of Childhood, Issue 124

Daniel Nester, The Drummer in Our Band Tells Us He's a Virgin, Issue 124

Fannah Indigo Palmer, Outside, Issue 124

Robert Joe Stout, Four Summers, Issue 125

Danny Shot, How to Look Good at 60, Issue 125

Danny Shot, About Forgetting, Issue 125

melissa christine goodrum, 72 Appetizing Vaginas, Issue 125

dan raphael, Llueve Mucho Donde Vivo, Issue 125

dan raphael, Feeding, Issue 125

Donna Dallas, In the Garden with the Devil, Issue 125

Donna Dallas, Hell Hath No Fury, Issue 125

T. J. McGuire, After Twenty Years,, Issue 125

T. J. McGuire, Show, Don't Tell, Issue 125

DS Maolalai, Cobbles, Issue 126

Lindsay Ballew, Waffles, Issue 126

Lindsay Ballew, to lithium (and back), Issue 126

DS Maolalai, The Dustpan, Issue 126

L.R. Harvey, behind and flanking either side, Issue 126

Jay Passer, All The Reasons I Had To Resist Yet Didn't, Issue 126

Jay Passer, The Bird, Issue 126

Chuck Joy, Almost, Issue 126

Chuck Joy, Narrow Bridge, Issue 126

Eric Steere, Rosstaf, Co. Mayo, Issue 127

Bill Gainer, An Oddity, Issue 127

Bill Gainer, It was the 1950s, Issue 127

Ryan Snellman, Respite, Issue 127

Ryan Snellman, Que Te Parece?, Issue 127

Cassandra Dallett, In this Game of Thrones, Issue 127

Cassandra Dallett, Under Bone, Issue 127

James Diaz, Redwood, NY, Issue 127

James Diaz, After The Storm, Issue 127

Mike Frenkel, Child Is Father, Issue 128

Mike Frenkel, Running Narratives, Issue 128

Adrian Lime, Dead Soldier's Thought Beneath the Moon, Issue 128

Adrian Lime, Athanor, Issue 128

Kerry Trautman, I Want to Write a Poem About the Moon, Issue 128

Kerry Trautman, To the Poet Friend Who Died Suddenly, Issue 128

Ljubo Popovich, Loneliness, Issue 129

Dan Jacoby, vacancy in the parish, Issue 129

Dan Jacoby, exercise yard, Issue 129

John Oughton, FLIGHT, Issue 129

Stephen Roxborough, the new upgraded extended-play colossus, Issue 129

Stephen Roxborough, when is a poem, Issue 129

John Oughton, ICEAGE, Issue 129

Jonie McIntire, Diving for Coins, Issue 130

William Taylor Jr, The Old Absinthe House, Issue 130

Donna Dallas, Everyone Wants a Piece of Donna, Issue 130

Aurelia Lorca, I Will Wear Yellow, Issue 130

Joan Barasovska, Caesura, Issue 130

Kelli Allen, Eventually, Kelli, Issue 130

Paul Jones, At Seventy, Issue 131

Ralph Earle, We Lived on the Edge of Calamity, Issue 131

Cara Chanoine, What Survived the Flood, Issue 131

Aurelia Lorca, Scorpio Season, Issue 131

Neeli Cherkovski, In Memory of Jazz, Issue 131

Neeli Cherkovski, Returning, Issue 131

joe weil, For the Northern Shrike on the Feast of St Francis, Issue 132

joe weil, Great Snowy Egret, Issue 132

Ricky Garni, Famous Yellow Garden Spiders Through History, Issue 132

Ricky Garni, Why I Am Not Afraid Of Death, Issue 132

Grisel Y. Acosta, Beneath the Ivy, Issue 132

Jordan Trethewey, Neurological Deficits, Issue 132

Jordan Trethewey, I Am No Jesus, Issue 132

Janis Harrington, Widow's Pension, Issue 132

Janis Harrington, Fledglings, Issue 132

Mary Ward, I've made a list, Issue 133

Brian Rihlmann, Thank You, Sir, Issue 133

PaulA Neves, Pluck the What? A Brief History of Carpe Diem, Issue 133

PaulA Neves, Independence Park, Issue 133

LYON AMOR BRAVE, Girls And Their Onions, Issue 133

LYON AMOR BRAVE, I Really Don't Care If The Sun Is A Star And He Does, Issue 133

Aurelia Lorca, La Petenera, That Ungrateful Girl, Issue 134

Aurelia Lorca, La Petenera, In Conversation With Snow Not So White, Issue 134

Shelby Stephenson, Looking Glass, Issue 133

Bruce Hodder, Why I Don't Go To Eighties Theme Parties, Issue 133

Bruce Hodder, Martyna's Magic Show, Issue 133

Paul Koniecki, landfill '78, Issue 134

Ross Vassilev, The last words I ever spoke to my father, Issue 134

Akshaya Pawaskar, Rest In Peace, Issue 134

Dane Smith, Empty Whiskey Jar, Issue 134

John Dorroh, I Married a Tribologist, Issue 135

Tsaurah Litzky, The Pesach Cloth, Issue 134

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Vixen, Issue 134

Cynthia Andrews, Notes From Armageddon, Issue 135

Cynthia Andrews, Starbucks On Saturday At Six, Issue 135

Jordan Trethewey, man who walks among the stars, Issue 135

phibby Venable, the wind has fallen against the house, Issue 135

Donna Dallas, It's Just a Story, Issue 135

Kaci Skiles Laws, Undressing, Issue 135

KT Lowe, Pandemic Story #78: NYC, Issue 136

Maura High, Choosing A Mask, Issue 136

Maura High, Tree Talk, Issue 136

dirty poet, even switch, Issue 136

dirty poet, miley, Issue 136

Joan Barasovska, All Wrong, Issue 136

Joan Barasovska, Sore Throat, Issue 136

John Grey, 1987, Issue 136

David Cope, Silent March, Issue 136

Jordan Stewart, The Long Way to Alone, Issue 137

Anita S. Pulier, Inside Out, Issue 137

Anita S. Pulier, Staying Grounded, Issue 137

Aurelia Lorca, Sometimes the Roses in My Garden Tell Me Things, Issue 137

Hanna Abi Akl, a sad day in paris, Issue 137

Hanna Abi Akl, carnal notebook, Issue 137

Linda Kleinbub, Life Shut Down, Issue 137

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, The Wife of the Last American Daredevil Speaks, Issue 137

Kevin Powell, We Them People, Issue 137

Robert Beveridge, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Issue 138

Kevin Powell, Hope Wanted, Issue 138

Paul Jones, Ode To A Certain Feeling of Optimism, Issue 138

Paul Jones, To Very Small Devices, Issue 138

Stella Hayes, Amour Absolu, Issue 138

Ikhnaton Skypeople, Spaghetti Head, Issue 138

Mather Schneider, The Window, Issue 138

Eve Packer, the mirror, Issue 138

Debra Kaufman, Sheltering, Day 60, Issue 138

Debra Kaufman, Sheltering, Day 110, Issue 138

Madeline Artenberg, My eyes are tantalized, Issue 139

Madeline Artenberg, Babel, Issue 139

M. Frias-May, In the Path of God, Issue 139

M. Frias-May, Every Morning I Say, Issue 139

Tina Kelley, No One Could Write It Down, Issue 139

Tina Kelley, A Poem Ending With Its Epigraph, Issue 139

Michael Rothenberg, Snowflake, Issue 139

Meg Weston, The Beach at Patchogue, Issue 140

Ilari Pass, Their First Date, Issue 139

Aurelia Lorca, Solea and 46, Issue 140

Trish Saunders, Horseshoes Lose Traction, Issue 139

Jordan Trethewey, Horseshoes Lose Traction, Issue 139

Ernest Hilbert, Monster-Mania Con 44, Issue 140

Ernest Hilbert, The Inlet, Issue 140

Mather Schneider, The Arkansas Experiment, Issue 140

Mather Schneider, My Mother Sitting in the Outhouse Hoping She's Not Pregnant, Issue 140

Sarah Katherine Burnette, Ode To They, Issue 140

Travis Stephens, Amy In The Hard Chair, Lisa Too, Issue 140

Jason Vasser Elong, Pretty Flowers, Issue 140

Jeff Weddle, The People are Afraid and the Streets are Empty, Issue 141

Jeff Weddle, This Moment in Time, Issue 141

Jeff Weddle, The Thing Left To Do, Issue 141

Pamela Twining, Plague, Issue 141

Andy Clausen, WE SHALL DANCE AGAIN, Issue 141

Andy Clausen, HERD IMMUNITY, Issue 141

Kelli Allen, Online Learning, 2020, Issue 141

Travis Stephens, ABIGAIL, Issue 142

Travis Stephens, Mrs. Tin Woodsman, Issue 142

Ken Poyner, Fruition, Issue 142

Ken Poyner, Knowledge, Issue 142

Dimitri Reyes, Aubade with Wife Taking Selfie, Issue 141

Dimitri Reyes, Neighborhood Watch, Issue 141

Robert Ronnow, Soot, Issue 141

Robert Ronnow, Jack's Time Out, Issue 141

Gabriel J Cleveland, Boneyard, Issue 142

Aurelia Lorca, Chasing the Dragon, Issue 142

John Macker, For Diane, Issue 142

John Macker, Cerrado, Issue 142

James C Ruggia, He'd Become a Saint, Issue 142

James C Ruggia, Second Avenue, Issue 142

Aurelia Lorca, Letter to Lupe Velez, Issue 142

Lindsey Heatherly, Purple Wisteria, Issue 143

Florence Nash, The Hand-Smocked Red Dress, Issue 143

KT Lowe, Pandemic story #516: Palmistry, Issue 143

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Map of Everything, Issue 143

Gene Berson, Historical Figures, Issue 143

Paul Jones, The Impossibility of America, Issue 143

DS Maolalai, Tomorrow's Billionaires, Issue 143

DS Maolalai, It's a pity you lost it when you met your wife., Issue 143

Madeline Artenberg, Queen of the Late Bloomers, Issue 144

Madeline Artenberg, After Death, Issue 144

Suzanna Flor Holguin, What is it That Shadows Give Each Other?, Issue 144

Suzanna Flor Holguin, Praying to Yemaya, Issue 144

Maura High, Picking Cotton, Issue 144

Maura High, IN A HARD YEAR, WINTER, Issue 144

Dimitri Reyes, So Much Depends Upon the Brown Chair, Issue 144

Trina Stolec, Illude Lane, Issue 144

Elya Braden, Game Theory, Issue 145

Brian Rihlmann, On a Cliff in The Beer Aisle, Issue 144

Brian Rihlmann, 46 And 60, Issue 144

CL Liedekev, November Snow, Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, Issue 145

Elya Braden, Every Blackberry Returns Me, Issue 145

Olga Livshin, Again, Issue 145

Olga Livshin, Gaia, Issue 145

Jason Baldinger, a carrollton prayer, Issue 145

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Bad Night at Walmart, Issue 145

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Hotel California, Issue 145

Kelley White, Sweet Sweet Day, Issue 145

Kelley White, Meridian, Issue 145

William Taylor Jr, Right Now, Issue 146

Jenya Krein, The Story with No Answer:, Issue 146

Jenya Krein, No Voice to Call My Own, Issue 146

Donna Dallas, The Dead Girl, Issue 146

Donna Dallas, A Story for my Villagers, Issue 146

Eva HD, The Ballad of Hyman and Anna Friedman, Issue 146

Eva HD, Belugas, Issue 146

Paul Jones, Red Clay Way, Issue 147

Pat Hull, Hackles, Issue 147

Pat Hull, Lever of Tides, Issue 147

Paul Jones, How Firm A Foundation, Issue 147

Yoana Tosheva, Not ur girl; not ur anything, Issue 147

Yoana Tosheva, Kant said don’t kill the sunset, Issue 147

Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, How We Cope, Issue 147

Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Do Not Disturb, Tiny Grass Is Dreaming, Issue 147

Kerry Trautman, On Instructing my Children on Proper Placement of Blame, Issue 147

Kerry Trautman, My Son Turns 20 Today, and I’m Making it all About Me, Issue 147

Aurelia Lorca, Adrift In A Ghost’s Eyes, Issue 148

Jim Simpson, Oranges, Issue 148

Jim Simpson, Blue Ink, Issue 148

CL Liedekev, The Birthday Party, Issue 148

reg e gaines, reflection, Issue 148

Travis Stephens, Isle of Mull, Issue 148

CL Liedekev, Transplant Ward, Issue 148

Richard Barbee, DOA, Issue 148

KT Lowe, Valentine’s Day, Issue 149

KT Lowe, True North, Issue 149

Andrew Romanelli, Juicy, Issue 149

Michael Waterson, After Dining at the Golden Dragon, Issue 149

Michael Waterson, Three-ring 3 a.m., Issue 149

Jonie McIntire, Smile, Issue 149

Jonie McIntire, Democracy at Work, Issue 149

Scot Young, She Only Wants, Issue 150

Michael Thomas Ellis, Pet Sounds, Issue 150

Stephanie Kendrick, Apartment Complex, Issue 150

William Taylor Jr, Music for the Ghost, Issue 150

Linnet Phoenix, Praying for India, Issue 150

Scot Young, after breakfast the last day of school, Issue 150

Linnet Phoenix, Listen, Issue 150

Lorraine Caputo, Eventide in Socopó, Issue 151

James Diaz, When I was Young, Issue 151

Kelli Allen, smoke, fire, wind, mud, darkness, and old liars, Issue 151

Jason Baldinger, god is back in town, Issue 151

David Estringel, Santero, Issue 151

Francine Ellen Witte, Buh-bye, Issue 152

CL Liedekev, The Softball League, Issue 152

Maura High, Kindling, Issue 152

Maura High, Historiography / a Pond, Issue 152

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, He Stopped Coming Over, Issue 152

John Grochalski, poem to the woman trying to cross the street with her child, Issue 152

John Grochalski, poem to the woman drinking a cosmopolitan alone, Issue 152

Paul Jones, Guarding Watermelons, Issue 153

Amanda Rosas, Bedtime, Issue 153

Curtis Hayes, Screamin' Jay, Issue 154

Amanda Rosas, Fly Fishing, Issue 153

William Taylor Jr, A Song for Alleys, Issue 153

William Taylor Jr, Accessory, Issue 153

John Grey, A Week in Puerto Rico, Issue 153

Alan Catlin, People from the Black Hole, Issue 153

Alan Catlin, The Witches, Issue 153

Mark J. Mitchell, Colors Between Keys, Issue 154

Dena Rash Guzman, Touch Your Phone to Mine, Issue 155

Lindsey Heatherly, Stillness of a Songbird, Issue 155

Hanna Abi Akl, Half Measures, Issue 155

Jon Bennett, Poison Oak, Issue 155

Douglas K Currier, Prettiest Girl in the Room, Issue 155

James Griffin, 2000 Worlds, Issue 155

Vibha Malhotra, I am Your Past, Issue 157

Paul Jones, Anti-Aubade 2, Issue 157

KT Lowe, Pandemic Story #160: Making Love, Issue 157

CL Liedekev, Broken Arm, First Love, Issue 157

Rachel Mallalieu, I Want to Be Fat, Issue 157

Kelli Allen, The Price of a Corridor to Staying, Issue 157

John Grey, Field Guide, Issue 157

M.P. Powers, Dispatch from a German Garden, Issue 157

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Who's Counting?, Issue 157

Puma Perl, Riding the Crosstown Bus, Issue 157

Scot Young, Gone With the Wind, Issue 157

William Taylor Jr, A Room Above a Convenience Store, Issue 157

Pris Campbell, Sea Songs, Issue 157

Lisa Fusch Krause, Seascape in a Mason Jar, Issue 157

Isaac Seal, Not Even Ideas, Issue 157

Gabriel Ricard, A Standard Passenger Situation, Issue 157

Alan Catlin, Every time Jack’s, Issue 157

Paul Jones, She Moves, Issue 157

William Taylor Jr, I Walk the Tenderloin at 3 a.m., Issue 157

Puma Perl, Love Me Red, Issue 157

Rachel Mallalieu, Death Is Often Dirty, Issue 157

Sarah A Etlinger, Thesmorphia, Issue 157

Kerry Trautman, Post-Op, Issue 156

M.P. Powers, Double-Fisted, Issue 157

Kelli Allen, Every Year, an Only Child, Issue 157

Michele McDannold, how to decide if something is triggering, Issue 156

Michael Grover, My Old Mentor, Issue 156

Michele McDannold, in that all matters complicate and refine, Issue 156

Adrian Lime, This is Not a Pipe, Issue 156

Kerry Trautman, To the Poets, Issue 156

Kerry Trautman, Rose Window, Issue 156

Donna Dallas, No Name Key, Issue 156

Donna Dallas, Death by Dior #354, Issue 156

Donna Dallas, Time Asphyxiates, Issue 156

Doc Sigerson, Sunday Afternoon, Issue 156

Gabriela Mistral, The Frozen Grave, Issue 156

Adrian Lime, The Best Poets I Know Are Workers, Issue 156

Adrian Lime, Buzzards, Issue 156

"Bad" Weslie Ecru, Chicago, Issue 68

A. Razor, Razor, Issue 37

A. Razor, Garbage Can, Issue 46

A.D. Winans, Gods Don't Cry, Issue 13

A.D. Winans, Poem For A Friend In Prison, Issue 29

A.D. Winans, No Questions Asked, Issue 29

A.g. Synclair, Facing West, Issue 36

A.J. Huffman, The Madness of Space, Issue 31

A.J. Huffman, The Water Calls Me, Issue 64

A.S. Coomer, The Old Skins of the New Snake, Issue 86

Aaron Wiegert, A Garden Thief, Issue 69

Adam Hughes, Mystic, Issue 83

Adam Sometimes, An Ol' Friend, Issue 94

Aftab Yusuf Shaikh, MACHINERY LAWS, Issue 61

Aidan O'Callaghan, Eventually, Issue 57

Aimee DeLong, Insomnia Parade, Issue 29

Aimee DeLong, Evening, Issue 29

Al Rocheleau, Paradox, Issue 92

Alan Catlin, fathers of the little darlings, Issue 28

Alan Catlin, State of Grace, Issue 34

Alan Catlin, The Human Masquerade, Issue 36

Alan Catlin, Loneliness Of The Long Distance Drinker, Issue 39

Alan Catlin, Moe, Larry and Iggy Pop, Issue 45

Alan Catlin, Last Call, Issue 47

Alan Catlin, The Little Darlings, Issue 52

Alan Catlin, Wild Woman Warrior Blues, Issue 69

Alan Elyshevitz, Death by Pizza, Issue 20

Alan Gann, meditation on an independent day, Issue 23

Alan Gann, Walking with Monet, Issue 24

Alan Gann, Blue and Wild, Issue 32

Alan Gann, The Aerialist, Issue 32

Alan Gann, Love Letters, Issue 40

Alan King, At the MGM, Issue 18

Alan Britt, Ferris Wheel, Issue 29

Alan Britt, Lives In The Balance, Issue 47

Alan Britt, Ode To Truth, Issue 54

Alan Gann, Shared Pigment, Issue 70

Aleathia Drehmer, Chasing Tales, Issue 24

Aleathia Drehmer, Clearly Not From Here, Issue 40

Alexander J. Allison, Facial Hair, Issue 33

Alexander Stout, Anthem, Issue 30

Alexandre Nodopaka, A Verbal Tour de Metaphor, Issue 39

Alexzan Burton, Untitled, Issue 83

Ali Cravens, Upon Your Stars, Love, Issue 66

Alia Vancrown, The Voice of the Dispossessed, Issue 61

Alicia Winski, Of Dreams & Mortality, Issue 56

Alicia Winski, Pretty Things, Issue 59

Alicia Winski, This Ain't Cheers, Issue 89

Allen Hope, Sensation: Holy Virgin Mary, Issue 45

Ally Malinenko, America Is the Loneliest Country in the World. Loneliness is the Price We Pay for Individuality, Issue 61

Ally Malinenko, Purple Socks, Issue 76

Ally Malinenko, Sonogram, Issue 76

Ally Malinenko, Thirty-Seven, Issue 86

Ally Malinenko, My First Visit to the Apple Store: April 2016, Issue 89

Amanda Albee, Kelp, Issue 43

Amber Decker, We'll Try Again, You Tell Me Later, Issue 70

Amit Parmessur, Clean Slut, Issue 32

Amit Parmessur, Lackadaisical Old Woman, Issue 51

Amit Parmessur, Knockin’ on Hell’s Door, Issue 86

Amy Kay, The East Coast Foxtrot, Issue 23

Amy Barry, Stewing Mind, Issue 63

Amy Ekins, Petal, Issue 50

Amy Stone, Four O'Clock Decisions, Issue 54

A P, Orange Juice And Honeycake, Issue 78

Andrea DeAngelis, Take, Issue 38

Andrew Periale, Justice, Issue 28

Andrew Rihn, Nailed, Issue 28

Andrew Taylor, Fluids, Issue 29

Andrew Hubbard, The Divining Rod, Issue 82

Andrew J. Stone, Autopsy Report, Issue 53

Andrew Jarvis, The Practice Room, Issue 59

Andrew Scott, Marching On Their Back Yard, Issue 77

Andy Hall, Try A Little Tenderness, Issue 17

Andy Bury, He Exercised to Exorcise His Size, Issue 45

Andy Smart, Increase to Remnant, Issue 86

Angel Perales, Billy’s Variances, Issue 46

Angel Perales, At Night, Issue 77

Angel Zapata, Chasing Philosophy, Issue 52

Ani Mackie, Finding Inspiration, Issue 41

Anjumon Sahin, Untitled, Issue 54

Ann Howells, Van Gogh's Madness, Issue 64

Ann Howells, This Is How It Begins, Issue 80

Ann Howells, Flies, Issue 91

Anna Betts, Grey Like Water, Issue 58

Annie McMillen, Clerking, Issue 35

Anthony Venutolo, The Last Moments of Papa H, Issue 25

Anthony Liccione, A Good Day, Issue 15

Anthony Liccione, Therapy, Issue 15

Antonia Clark, Maybe You Should Write Down What I Say, Issue 30

Anupam Sinha, Appeasing The Muse, Issue 63

April Michelle Bratten, To Hurricane Juan, 1985, Issue 29

April Salzano, Mid-Day Burning, Issue 69

April-May March, Crude Joker, Issue 14

April-May March, Lamb and Beef, Issue 14

April-May March, Quiet in the Alps, Issue 14

Apryl Skies, Cenotaph of the Swallowtail, Issue 50

Apryl Skies, V., Issue 55

Arunima Dey, I Don't Do Poetry, Issue 67

Ashley Boswell, M.F.A., Feel Better?, Issue 59

Ashley King, Distracted, Issue 64

Ashok Niyogi, Alone, Issue 5

Ashok Niyogi, Elephants Die, Issue 6

Ashok Niyogi, Foothill Town, Issue 7

Ashok Niyogi, Good Morning, Issue 6

Ashok Niyogi, I Went Blind, Issue 9

Ashok Niyogi, Inadequate Words, Issue 5

Ashok Niyogi, Message, Issue 5

Ashok Niyogi, My Tadpoles became Frogs, Issue 7

Ashok Niyogi, Palampur, Issue 9

Ashok Niyogi, Urchin, Issue 7

Aurelia Lorca, The Mess Of The Moon, Issue 55

Aurelia Lorca, The Downcast Dreamer, Issue 56

Aurelia Lorca, Night Into Morning, Issue 61

Aurelia Lorca, Circe's Lament, Issue 63

Aurelia Lorca, Sonata Of The Moon, Moon, Issue 70

Aurelia Lorca, I Give You The Impossible, Issue 85

Aurelia Lorca, Status: Heartbroken, Issue 90

Austin Kudzia, Second String, Issue 87

Avantika Singhal, An Act Of Kindness, Issue 86

Aveline Gray, Mechanical Song, Issue 40

B. Preston Johnson, Off This Way, Issue 62

Barry Yeoman, Before A Summmer Storm In The Heartland, Issue 67

Barry Yeoman, Infinite Distances, Issue 74

Barry Yeoman, A Yearning, Issue 84

Ben Adams, The Fractured Ones, Issue 50

Ben Adams, What I Hold In My Hand Like Destiny Or Death, Issue 69

Ben Adams, Tenochtitlan, Issue 90

Ben Bartman, Contempt, Issue 34

Ben Britton, Mercifully, Issue 85

Ben Britton, Things You've Taught Me, Issue 88

Ben John Smith, Silvi, Issue 35

Ben John Smith, Silvi (Spanish), Issue 35

Ben Newell, the dark side of a back to school sale, Issue 86

Benjameno Ĉarlo Kraus, A Sound Request, Issue 39

Benjamin Anderson, The Best Insincerity, Issue 67

Big Sway, {Stick Your Fingers In The Ink}, Issue 43

Bill Gainer, 3 poems, Issue 24

Bill Gainer, Vampires of the morning —, Issue 29

Bill Gainer, Leftovers, Issue 45

Bill Gainer, The Job, Issue 45

Bill Gainer, Something For The Cat To Play With, Issue 47

Bill Gainer, The Secret Lives Of Gods, Issue 50

Bill Gainer, Never Enough ..., Issue 53

Bill Gainer, The Stone, Issue 72

Bill Gainer, Building A Proper Biography, Issue 84

Bill Yarrow, Sacrifices Of Famished Promise Made To Apology, Issue 90

Bob Boston, One Cheesy Sonnet, Issue 15

Bob Boston, Runaway Train, Issue 15

Bob Brill, Big Mac, Issue 47

Bob Phillips, Girl On A Bus, Issue 85

Born Before, CAN SEND Mice, Issue 65

Brandon Marlon, Isthmus, Issue 91

Brendan McCormack, Rothko In Berlin, 1988, Issue 58

Brendan Sullivan, Lost Boy, Issue 48

Brenton Booth, Waiting On The Ballet, Issue 46

Brenton Booth, As The Decimals Change, Issue 49

Brenton Booth, To Live, Issue 58

Brenton Booth, Prelude, Issue 73

Brenton Booth, For Lost Friends, Issue 81

Brett Stout, I Wonder Where She Slept Last Night, Issue 31

Bri Bruce, Under the Weight of Snow, Issue 41

Brian J Eckert, like Denver or wherever, Issue 42

Brian Le Lay, Last Year I Grew Up, Issue 50

Brian Moreau, The Ice Skaters, Issue 38

Brycical, Wajad on Dahab’s Beach, Issue 74

Bryon D. Howell, Retail Saviour, Issue 14

Bud Smith, Effective, Issue 41

Bud Smith, Naked Except Our Sunglasses, Issue 45

Burgess (Borges) Needle, Charmed Helix, Issue 23

c. m. brooks, Room 401, Issue 44

C.C. Russell, Story Problems, Issue 68

Carly Bryson, Windchimes of the Lost, Issue 37

Carly Bryson, Access Denied, Issue 39

Carly Bryson, All That And A Bag Of Neurons, Issue 49

James Green, Loving You, Issue 39

James Green, A Poem, Issue 51

James Green, Winter, Issue 72

Carol Alexander, Poem For Edna, Issue 46

Carol Alexander, The Old Singer, Issue 56

Carol Alexander, The Body Double, Issue 86

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Things my Mother told Me, Issue 42

Carol P., The Machine Hands, Issue 42

Rob Taylor, today, Issue 11

Rob Taylor, how i got this scar, Issue 14

Rob Taylor, i've got a lot going on, Issue 14

Rob Taylor, Creation Story, Issue 24

Robert Barboza, Dance at Bougival, Issue 11

Robert Barboza, Flushing Pheasant, Issue 11

Robert Joe Stout, E-mail (After the Breakup), Issue 92

Robert Louis Henry, Katie or Amanda or Brittany, Issue 24

Roberta Verdant, Kaleidoscope re-assembly, Issue 59

Roberta Verdant, My Grandmother Fades, Issue 71

Ron Ahimsa Riekki, Corpse Mistaken for Halloween Decoration, Issue 68

sam spade, Swinging From Karma's Last Branch, Issue 41

sam spade, Why In Hell, Issue 41

sam spade, A Gift Of Hallucination, Issue 41

Ronald T Ray, Apartment Dweller, Issue 50

Ronald T Ray, Hatless, Issue 56

Ronald T Ray, Said The Damned, Issue 60

Ronan Barbour, John Singer, Issue 52

Ronan Barbour, Midnight Broadcast, Issue 71

Rose Aiello Morales, Automationaton, Issue 59

Rose Aiello Morales, What Do They Want?, Issue 68

Rosebud Ben-Oni, The Current Political Situation Of The Roma, Issue 39

Ross Vassilev, round and round it goes, Issue 20

Ross Vassilev, juice and cookies, Issue 20

Ross Vassilev, a middle finger..., Issue 29


Ross Vassilev, Yes, It's Spring, Issue 46

Rufus Ryle, All The Meaning In The World, Issue 64

Ruth Morris

I was in Hell, living with the devil..., Issue 59

Ryan Dilbert, Voracious, Issue 17

Ryan Bird, Siren, Issue 13

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, I Saw the Face of Capitalism, Issue 26

Ryan Snellman, Untitled, Issue 89

S.E. Ingraham, Sliding Into Dusk, Issue 48

S.E. Ingraham, A Vignette From the Bin, Issue 74

Sam Gilbert, Taco Tuesday, Issue 89

Samuel Moulton, Requiem For A Pretty Girl, Issue 75

Samuel Moulton, XXXVI, Issue 80

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito, The Bridge, Issue 55

Sarah Crewe, 17 Seconds, Four Doors Down, Issue 42

Sarah Crewe, Ana, Issue 42

Sarah E. Alderman, Sadie, Issue 52

Sarah Gamutan, Worlds Apart, Issue 42

Sarah Valeika, Newspaper Clippings 3: Medusa, Issue 92

SB Stokes, Doing What I Never Do, Issue 72

Scot Young, Darfur Equinox, Issue 21

Scot Young, poetry 101: 7:45 a.m., Issue 24

Scott Schear, The Rain Pt. 2, Issue 67

Scurvy Bastard, If They Only Knew, Issue 16

Sean L Corbin, The Divination Of Soil, Issue 39

Sergio Ortiz, On Leave - 1968, Issue 22

Sergio Ortiz, Topography, Issue 24

Sergio Ortiz, Almost Dawn, Issue 30

Shane Houston, Dearest Loving Promise, Issue 80

Shannon McKeehen, Regulations, Issue 39

Shawn Misener, Russell, Issue 15

Shawn Misener, Mars, Issue 38

Shawn Misener, Love in the Time of the NASA Mars Rover, Issue 53

Sheikha A, Invisible Land, Issue 55

Sheri L. Wright, The Prodigal, Issue 34

Shonna Gillis, Infinite release, Issue 27

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian, My Slivered Lebanon, Issue 60

Simon Friel, The Flat, Issue 20

Simon Friel, the coming insurrection, Issue 33

Sirenna Blas, The Sound Of Sunflowers, Issue 41

Vyatcheslav Bart, A Fly's Fate, Issue 71

Sonia Saikaley, The Fortune Teller, Issue 37

Melanie Browne, A Map Of Oz, Issue 57

Spencer Black, Broken Bottles, Issue 90

Stacy Skolnik, So Says Abishag, Issue 33

Stanley M Noah, Traveler, Issue 65

Steffen Horstmann, Hornets thrum in bleached skulls wreathed in seaweed, Issue 58

Stephen Morse, A Scale Of Parts, Issue 16

Stephen Arinze, Untitled, Issue 85

Steve Goldberg, With Success, Issue 35

Steve Black, Angel, Issue 72

Steve Klepetar, My Responsibility, Issue 65

Steven Gulvezan, The Dogs of Paris, Issue 28

Steven Gulvezan, Diamonds In the Bar-Room Mirror, Issue 31

Steven Gulvezan, A Dangerous Lunatic At The Poetry Reading, Issue 36

Steven Gulvezan, Before Dawn, Issue 39

Steven Gulvezan, And The Metaphor Popped Bright In The Midnight Sky, Issue 43

Steven Gulvezan, After The Sawdust Settled, Issue 47

Steven Gulvezan, Happy Mayan Doomsday, Issue 52

Steven Gulvezan, What The Gypsy Saw, Issue 52

Steven Gulvezan, Wonton Ballerina, Issue 60

Steven Gulvezan, Heavy On Your Heart, Issue 64

Steven Gulvezan, My Familiar, Issue 72

Steven Gulvezan, Just Outside The City Limits, Issue 76

Steven Gulvezan, For The Love Of Oona, Issue 78

Steven Gulvezan, Storyteller, Issue 80

Steven Gulvezan, Giant Steps, Issue 86

Steven Gulvezan, Cozy As Bug Eyed Monsters, Issue 93

Steven Gray, News Leak, Issue 44

Steven Jacobson, Tamara, Issue 77

Steven Pelcman, Sugar, Issue 64

SudeeP Adhikari, Outside My Window, The Silence is Slanted, Issue 88

Suvojit Banerjee, Homecoming II, Issue 67

Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Cynically Yours: A New Yorker, Issue 33

Tabitha Bozeman, Yard Work, Issue 79

Tabitha Bozeman, Family Night, Issue 79

Tara Rose, The Sessions, Issue 66

Ted Jackins, A Series Of Rock Bottoms, Issue 58

Ted Jackins, Hurry Up And Wait, Issue 71

Ted King, An Ordinary Life, Issue 40

Terry Collett, Not Until, Issue 13

Thomas Zimmerman, Pondering Bob, Issue 28

Thomas Piekarski, Kerouac at Big Sur, Issue 57

Thomas Piekarski, Kaleidoscope #4 Geocide, Issue 71

Tia Prouhet, Bitumen, Issue 25

Tiara Sutton, Untitled, Issue 81

Tim Murray, untitled, Issue 20

Tim Murray, Ok, Cupid, stab me!, Issue 20

Tim Horst, Love Is, Issue 78

Tim Suermondt, Getting It Right, Issue 38

Tim Suermondt, Odyssey, Issue 65

Tina Clowes Kay, Wonky Teapot, Issue 70

Tina Clowes Kay, Bugs, Issue 73

TJ Crompton, Two Gold Hands, Issue 64

tj jude, copernicus (un)bound, Issue 36

tj jude, ho-mo-fo, Issue 36

Todd Cirillo, Joining Together, Issue 33

Tom Brzezina, The Word Police, Issue 70

Tom Brzezina, Language, Issue 76

Tom Brzezina, Geronimo, Issue 76

Tom Brzezina, Five Times Dead, Issue 92

Tom Pescatore, Ghost, Issue 84

Tony Gloeggler, 45RPMS, Issue 68

Tony Gloeggler, Subway Pocket Poem, Issue 70

Tony Magistrale, She, Issue 70

Tony Pena, Loop The Loop, Issue 51

Tony Pena, My Muse Wears Black, Issue 85

Tracey S. Rosenberg, Unsent, Issue 57

Tracy Lynn Schafer, To Chase The Moon, Issue 56

Travis Blair, Best Bitch, Issue 42

Travis Blair, Busting Out of Balmorhea, Issue 54

Travis Blair, Del Rio, Two AM, Issue 65

Travis Martin, Black Thumb, Issue 63

Trina Stolec, Neurotic, Issue 60

Trina Stolec, Poets, Issue 77

Twinklewinklestinkle Dinklehinkle, Found Objects, Issue 26

TygerLily Ernst Wonch, Found, Issue 35

Tyler Bigney, Those birds, Issue 29

Tyler Bigney, Learning, Issue 38

Tyler Malone, Obstreperous, Disastrous, Issue 40

Tyrel Kesssinger, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, Issue 37

Tyson Bley, When You're Serious About Bungee Jumping, Issue 37

Uche Ogbuji, Rhapsody On Q A, Issue 37

Uche Ogbuji, Rag Tags, Issue 51

Uma Dwivedi, The Flood, Issue 75

V. Sarno, Empty Forks are for Surrealists, Issue 18

V. Sarno, Cutting Board, Issue 20

Vanessa Young, Sculpt, Issue 69

Veronica Golos, Malinche*, Issue 40

Vickie Lee, Let It Go, Issue 46

Victor D. Infante, Know Your Rights, Redux, Issue 51

Victor D. Infante, For Beth & Mindy, Issue 51

Victor Kreuiter, Daughter, Issue 79

Victor Schwartzman, How My SUV Helped Me, Issue 15

Victor Schwartzman, On a clear day, can you see God?, Issue 15

Victor Schwartzman, After The Heart Attack, Issue 38

Vijaiganga Caveripakkam, Silent Valley, Issue 13

Vijaiganga Caveripakkam, Rumination on images, Issue 13

Vince Anello, daybreak, Issue 21

Vincent Joseph Noto, Wearing Guernica: a Memory, Issue 70

Vivian Asimos, Ecclesiastes 1:14, Issue 55

Walibee Scrude, Sam Wagan Watson, Issue 67

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, A People, Issue 45

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Death By Dream, Issue 51

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Leavenworth Prison Poem, Issue 57

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Three Sides, Issue 60

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Kite Skies, Issue 78

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Origami, Issue 85

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Our Sidewalk Curves Right Now, Issue 92

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, A Blacker Place, Issue 94

Wayne Dean-Richards, Smashing Time, Issue 54

Wayne F. Burke, Ionic Not Corinthian, Issue 70

Wayne Mason, Dreaming Of Han Shan, Issue 19

Wayne Mason, On Hearing That Philip Levine Is Our Next Poet Laureate, Issue 38

William Doreski, Camping Above the St. John, Issue 16

William Doreski, Rowing You Across The Lake, Issue 78

William Taylor Jr, Everything That Kills Me, Issue 35

William Taylor Jr, Todo lo que me mata, Issue 35

William Taylor Jr, Your God, Issue 43

William Taylor Jr, Some Kind Of Gift, Issue 45

William Taylor Jr, Vesuvio Poem # 27, Issue 47

William Taylor Jr, Time And Space, Issue 54

William Taylor Jr, Even Our Death, Issue 57

William Taylor Jr, Beneath It, Issue 64

William Taylor Jr, Edith Piaf Sings Her Broken Heart, Issue 66

William Taylor Jr, Ceremony, Issue 71

William Taylor Jr, Wear Your Sorrow, Issue 75

William Taylor Jr, Tara Sings, Issue 84

William Taylor Jr, Like Sad And Burning, Issue 90

William Cullen Jr, Staring At The Image Of God, Issue 44

William John Watkins, Not Unmindful, Issue 34

William John Watkins, The Drowning Neighbor, Issue 70

William L. Alton, Bitter In The Morning, Issue 66

William Seward Bonnie, Untitled, Issue 39

William Wright Harris, Workers On Their Way Home, Issue 44

William Wright Harris, stephane mallarme, Issue 51

Willie Smith, From a Dying Cockroach, Issue 13

Wred Fright, Return To E-sender, Issue 12

Wred Fright, Kittendrowner, Issue 14

Wred Fright, Mitt Romney Dreams Of The Last Taxpayer And Nightsweats, Soaking His Magical Underwear, Issue 70

Wred Fright, Cheats for Common Moral Dilemmas, Issue 72

Wred Fright, The First Rose Of The Year, Issue 80

Wred Fright, The Closest That I Ever Expect To Get To Heaven, Issue 90

Wren Tuatha, Big Talking Rocks, Issue 93

Yvonne de la Vega, Feral Me, Issue 60

Yvonne de la Vega, Beware And Be Forewaned, Issue 72

Zach Hamilton, Napkin Poems, Issue 64

Zach King-Smith, The Hunted, Issue 22

Zachary Moll, All of us, in time, Issue 19

Zachary Whalen, In a Coffeeshop, Issue 26

Zachary Kluckman, Audible Seasons, Issue 43

Zachary Kluckman, Confessions Of The Animal Soul, Issue 43

Zachary Thede, Our Volcanic Hearts, Issue 85

Zack Nelson_Lopiccolo, Resurrección, Issue 53

Zack Nelson_Lopiccolo, Painting: Or the Desire to Vanish, Issue 75

Zack Nelson_Lopiccolo, When The Moon Bleeds, Issue 75


Fiction published:

Noah Cicero, My Mother the Nigger, Issue 7

Giridhar Veeramaneni, Sheshu the Philosopher, Issue 7

Giridhar Veeramaneni, Found by the Shepherd, Issue 8

Giridhar Veeramaneni, Dancing Grandmas, Issue 9

J. Edward Vanno, It'd Be a Process, Issue 10

Steve Wheeler, Two Dogs, Issue 10

Mike Hickman, I, Hayter, Issue 151

Pat King, Organ City, Issue 13

Dean West, Seduction by Pickle, Issue 16

Stephen Graham Jones, Deviants, Issue 17

Adam Moorad, Simulacrum, Issue 19

Stephen James Moore, You Are That, Issue 20

Richard Paris Wilson, The Present is a Gift, Issue 21

Robb Todd, Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy, Issue 22

J. K. Cody, Broken Hearts are for Assholes, Issue 23

Siobhan Khoury, Sex, Drugs, & Metaphysics, Issue 23

Paul Corman Roberts, Call Me Mister, Issue 24

jason neese, Don't Fuck Around, Issue 24

Libby Cudmore, Johnny Strikes Up the Band, Issue 25

ani smith, Stomachache, Issue 25

Kenneth Radu, Dog Tags, Issue 26

Ben Loory, The Boxer, Issue 26

Shawn Misener, His Grand Vision, Issue 26

John Kuligowski, Magma Bodies, Issue 27

Rhys Milsom, Erin Just Wouldn't Eat, Issue 27

Danger Slater, McUNIVERSE, Issue 29

Margaret Karmazin, I Stopped Reading the Newspaper, Issue 30

Ben Nardolilli, Tale from a Tub, Issue 30

William Taylor Jr, Working, Issue 30

Carissa Halston, Transalphabetical, Issue 31

Samuel SnoekBrown, Dream With Enough Conviction, Issue 32

Bobby Sauro, Jersey Shore, Issue 32

M. Frias-May, Into Your Heart It Will Creep, Issue 149

Timothy Gager, Bipolar, Issue 34

Donald O'Donovan, Destry's Last Ride, Issue 34

Newamba Flamingo, That Fucking Dog, Issue 35

Brent Powers, Pearls in Formation, Issue 35

Michael LaRosa, Four Days of Rain, Issue 36

JP Reese, Manhattan, Sunday Morning, Issue 36

Victor Schwartzman, I Don’t Need A Lawyer, Much Less You, Issue 36

Tom Janikowski, Czarninapalooza, Issue 37

Meg Tuite, E-Harmony Connection #54421, Issue 37

Ally Malinenko, Kleptomania, Issue 37

Josh Olsen, Hey, Chinese kid!, Issue 37

Ashwin Parulkar, The Electric Ukulele Lady Land Band, Issue 37

Jack Saunders, Do It Yo’self, Issue 38

Robert Masterson, Another Mostly True Story, Issue 40

Zarina Zabrisky, Heroin Wings, Issue 42

Bill Pieper, Grouse Ridge, Issue 42

RD Armstrong, Mobtown, Issue 43

Michael Dwayne Smith, Licorice Stick Polka, Issue 43

Rich Cronborg, Vikings, Issue 43

F.N. Wright, Remembering Ray, Issue 43

Rupan Malakin, Harry and Frances and the Language of Love, Issue 44

Michael J. Solender, Muddy Boots, Issue 47

Charlie Skinner, The Moron and Marciano, Issue 47

Chris Lambert, The Plant, Issue 48

Matthew Ulland, Jolene, Issue 49

Larry Blumen, Allen's Way, Issue 49

Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman, Scarecrow, Issue 50

Josh Olsen, Celia, Issue 50

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Pivotal Moments, Issue 50

Zarina Zabrisky, Halloween At The Gym, Issue 50

Sally Houtman, Contributors’ Notes You May or May Not Have Seen, Issue 51

HC Eversole, Felix, Issue 51

Jared Blakely, On Death Row, Issue 51

Brian Hobbs, One Loose Screw, Issue 51

Wes Henricksen, The Scorpion, Issue 52

Michael Gillan Maxwell, Elegy for The Old Republic, Issue 52

Robert Vaughan, The Thief, Issue 52

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Facts of a Life, Issue 52

Tony Pena, Dead Reckoning, Issue 53

Paula Sophia Schonauer, Nothing is Free, Issue 53

Larry Blumen, Where The Cowboys Are, Issue 53

Mike Lafontaine, Tofu Dogs on the Corner of Queen St W and Spadina, Issue 55

Gary Percesepe, Lulu in the Year of Gatsby, Issue 55

Nancy Christie, Interim, Issue 55

Stephen Brayton, The Hay Theft, Issue 152

John C. Krieg, Jimmy Up North, Issue 152

David P. Press, Caledonia’s Boxes, Issue 56

Sheree Shatsky, Deer Turkeys, Issue 152

Jerald Matters, Her Beautiful Oldness, Issue 57

Mark Staniforth, People's Republic, Issue 58

Olvard Liche Smith, The Cali Lean, Issue 58

Larry Blumen, Dade County Workhouse Blues, Issue 60

M.E. Parker, Nyet Troika, Issue 60

Debbie Lechtman, The Bad Influence, Issue 60

Ekin Glass, $18.65, Issue 61

Doc Sigerson, Red Splooge, Issue 62

Brian Hobbs, The Third Sunday of the Month, Issue 62

Leopold McGinnis, The iTunes Front Page Guy, Issue 62

Pete McArdle, Bumble Off To Bethlehem, Issue 63

Glenn A Bruce, The House on the Corner, Issue 63

Anne Goodwin, In Praise of Female Parts, Issue 63

Doc Sigerson

Angel Luis Colon, Honey, Soft and Slow, Issue 63

Miriam Sagan, Things that Give an Uneasy Feeling, Issue 64

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Watch What You Wish For, Issue 64

Brian Anderson, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Issue 67

Rudy Koshar, Puffed Up, Issue 67

Doc Sigerson, Guignol Girl, Issue 89

Helen Nicholls, The Origin of My Bad Behaviour, Issue 70

Ben Reese, LA LOTERÃA, Issue 70

M. Frias-May, Little Godot Blues, Issue 71

Sarah Nicole Donaldson, The Affair, Issue 71

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Deacon Bridge, Issue 73

Leopold McGinnis, Wintersbeard in the Hall of the Ice King, Issue 74

Brian Anderson, The Lights of Christmas, Issue 74

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Games You Can Play With the Dead, Issue 75

Drew A. Carmichael, Beautiful Something, Issue 78

Clinton Bryant, The Stranger Among Us, Issue 78

Mark Antokas, Musea, Issue 150

David Henson, Brother Dan, Issue 151

Andrew Hart, Home Economics, Issue 151

Brian Hobbs, My Commodore 64 is Dead, Issue 80

Kani Tris, A Public Apology for the Crude Display of My Listicles, Issue 81

Neil Tarpey, The Freezer, Issue 82

Anna Keeler, Save It for the Wedding Pictures, Issue 82

David Swan, My Late Friend, Laura Ann Randall, Issue 152

Chris Milam, Bottom of the Ninth, Issue 83

Leopold McGinnis, Tequila Bartender, Issue 83

Matthew Licht, A Left Void, Issue 150

peach schist, Montana, Issue 88

Fernando I, Christine, Issue 89

Mark Cassidy, Walking Home, Issue 141

Pete McArdle, Dream A Little Dream, Issue 92

O. Henry, The Furnished Room, Issue 94

, The Viscous Cycle, Issue 95

Melanie Browne, Ephemera, Issue 95

Bill Pieper, NO PASARÃN, Issue 95

Alan Good, The Viscous Cycle, Issue 95

Adeola Chris, For Mum and Alexis Sanchez, Issue 95

Bob Ritchie, Letter to Santa & His Answer, Issue 96

Sej Harman, Christmas Bliss, Issue 96

Dimple Shah, LIT, Issue 96

Stephen Arinze, In The Same Ship, Issue 96

KT Wagner, Cold Iron Christmas, Issue 96

Buffy Shutt, Christmas Eve Glass, Issue 96

Don Tassone, Free, Issue 96

Reynold Junker, A Midnight Not So Clear, Issue 96

Mitchell Toews, Our German Relative, Issue 96

DB Cox, Paint It Black, Issue 97

Tom Simmons, Why I Smoke, Issue 97

Kelby Losack, Gas Tank, Issue 97

Martin Westlake, The Intruder, Issue 97

Andrew Hart, Spiders Dancing, Issue 143

Mitch Lavender, The Depths, Issue 97

Andrew Hart, Who By Fire, Issue 97

Nadja Van der Stroom, The Lament of Adam, Issue 98

Victor Schwartzman, Listen To Me, Issue 98

Joel Turner, A Long Time to Remember, Issue 98

Andrew Hart, Melchizedek, Issue 98

Aurelia Lorca, The Last Night We Cruised Main, Issue 99

Nathan Elias, The Naga Dreams, Issue 99

Mickey J. Corrigan, Short Circuits, Issue 99

Gordon Hilgers, Spongebob Is In Outer Space, Issue 99

Alan Good, One Man's Trailer Trash, Issue 99

Danielle Watkins, Mercy, Issue 99

Jack London, To Build a Fire, Issue 99

Mauricio Ruiz, Oxalá, Issue 100

Mark Lowther, Where in the hell are you?, Issue 106

Norman Belanger, The Rack, Issue 100

Elias Andreopoulos, Dr. Mona Battles Urban Poverty, Issue 100

Lee Foust, Mercury Loves Lara, Issue 100

Linda Lerner, As Big As a Hairline Crack, Issue 100

Reyumeh Ejue, Chibok, Issue 100

Zahzee Ekpe, I Lost Myself, Issue 100

Patrick Edet Cocobassey, Young Chapo, Issue 100

Mark Twain, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, Issue 100

Levi Jiorle, Search For The Moon, Issue 101

Maria Nestorides, Voices In My Head, Issue 101

Derrick Lafayette, Abram & The Dark, Issue 101

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Empty House, Issue 101

Madeline ioannidis, Hooked, Issue 102

Martin Westlake, A Peaceful Conclusion, Issue 102

David Henson, Hero of Earth, Issue 102

Leah Sackett, Bridge to Gratitude, Issue 102

Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant, Issue 102

Andrew Hart, Us, Issue 103

Kristin Fouquet, Evie's Cure, Issue 103

Anita G. Gorman, The College Library Loses Its Books, Issue 103

Don Tassone, How Fast They Forget, Issue 103

Michael McCord, Rambrant, Issue 103

Rosie Ebri, Nollywood Love Story, Issue 103

Tom Simmons, Braking, Issue 103

Donna Walker Nixon, A Thousand Unspoken Words, Issue 103

Somerset Maugham, Mr. Know-All, Issue 104

Keith LaFountaine, The Promise, Issue 104

Jesse Rawlins, The Jimmy Choo Blues, Issue 104

H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu, Issue 105

Bill Pieper, Guatemala I — Volcán Tajmulco, Issue 105

Aaron Como, Choices, Issue 105

Anna Voisard, The God of Things, Issue 105

David Henson, The Shapeshifter Caper, Issue 105

Henry Kuttner, The Graveyard Rats, Issue 105

Craig Firsdon, Jamie, Issue 105

Leopold McGinnis, The Spice, Issue 105

Andy Tu, A Trip Beyond, Issue 105

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, When it Rains, It Pours, Issue 105

Jonathan Ferrini, The Final Watch, Issue 106

Jesse Rawlins, Inside Pandora's Box, Issue 106

Anita G. Gorman, Cinderella Jones, Issue 106

Andrew Hart, Here be Dragons, Issue 106

Shannon Lane, The Fates of Your Heroes, Issue 106

H. H. Munro, Tobermory, Issue 106

Robert Moore, Tom Cruise Does Cabaret, Issue 107

Jon Beight, Escort Service, Issue 107

Nick Sweeney, Worse Things, Issue 107

Aurelia Lorca, The Quality of Mercy, Issue 107

Neil Davies, Immigrant Moon, Issue 107

Leopold McGinnis, Silicon Santa, Issue 107

Martin Westlake, Welcome to Shanghai, Issue 107

Somerset Maugham, Mayhew, Issue 107

David Jans, The Corporate Retreat, Issue 108

David Henson, A Give and Take of Crows, Issue 108

Eirik Gumeny, Maple Daydream, Issue 108

Peter Hempel, Meine Yiddische Barbie, Issue 108

Michael McCord, The Talk, Issue 108

Elaine Barnard, Shadows, Issue 108

C. L. Moore, Shambleau, Issue 108

Alexander Jones, Target Practice, Issue 109

Jonathan Ferrini, Garlic Boy, Issue 109

Matthew Licht, Rejuju, Issue 109

Britt DiGiacomo , Stefan, Issue 109

Perry McDaid, Owomile, Issue 110

Wendy Rainey, Dinner at Denny's, Issue 110

Hanne Larsson, Rootless, Issue 156

Megan Gordon, Repossession, Issue 110

Ahmed Al-Tellawi, Family Crisis, Issue 110

, Family Crisis, Issue 110

Michael McCord, Blackberry Winter, Issue 110

Aurelia Lorca, The Veteran- His poodle, his canary, and his dark haired Lady, Issue 111

Doug Hawley, Swingers, Issue 111

Nick Sweeney, The Perils of Pilate (an Easter Tale), Issue 111

Don Tassone, Who I Found in Angle Inlet, Issue 111

Andrew Hart, Forlorn, Issue 112

David Henson, The Climber, Issue 112

Matt Spangler, Fairy Tale Ending, Issue 112

Hagadorn, Haima, Issue 113

Jake Lamarche, Wasted, Issue 113

Neil Tarpey, Mum's The Word, Issue 114

Robin Wyatt Dunn, Your Boss Eats Children At Night, Issue 114

John Matthews, Kerosene, Issue 115

Danielle Watkins, Imaginary, Issue 115

Nathan Tompkins, The Morrígan's Tears, Issue 115

Mather Schneider, Excerpt from the Bacanora Notebooks: One for Guerejo, Issue 115

Alyssa Murphy, Exit Methods, Issue 115

Holly Woodward, Sin for Beginners, Issue 115

Will Bernardara Jr, Jay North as He Stands in Relation to Rage and the Tragedy Margin, Issue 116

Lorenzo Berardi, Shoreline, Issue 116

Aurelia Lorca, Sisu, Issue 116

Kenneth Trimble, Hope, Issue 116

Will Bernardara Jr, America, Issue 116

Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman, The Jewett, Ohio Craft Show and Christmas Parade, Circa 2007, Issue 116

Matthew Licht, Kranepool, Suite 1690, Issue 116

Daryl Muranaka, The Mark, Issue 116

Ikhnaton Skypeople, Averted Vision, Issue 117

Mark Lowther, Lab Rats, Issue 117

Ewa Mazierska, The Last Fan, Issue 117

Jonathan Ferrini, Superhighway, Issue 117

Andrew Hart, Saints, Issue 118

Em P, Haster, Illinois, Issue 118

Willa Baker, Phoenix, Issue 118

Derrick Lafayette, Heatwave, Issue 118

Ikhnaton Skypeople, Limp Dicks and Other Reasons Why My Ex Lover Is A Dick, Issue 118

Jon Bennett, The Squat Machines, Issue 119

Cynthia Pitman, Human Nature, Issue 119

Betty Reich, Irony, Issue 119

Gregg Voss, The Bunker, Issue 120

Ljubo Popovich, Hollows of the Milky Way, Issue 120

Richard Bashara, Sign Your Name Here, Issue 120

Deborah Pintonelli, Swim, Issue 120

HC Eversole, Real Stars, Issue 120

Victor Schwartzman, Write About What You Know, Issue 121

Derrick Lafayette, The Dame That Wasn't A Dame, Issue 121

Andrew Hart, Samuel Hart's Journal, Issue 122

Anita G. Gorman, Herbert and the Elevator Shoes, Issue 122

Mickey J. Corrigan, Prodigal, Issue 122

Michael Blake, I'm Sorry, K?, Issue 122

Samuel SnoekBrown, A Meaningful Conversation with a Stranger, Issue 123

Don Tassone, Got Your Back, Issue 123

Cynthia Pitman, Estranged, Issue 123

Sarah Grey, Eggs Break, Issue 123

Clyde Liffey, Runnels, Issue 123

David Henson, MorphMe, Issue 123

Stephen Naish, My Clone, Issue 124

Jon Bennett, Dead Zone, Issue 124

Alex Z. Salinas, The Wrestler, Issue 124

Perry McDaid, The Key, Issue 124

Erica Jasmin Dixon, Slow Rush, Issue 124

Scott Parson, Something True You Never Told Me, Issue 124

Tony Pena, The Signing, Issue 125

Don Tassone, Hobbled, Issue 125

Judson Blake, Street of Another Wish, Issue 126

Paul Beckman, Sharing, Issue 126

Alex Z. Salinas, Damn You, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Issue 126

Bill Pieper, Guatemala II - El Rey de Los Gringos, Issue 127

Matthew Licht, Ugly Dreams, Issue 127

David Summers, Here's One You Might Like, Issue 127

Andrew Hart, Nineveh, Issue 127

Ljubo Popovich, The Egg and I, Issue 127

James H Duncan, The Poison and the Pain, Issue 128

Danny Shot, … And We Drown, Issue 128

Andrew Hart, Bredenbruch, Issue 128

Michael Grover, I Guess This Means This Isn't America Anymore, Issue 129

Martin Westlake, Wissant Sticks, Issue 129

Ljubo Popovich, Good Ol' Maggie, Issue 129

Bill Pieper, Guatemala III - El Otro Lado, Issue 130

Don Tassone, Right Where You Are, Issue 130

Jeremy Nathan Marks, Another Month At Least, Issue 130

Matthew Licht, Last of the Practical Jokers, Issue 130

Denis Mortenson, Somnambulist in Love, Issue 130

Matthew Licht, No Regresa Coyote, Issue 131

John Sheirer, The Nine O'Clock Rule, Issue 131

Mather Schneider, Just In Time for Christmas, Issue 131

Alex Z. Salinas, Chipped, Issue 132

Andrew Hart, Kate, Issue 132

Elizabeth Walztoni, If You Feel Like Staying Awhile, Issue 133

Mather Schneider, Excerpts from the Bacanora Notebooks: The Beast, Issue 133

Tommie Whitener, Too Many Memories, Issue 133

Steven Chisholm, Windfallen, Issue 133

Keith LaFountaine, I Am a Ghost, Issue 133

Jon Bennett, Chip, Issue 134

Andrew Hart, Maniacs, Issue 134

Katie Keridan, Unwanted Company, Issue 134

Ewa Mazierska, The Kaiser of the Immaterial Kingdom, Issue 134

Henri Colt, A Girl Named Ahh, Issue 135

David Coyle, The Path, Issue 135

Anita G. Gorman, Dr. Cleghorn's Caper, Issue 136

Elan Barnehama, Life Is Groovy, Issue 136

Donald Flynn, Allegheny, Issue 136

Mather Schneider, Excerpts from the Bacanora Notebooks: Therapy, Issue 137

Ken Post, Enola Gay, Issue 138

Andrew Hart, Simon the Zealot, Issue 138

Mike Hickman, Tea Boy, Issue 138

David Swan, The Milk of Human Innocence, Issue 139

Steve Passey, Fug, Issue 139

Gordon Hilgers, Down By Outlaw, Issue 139

Anthony ILacqua, The End of the World, Issue 139

woodie williams, The Jump, Issue 139

Deborah Pintonelli, The Bear, Issue 140

Mather Schneider, Fariseos, Issue 140

Elizabeth Walztoni, How Will I Know You?, Issue 140

Deonna Kelli Sayed, Security Down Cold, Issue 140

Evan Howell, Two for Flinching, Issue 140

Mike Hickman, Scissorman, Issue 142

lisa moore, Range Road 274, Issue 142

Grant Kammer, Fur Trapper, Issue 142

Dave Ambrose, The Coffin Pines, Issue 143

Niko Popovich, Hellhound Blues, Issue 144

Steve Mitchell, The Edge of the Noise, Issue 145

Mike Hickman, To Knaves and Fools, Issue 146

David Henson, In the Blink of an Eye, Issue 146

Matthew Licht, Virtual Eternity, Issue 146

Mather Schneider, This Morsel of Matter, Issue 147

Glenn A Bruce, Chief Pizza, Issue 147

Mike Hickman, The Radical Acceptance of the Pebbledash-Bound Ladybird, Issue 147

David Swan, The Man With the Six-Foot Soul, Issue 147

Stuart Stromin, The Widow, Issue 148

Caroline Hinrichs, Merge, Issue 148

Gabriel Mambo, The Couples, Issue 148

Mike Hickman, Cherry Aid, Issue 149

Anita Brienza, The Bathtub, Issue 150

Alex Z. Salinas, Different Cow, Issue 153

Luke Sweeney, No Man's Land, Issue 153

Kenneth Radu, Figs in Winter, Issue 153

Janet Clare, This Might Be True, Issue 154

Maire T Robinson, 27 Things I Wanted To Tell You, Issue 154

Elan Barnehama, Everyone to Dance, Issue 154

David Henson, Daring Tom, Issue 154

Megan Cannella, A Roommate Named Henry, Issue 154

melissa pumayugra, Hides & Dollars, Issue 155

Shareen K. Murayama, Because Isamu means “Courage”, Issue 155

Jack Phillips Lowe, Huzzah and Damnation, Issue 155

Matthew McGuirk, The Swimming Hole, Issue 157

Tiffany Storrs, Comparison Shot, Issue 157

Steve Mitchell, Anthem, Issue 156

Mike Hickman, I Can't Be This Happy, Issue 156

herocious, Yellow Pelican Case, Issue 46

A.S. Coomer, Plan 9, Issue 94

Adam Phillips, HISTORY, Issue 87

Adam R. Burnett, Klippinger, Minnesota, Issue 37

Adeola Chris, The Misadventures of Candide, Issue 86

Adeola Chris, LEMON BALL, Issue 87

Adeola Chris, Freefall, Issue 88

AE Reiff, Hybrid Beastiary, Issue 46

AE Reiff, Oracle, Issue 71

Aidan Hailes, Mixed, Issue 24

Aidan Hailes, Teeth, Issue 59

Alan Semrow, The Next Great American Novel Sinks to the Bottom of the River, Issue 74

Aleathia Drehmer, Engorged, Issue 38

Aleksei Nelaev, P.S. - Thanks For the Beer, Issue 63

Alex Martin, Bordello, Issue 22

Ali Eteraz, Mr. Blackistani, Issue 49

Ally Malinenko, Between Living and Dying, Issue 29

Amy Pence, Edie, Issue 57

Andrew Hart, The Artist and Her Chaplain, Issue 91

Andrew Hart, Gore, Issue 92

Andrew Lander, Ugly, Issue 15

Andrew Moreno, A Stupid Joke, Issue 75

Andy Henion, Runaways, Issue 33

Andy Henion, Transgressions, Issue 41

Andy Henion, Brogan’s Summer Break, Issue 57

Andy Henion, White Trash Rumble, Issue 39

Andy Henion, Animals, Issue 80

Andy Meisenheimer, What Happened To Lorraine, Issue 50

Andy Meisenheimer, BLEEDING OUT, Issue 62

Ann Eveleigh, The Memories Of Flatworms, Issue 27

Anna Voisard, A Hungry Artist, Issue 54

Anne Goodwin, How's Your Sister?, Issue 57

Anne Goodwin, Doctoring, Issue 86

Anne Goodwin, A House for the Wazungu, Issue 89

Anthony Spaeth, The Man I Built from Stone, Issue 38

Aria Riding, The Flower of Tongues, Issue 83

Ashwin Parulkar, U People, Issue 35

Ashwin Parulkar, Lakshmi, Issue 42

Ashwin Parulkar, Choonakhul, Issue 48

Ashwin Parulkar, Dogs of Malviya Nagar, Issue 55

Audrey T. Carroll, All Smiles, Issue 29

Aurelia Lorca, Sketches Of Chris, Issue 59

Aurelia Lorca, The Ghosts of Alvarado Street, Issue 60

Aurelia Lorca, Hope In The Tenderloin, Issue 65

Aurelia Lorca, “The Artist On The Spanish Hall’s Republican Activities In Monterey, California ,1937”, Issue 73

Aurelia Lorca, The Little Spanish Bar on Lighthouse Avenue, Issue 77

Aurelia Lorca, Halloween in Monterey, California, Issue 83

Aurelia Lorca, BINGO, Issue 87

Aurelia Lorca, Plato And Basquiat In Conversation, Issue 88

Aurelia Lorca, Ah Wanton Will Ye, Issue 94

BC Petrakos, When Angie Broke Up, Issue 45

Simeon Greene, Bedside Manner, Issue 44

Ben Reese, Odds Man Out, Issue 86

Bert Newsom, We’re Taking It Back: Wedding Edition, Issue 74

Bill Ectric, Bucket Head, Issue 34

Bill Ectric, I, the Vacant, Gaze, Issue 69

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part I, Issue 32

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part II, Issue 33

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part III, Issue 34

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part IV, Issue 35

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part V, Issue 36

Bill McLaughlin, Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part VI, Issue 37

Bill Pieper, Senior Project, Issue 45

Bill Pieper, Alien Dreams, Issue 69

Bob Johnston, Scott Scott, Issue 43

Bradford Philen, Lying Day, Issue 56

Bradford Philen, Sightings of a Black Bear at the Lake, Issue 64

Bradley Mason Hamlin, Star 69, Issue 18

Bradley Mason Hamlin, The Dog Catcher, Issue 35

Bradley Mason Hamlin, Margarita Baby, Issue 43

Brady Dale, Save Me, Frog Eyes, Issue 10

Brandon A.M., Wednesday for Dick, Issue 39

Brandon A.M., Real Beasts, Issue 39

Brandon Figliolino, The Olde Mission, Issue 62

Brandon Tietz, Black Friday, Issue 32

Brent Powers, Draining Audrey, Issue 28

Brian Biunno, Family Reunion, Issue 26

Brian Hartman, Tuesday, Issue 29

Brian Hartman, And Ye Shall Be Healed, Issue 45

Brian Anderson, The Last Words of Henry Jones, Issue 72

Brian Hobbs, The Ghost of the Gun, Issue 62

Lise McMitchell, A Stolen Roll of Film, Issue 61

Bryan Howie, What We Keep, Issue 45

Bryan Howie, Clean Sheets, Issue 52

Bud Smith, Scout, Issue 40

Bud Smith, Arboles de Navidad, Issue 41

Bud Smith, The Final Final Chapter, Issue 50

C.C. Russell, Sarah, Issue 77

Cade Scott, A Cracked Gate, Issue 80

Caleb J. Ross, Formaldehyde, Issue 21

Candice Carnes, The John, Issue 57

Carla Sarett, Skinny Girl, Issue 46

Cassi Sonoda, Irises, Issue 86

lo mo, Bring Me An Apple With No Worms, Issue 37

CD Mitchell, I Don't Play Pretend Anymore, Issue 53

Charles Austin Muir, A Nuisance of Noggins, Issue 59

Charlie Skinner, A Dangerous Game, Issue 55

Cheryl McAlister, The Senescent Logophile, Issue 75

Chris Campanioni, Review: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” (1989), Issue 75

Chris Campanioni, Study Abroad, Issue 80

Christina Hoag, On The Rock, Issue 27

Christine Nichols, The Standard Response, Issue 68

Christopher J. Dwyer, A Quiet Desperation, Issue 22

Chris Lambert, If and Then, Issue 62

Chris Lambert, Four Stories, Issue 80

Chuck Augello, Parker, At The Side Of The Road, Issue 47

Cicily Janus, Dinner Conversation, Issue 18

Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman, Cold Like Being Afraid, Issue 34

Cindy Rosmus, Poisoned Apples, Issue 15

Clifford K. Watkins, Wind Chimes of Happiness, Issue 10

Clifford K. Watkins, The Buffalo Nickel, Issue 12

Clint Cherepa, Seven Sagacious Days, Issue 51

Clinton Bryant, Talking Head, Issue 46

Colin Campbell, Not A Treat, Issue 94

Colin McKay Miller, Plant v. Page, Issue 22

Colin O'Sullivan, Pawn, Issue 7

Colin O'Sullivan, The Situations, Issue 17

Connor Caddigan, The Distinguished Precipice, Issue 26


Craig Wallwork, Red Fez and Pancakes, Issue 29

Crawdad Nelson, The Foot in the Shoe, Issue 39

Creppy, Corralled, Issue 22

Cynthia Drew, Dying for a Faith, Issue 41

Troy Johnson, Please Don't Shoot, Issue 76

D.N. Anderson, Tits Like White Elephants, Issue 38

Dai Akaboshi, Grace's Chair, Issue 61

Damion Hamilton, Convicted, Issue 14

Damion Hamilton, Explode, Issue 14

Dan Donche, A tampon., Issue 21

Dan Morin, Pumpkin Bones, Issue 42

Daniel Clausen, Angela, Issue 65

Daniel Davis, Soldiers, Issue 37

Darlene P. Campos, The Wedding, Issue 53

Daryn Houston, Basement, Issue 27

Dave Dulberg, Carter’s Gift, Issue 64

David Owain Hughes, Lips, Issue 28

David McGinnis, The Midnight Run of 64, Issue 1

David Morris, Harvest, Issue 15

David Moscovich, The American Werewolf in London Goes Incognito, Issue 38

David P. Press, State of Shock, Issue 59

David P. Press, Snap-Snap, Issue 70

David Rawson, Tips For Mariokart: Election Dash, Issue 46

David S. Pointer, Comanche Killer, Issue 42

David Serra, Dinosaur Encounters, Issue 93

David Sparenberg, BETRAYAL, Issue 18

David Sparenberg, Elegy, Issue 19

David Sparenberg, Shadows, Issue 20

David Spiering, A Fan Fiction to Stories about a Boy and His Dog, Issue 73

David W. Fry, Eester Egg, Issue 29

David Weston, An Eye Fer An Eye, Issue 42

DB Cox, Unaccustomed Mercy, Issue 16

DB Cox, Before Tomorrow, Issue 22

DB Cox, Bottled in Chicago, Issue 36

Deb Oestreicher, On the Roof, Issue 68

Dennis Vannatta, Angel and Rope, Issue 76

Dennis Vannatta, One Square Yard of the World, Issue 78

Dick Reynolds, A Free Ticket, Issue 42

DM Morales, Harlot, Issue 54

Don Tassone, Presence, Issue 84

Donna Lee Miele, Where Love Takes Us, Issue 79

Doug Mathewson, Revelation, Issue 43

Drew McCoy, His Father's Eyes, Issue 21

Sam Lindenburg, Room For Two, Issue 81

Dude Wallers, Mr. Thursday, Issue 32

Dylan Gilbert, The Recession Hits the 'Burbs, Issue 28

Dylan Gilbert, Menopause Yoga Studio, Issue 44

Dylan Gilbert, Pecs Of Steel Fitness Center, Issue 48

Elias Barnes, Seeing God, Issue 29

Eddie Martell, In All Innocence, Issue 48

Edgar Allen Poe, The Cask of Amontillado, Issue 94

Edward Ahern, The Dun Horse, Issue 35

Edward J Rathke, This is Not for You, Issue 22

Edward J Rathke, Open Your Eyes, Issue 25

Edward Wells, Posh Shop, Issue 52

Eirik Gumeny, Doorbell, Issue 15

Eirik Gumeny, Make A Wish, Issue 83

Elizabeth Walk, Her Fairytale, Issue 65

Eric Johnsen, Limbo, Issue 46

Eric San Juan, The Symphony, Issue 79

Erika D. Price, The Voyeurs, Issue 50

F.N. Wright, First Kiss, Issue 25

F.N. Wright, Screw Cupid, Issue 33

Faith Gardner, Double-Take, Issue 29

Fawzy Zablah, The Last Club On Earth, Issue 34

Fawzy Zablah, The Two of Us on a Raft in the Middle of the Universe, Issue 85

Forrest Aguirre, Negotiations with Gilligan, Issue 34

Frank Sloan, On Improvements Outside The Box, Issue 50

Frank Sloan, Working and Thinking, Issue 55

Frank Sloan, Train Wreck, Issue 61

Franklin Klavon, Darling Weapons, Issue 80

Fred Skolnik, The Iceman, Issue 53

Fred Skolnik, Listening to Avro Pärt, Issue 60

G. David Schwartz, Full Service, Issue 9

G.J. Jensen, Dies Irae (Day of Wrath), Issue 66

Gabe Gott, Invasion, Issue 78

Gabino Iglesias, From Her Fingers Drip Tiny Words, Issue 66

Gabriel Ricard, These People Are Sick, Issue 60

Gabriel Ricard, Diminishing, Issue 72

Gary V. Powell, Pink Light, Issue 55

Gavin Pate, The New Sick, Issue 22

George L. Sparling, Quangelists, Issue 34

George L. Sparling, History of a Dead Man, Issue 41

George L. Sparling, The Flat, Issue 45

George L. Sparling, Die, Priest, Die, Issue 47

George L. Sparling, The Comeback, Issue 51

George L. Sparling, The Eye Sees More, Issue 58

Gloria Ench, Fog, Issue 85

Gloria Garfunkel, Writer's Conversation with Husband, Issue 55

Grant Catton, The Issue of the Watch, Issue 29

Greg Eidson, Destined, Issue 37

H. Jacob Buller, Pebbles and Berries, Issue 11

h. l. nelson, I’d Fuck Becky Green, Issue 58

Hannah Thurman, The Snowsuit, Issue 53

Harlan Yarbrough, Busy Body, Issue 94

Harrison Patton, The Tale of a Mantis Named Munchy, Issue 75

HC Eversole, The Pursuit, Issue 59

HC Eversole, Little Puffs of Air, Issue 69

Heather Heyns, Tall Fences Make Strong Neighbors, Issue 75

Helen Nicholls, And All My Days Are Trances, Issue 59

Helen Nicholls, The Admonishers, Issue 63

dripper chipper, Three Critiques - The Planetary Series, Issue 54

Holly Woodward, Dream Job, Issue 70

J. A. Tyler, Swallowing Pride, Issue 18

J. A. Tyler, 3 flash fictions, Issue 24

J. Claudius Cloyd, The Man with Patches on His Pants, Issue 28

J. Claudius Cloyd, The Crows Who Liked to Listen to the Ramones, Issue 33

J.C.D. Kerwin, Mythical Philadelphia, Issue 44

J.Chandler Lee, Dream Bend, Issue 44

J.D. Finch, The Transfer, Issue 6

J.K. Dark, Havana Corazon Alma, Issue 69

Jack Isaak, Jenny, Issue 49

Jade Freeman, Crocodile Kisses Over Daiquiris, Issue 76

James Claffey, Witness For The Prosecution, Issue 52

James Dunlap, Lying in a Creek, Issue 41

Jarek Moore, The Hawkwood Monster, Issue 41

Jason Lancaster Cooney, Why Such Damned Blues?, Issue 34

Jason M. Heim, Wishbone, Issue 21


Jay Slayton Joslin, I've Got A Whistle!, Issue 86

JC Piech, A Mutual Interest, Issue 39

Jeff Chon, UNDEAD, Issue 34

Jeff B Willey, Assassinate the DJ, Issue 30

Jeff Weddle, Test Day, Issue 76

Jefferson Burnett, Redemption, Issue 54

Jennifer Lesh, The Vineyard, Issue 60

Jennifer McCarthy, Claude, Issue 2

Jeremy Maddux, Putting Patriot Down, Issue 54

Jesse Myner, Las Chinches, Issue 63

Jessica Michael, Archibald and the Mermaid, Issue 92

Jim Chandler, Consequences, Issue 40

Jim Tritten, The Mask, Issue 91

Joan Hoekstra, The Summer of Gypsie Hendricks, Issue 1

Joan Hoekstra, For Being There, Issue 1

Joan Hoekstra, Undertaking Elmer, Issue 5

Joel Sweeney, William, Issue 31

Joel Sweeney, A Workingman's Blues, Issue 67

John Gifford, Side Effects Include, Issue 29

John Bruce, Hard America, Issue 30

John Faucett, Dyspnea, Issue 9

John H. Matthews, Ghostlike, Issue 50

John Palen, That Obituary Summer, Issue 39

Jon Beight, Spinning the Wheel, Issue 33

Jon Beight, A Long and Cold Winter, Issue 51

Jon A. Beadle, Smith, Issue 61

Jon Bennett, The Fuck Machine, Issue 56

Jon Tait, First Plane Home, Issue 28

Jon Tait, Big Top, Issue 36

Jonathan Ferrini, The Unlikely Protégé, Issue 91

Jonathan Ferrini, The Unlikely Protégé, Issue 92

Joseph Carfagno, Zummy, Issue 35

Joseph Ridgwell, The Pubic Lice Affair, Issue 29

Josh Olsen, Shoot, Issue 23

Josh Olsen, That stink, Issue 28

Josh Olsen, My office, Issue 29

Josh Olsen, Hines Park, Issue 37

Josh Olsen, The Assignment, Issue 38

Josh Olsen, Jury Duty, Issue 40

Josh Olsen, Then I…, Issue 40

Josh Olsen, Marinate, Issue 42

Josh Olsen, Proverbs 19:17, Issue 68

Josh Koehn, Quadrata, Issue 92

JP Reese, Costume Party, Issue 50

Jude Ellery, Downward Facing MacGruber, Issue 61

Judith Felsenfeld, Shayna Kupp, Issue 72

Julia Kennedy, Eight Little Sausages, Issue 60

Karley Bayer, Incubator, Issue 48

Karley Bayer, You've Seen The Gypsy, Issue 49

Kathleen Radigan, Burrowing, Issue 31

Kathleen Radigan, The Big Dipper, Issue 31

Kai Wolden, Wood and Wind, Issue 82

Kani Tris, Santa and Co., Issue 63

Kani Tris, HGTV Job Posting: Host Duo, Issue 89

Kelby Losack, BOMB, Issue 86

Ken Poyner, Domestic Tranquility, Issue 53

Kenneth Weene, Hunter, Issue 33

Kent L Johnson, P & J Sandwiches, Issue 56

KG Newman, Screen Door Slams, Issue 58

Kim Farleigh, Landscape of Worry, Issue 30

Kimberlee Smith, A Cautionary Tale of Bike Swapping, Issue 35

Kip Hanson, Sheriff Andy Taylor and My Wife’s Best Friend, Issue 54

Kirpal, Petals On A Wet Black Bough, Issue 50

Kyle Hemmings, Manhattan Love Story: The Zen of Losing Weight, Issue 47

Lana Casiello-Boyle, The Bridge, Issue 31

Larry Blumen, Lament for Janet, Issue 40

Larry Blumen, Billy Hit The Train, Issue 48

Larry Blumen, Faking It, Issue 57

Larry Blumen, The Case of the Girl Who Never Went Out, Issue 69

Larry Blumen, Turn-Off, Issue 80

Larry Blumen, The Night Before Halloween, Issue 83

Laura Ortega, The Study of Him, Issue 79

Len Kuntz, Please Don't Eat The Fish, Issue 28

Leopold McGinnis, Stella is Crying, Issue 2

Leopold McGinnis, Snow Angel, Issue 5

Leopold McGinnis, The Button Pusher, Issue 6

Leopold McGinnis, Wintersbeard and the Serpent's Snare, Issue 85

Levi Jiorle, Homewrecker, Issue 89

Lewis J. Beilman III, Exposure, Issue 45

Lise M. Quintana, The Audition, Issue 63

Louis Wittig, College Material, Issue 27

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Taking Care of Myself, Issue 16

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, As a General Rule, Issue 16

Luis Rivas, Dawn in the Valley, Issue 21

Luis Rivas, The Party, Issue 25

Luis Rivas, 20 Years, Issue 28

M. Frias-May, 51-50, Issue 76

M. Keeney, Denizens Of Hell, Issue 53

M.E. Parker, Brimstone Pillow, Issue 22

M.P. Powers, An Evening With the Charles Bukowski of Berlin, Issue 37

M.V. Montgomery, Stories That Defy Literary Conventions, Issue 39

M.V. Montgomery, Tales Of Bewilderment And Angst, Issue 45

Marc Olmsted, Piggy Ferguson Uber Alles, Issue 52

Margaret Karmazin, At the Star Trek Convention, Issue 28

Marianne Simon, Rush to Clear, Issue 73

Mario J Gonzales, The Other Side, Issue 39

Marion de Booy Wentzien, What I Know About Love, Issue 47

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Down The Steps, Issue 72

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Basic Needs, Issue 84

Marion de Booy Wentzien, Lost and Found, Issue 88

Mark James Andrews, Babes and Flashlights in Cemetery Land, Issue 30

Mark James Andrews, Halloween and Neo Paganism at the Library, Issue 39

Mark James Andrews, Roz and Rick, Issue 43

Mark James Andrews, Coming In Their Baleful Urgency, Issue 46

Mark Lowther, Window Onto A Cold Country, Issue 90

Martin Law, The Boy With No Hands, Issue 76

Martin Westlake, Helen, Issue 77

Mary Ann Loesch, Bayou Scars, Issue 28

Mary Beth OConnor, Three Shorts: Rite, Professor X Circles The Drain, Preston, Issue 48

Mary Senter, Jackson's Folly, Issue 69

Matt Micheli, Words, Issue 41

Matt Rowan, Old Weather Vane, Issue 39

Matthew Vasiliauskas, In the Age of Gerardo, Issue 36

Matthew J. Hall, God Series, Issue 85

Maureen Lougen, Dead Spot, Issue 59

Matt Andrew, Girl Talk, Issue 54

Melanie Browne, Pockets, Issue 65

Melanie Seal, My Fainting Goat Farm, Issue 46

Michael Dwayne Smith, Paulo, Issue 52

Michael Giddings, The Bear That Ruined Academic Careers, Issue 39

Michael J. Solender, A Matter Of Convenience, Issue 49

Michael Kazepis, This Is A Horror Story, Issue 71

Michael Stewart, A Symphony Of Bumps And Creaks, Issue 43

Michelle Ong, Sincerity, Issue 28

Michael LaRosa, Mercy, Issue 49

Mickey J. Corrigan, EE's All-You-Can, Issue 65

Mickey J. Corrigan, The Mall Can Be Murder, Issue 66

Miguel Gardel, Movie Stars, Issue 30

Mike Boyle, That Summer, Issue 20

Mike Boyle, Two Weeks in Hell's Kitchen, Issue 28

Mike Hancock, Ben the Bear, Issue 31

Mitch Lavender, Breathe, Issue 49

Mitchell Waldman, Chestnut Street, Issue 30

Mitchell Waldman, The Nazi Next Door, Issue 35

Morgan Roberts, Picket Fence, Issue 61

Nancy Hightower, The Mummer's Dance, Issue 49

Natasha Gdansk, Happenstance, Issue 43

Nathan Graziano, The Maple Leaf, Issue 29

Nathan Graziano, Deer in Headlights, Issue 33

Nathan Graziano, Moose Accident, Issue 33

Nathan Graziano, A Bubblegum Love Song, Issue 77

Neil Davies, Young At Heart, Issue 94

Neil Tarpey, Huckleberry Pie, Issue 77

Neil Tarpey, Miss Todd, Issue 79

Neil Tarpey, Flounder, Issue 85

Neil Tarpey, Volunteer Labor, Issue 88

Newamba Flamingo, Mitt Romney's Phone Number, Issue 47

Nick House, Vampires at Noon, Issue 79

Nick Michalak, Gunshow, Issue 51

Noah Cicero, The Look, Issue 6

Pat King, Exit Nothing, Issue 13

Patricia Carragon, Cupcake Chronicles #13, Issue 34

Patricia Carragon, Cupcake Chronicles #6, Issue 37

Patricia Carragon, Cupcake Chronicles #8, Issue 37

Patricia Grant, Binoculars, Issue 53

Patricia Grant, Pancho Was A Bandit, Issue 87

Patricia Grant, A Gentleman's Tormentor, Issue 94

Patrick Edet Cocobassey, Match Day, Issue 93

Patrick Edet Cocobassey, Madam Koi Koi, Issue 94

Pat Simonelli, Over Our Wine, Issue 83

Paul Corman Roberts, Thank God for Dave, Issue 18

Paul Rogov, Unquenchable Fire, Issue 77

Paul Rogov, A Way We'll Never Be, Issue 85

Paula Sophia Schonauer, The Chicken Man, Issue 33

Peg Steiner, Segue, Issue 42

Pela Via, Burning Hot Girls, Issue 23

Pete McArdle, A Nun's Tale, Issue 38

Pete McArdle, Wallace in Wonderland, Issue 40

Pete McArdle, The Aged Avenger, Issue 48

Pete McArdle, Loop, Issue 50

Pete McArdle, The Secret Life of Dr. Marty Walters, Issue 55

Pete McArdle, Fleas, Love, and Understanding, Issue 60

Pete McArdle, No Gold Watch, Issue 64

Pete McArdle, Attack of the Fifty-Five Foot Crab!, Issue 67

Pete McArdle, #HelpSaveGodzilla, Issue 68

Pete McArdle, Flesh, Issue 70

Pete McArdle, Golfing for Geese, Issue 72

Pete McArdle, The Johnson Family Holiday Newsletter, Issue 74

Pete McArdle, A Gift for Tiffany, Issue 80

Pete McArdle, The Silence of the Rabbits, Issue 83

Pete McArdle, Jesus Leads the Jets to the AFC Championship, Issue 84

Pete McArdle, A Tale on Me Birthday, Issue 86

Pete McArdle, The Ice Cream Man Cometh, Issue 87

Pete McArdle, If An Infinite Number of Monkeys..., Issue 89

Pete Stevens, Cantilever, Issue 58

Peter Clarke, TROPHY #JAILBAIT, Issue 81

Peter Marino, Christmas Newsletter, Issue 92

Reyumeh Ejue, Memories Revisited, Issue 74

Reyumeh Ejue, My Brother The Hero, Issue 80

Reyumeh Ejue, What We Talk About When We Talk About Our Parents, Issue 89

RW Watkins, Job Interview, Issue 24

Rachel Stern, Hannah's Ascent, Issue 48

Veronica Lodge, Split, Issue 89

Randi Suzanne Meyer, Doctor's Orders, Issue 28

Rasmenia Massoud, You Don't See Any of This, Issue 68

Raymond Hutson, No Service, Issue 52

Richard Corrigan, Jasmine, Wilting In The Garden, Issue 48

Robert Nordstrom, Touching The Cracks, Issue 67

Robert Sachs, Apple, Watch, Penny, Issue 32

Roberta Verdant, Her Ironing-Board Stomach, Issue 25

Robin Ray, My Farsi Boyfriend, Issue 47

Robin Wyatt Dunn, The Sun King, Issue 79

Robin Wyatt Dunn, The Halfway House, Issue 93

Robin Wyatt Dunn, The Halfway House, Issue 94

Robyn Slack, A Visit From St. Nicholas - Palahniuk's Adaptation, Issue 85

Rocky Burton, An Epistle to Odysseus from Elpenor, Issue 82

Ron Burch, Job's Tears, Issue 54

Ronit Feinglass Plank, What February Feels Like, Issue 45

S.C. Wade, What Are Friends For, Issue 56

Sally Houtman, Flash in the Pan, Issue 64

Samuel SnoekBrown, Kamikaze, Issue 28

Samuel SnoekBrown, Still Alive, Issue 32

Samuel SnoekBrown, TO SMOKE THE HOOKAHS, Issue 66

Sarah Angleton, Elixir of Life, Issue 83

Sarai Vasquez, Football Season Is Over, Issue 86

Sean Pravica, To Have the Ass, Issue 29

Shannon Lane, The Bicycle, Issue 57

Silvia Villalobos, Games, Issue 53

Silvia Villalobos, The Friend, Issue 64

Silvia Villalobos, Ioana, Issue 72

Spencer Carvalho, Safety or Security, Issue 54

Star Spider, Mundane Revolution, Issue 78

Stephen Moles, To My Widow, Issue 35

Stephen Arinze, Teething Problems, Issue 93

Stephen Mander, Lopsided Smile, Issue 65

Stephen Rowntree, Declan Lamasery, Issue 13

Stephen Rowntree, The Unnameable, Issue 18

Steve Wheeler, Murphy's Wake, Issue 28

Steven Gulvezan, Exit the Editor, Issue 40

Steven Gulvezan, Nazi Underpants, Issue 49

Steven Gulvezan, The Best of Both Worlds, Issue 70

Steven Gulvezan, Good For His Word, Issue 74

Steven Gulvezan, Springtime for Papa, Issue 84

Steven Gulvezan, Blowing Coleman Hawkins, Issue 90

Steven Gowin, Talker, Issue 61

Steven Lee, 8. Addiction, Issue 63

Suvi Mahonen, Bobby, Issue 47

Tantra Bensko, Among the Nalatari, Issue 55

Ted Jackins, Everything That Keeps Me Together Is Falling Apart, Issue 51

Theo McCauley, The Waiting Game, Issue 57

Thomas Mundt, Curtis, Issue 25

Timothy Gager, Channeling, Issue 34

Tom Janikowski, Musketball, Issue 33

Tom Janikowski, At The Hors d'oeuvre Convention, Issue 34

Tom Janikowski, Just a Bucket, Issue 42

Tom Ingram, Sketches for (my sweetheart) the drunk, Issue 75

Tom Simmons, Family Reunion, Issue 54

Tom Simmons, Patriots: Empire, Reactionary, War, Decline, Issue 84

Tom W. Miller, Incredible Day, Issue 86

Toni Ann Johnson, Time Travel, Issue 64

Tony Battaglia, Star Dust, Issue 47

Tony Battaglia, Dear Dr. Shapiro, Issue 59

Tony Byrer, A Halloweenie Punkin Story, Issue 50

Tony Pena, Market Street Blues, Issue 61

Tony Pena, Lights Out, Issue 77

Victor Schwartzman, Hamburger, Issue 10

Victor Schwartzman, Stanley, Issue 12

Victor Schwartzman, Total Rapport, Issue 12

Vyatcheslav Bart, Murdered Sleep, Issue 35

W. W. Jacobs, The Monkey's Paw, Issue 94

W.C. Bamberger, Thrill Show, Issue 45

Walker Smart, Sweet, Issue 63

Wayne Dean-Richards, Messages, Issue 82

Wes Henricksen, Last Legs: A Fable, Issue 84

William Taylor Jr, The Legend of Eddie and Lola, Issue 16

William Taylor Jr, The Bastards Were Everywhere and Would Endure, Issue 28

William Taylor Jr, The Lives of the Poets II, Issue 33

William Taylor Jr, Tuesday Morning at the Sad Motel, Issue 38

William Taylor Jr, The Music of the World, Issue 94

William Stobb, Myths of Elvis, Issue 69

Woodie Stephenson, Princess Fantasia at Château Kilo, Issue 48

xTx, Abandonment, Issue 23

Yolande Brener, Clarissa's Party in New York, Issue 80

Zach Hamilton, XOS 2 Exoskeleton, Issue 46

Zachary Moll, No Sirens, Just Lights, Issue 38

Zack Wilson, Love, Issue 19

Zarina Zabrisky, Honey-Hued Eyes, Issue 66

Zarina Zabrisky, Pig Legs, Issue 78

Zeeshan Aziz, In Conversation With God, Issue 81


Nonfiction published:

Leopold McGinnis, The Chocolate Milk Challenge, Issue 3

Alakananda Mookerjee, What to Do With 3GB of Space?, Issue 129

Kathryn Aldridge-Morris, The Phantom Limbs of Memory, Issue 155

Sheryl Lilke, A Rhetoric of Blankness, Issue 155

Robert Fromberg, A Rhetoric of Blankness, Issue 155

Chris Bodor, Make Way for the Labor Poet, Issue 24

Jason Behrends, INTERVIEW: F. N. Wright, Issue 35

Matthew Dexter, The Workers Who Have No Names, Issue 37

rachel cann, Risk Taking, Issue 39

Bud Smith, Me, my brother, and Silver Bullet, Issue 39

Doc Sigerson, D. B. Tuber, Issue 40

Michele McDannold, This is not a review, Issue 43

Michele McDannold, FN Wright, Issue 43

Elynn Alexander, Criticism's A Bitch, Issue 44

Josh Olsen, Mack's Card Shack, Issue 45

James Grant, Red Fez’s Top 10 Best Written Horror Films, Issue 50

Leopold McGinnis, Red Fez’s Top 10 Best Written Horror Films, Issue 50

James Leon, The Day Kurt Cobain Died, Issue 54

Aurelia Lorca, The Day Kurt Cobain Died, Issue 54

Chuck Howe, Puppy Love, Issue 55

James Claffey, Orwell Lodge Hotel, Room no. 8, Issue 55

Aleathia Drehmer, The Road to Nursing, Issue 56

Kevin Ridgeway, Fire on the Mountain, Issue 56

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #8 with Julie Buffaloe-Yoder, Issue 56

Sam Rasnake, On Faces, Issue 57

Sam Rasnake, On Wanting To Be a Writer, Issue 59

Sophie Shulman, Beneath the Light, Issue 62

Paula Lietz, Six Five Four Three, Issue 63

Leopold McGinnis, Cocktales: The Cannibalized Christian, Issue 65

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Le Corbeau, Issue 65

Melissa Llanes Brownlee, Tweezer, Issue 152

Katie Long, Mangoes, Issue 65

Bud Smith, BOOKS: Windsock Etiquette by Zachary Fishel, Issue 66

Lori Gomez, FOOD: It's Easter! Let Us Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, Issue 66

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Pale Flower, Issue 66

Doc Sigerson, RED FEZ Nominations for Best of the Net, Issue 157

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Thou Shalt Not Commit Sex With Strangers, Issue 67

Jillian Parker, The Feline Art of the Flâneur, Issue 67

Travis Turner, Alabama Love Song, Issue 67

Alakananda Mookerjee, A Stranger in a Dyke Village, Issue 68

Marya Berry, BOOKS: Bones of a Generous Woman by Phibby Venable, Issue 69

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Vampyr, Issue 69

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, The Real Skinny on Kissing Boys, Issue 71

Lori Gomez, FOOD: The Fruits of Labor, Issue 71

Shannon Frost Greenstein, Shame, Issue 151

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Blood Wedding, Issue 71

G. David Schwartz, Guy de Maupassant, Issue 73

Josh Olsen, REVIEW: Unexpected Mergers by Trethewey and Herms, Issue 154

Josh Olsen, Such a Good Boy, Issue 73

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Tis Season to Be Thankful, Issue 73

Aurelia Lorca, The Gods of the Jellyfish, Issue 73

Kiriti Sengupta, BOOKS: Ink and Line by Sonnet Mondal, Issue 73

Bill Gainer, BOOKS: A History of Broken Things by S. B. Stokes, Issue 74

Lori Gomez, FOOD: When the Weather Outside is Frightful ..., Issue 74

Michael Grover, BOOKS: Such a Good Boy by Josh Olsen, Issue 76

Rick Bailey, Ride, Issue 77

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Arroz Con Pollo y Gandules, Issue 77

Misti Rainwater, I am Still Green, Issue 79

Doc Sigerson, Calibrations, Issue 80

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Issue 86

Alicia Winski, BOOKS: Bandana Wasteland by Carly Bryson, Issue 81

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in You Nazty Spy, Issue 81

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Burger Heaven, Issue 81

Steve Mitchell, Still Another Writer Writing About Writing, Issue 84

Matt Sinclair, BOOKS: Making Maxine's Baby by Caroline Hagood, Issue 84

Zhang Xioamao, Ambition – Democratization, Issue 85

Anna Voisard, More Jamestown, Less Florida, Issue 107

John Macker, Gerald Nicosia's Beat Scrapbook, Issue 144

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Zoos in the Sky, Issue 88

Terry Barr, Blackbird, Bye-Bye, Issue 86

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Sweet Rewards — A Match Made in Heaven, Issue 86

M.P. Powers, The Rise and Fall of Captain Kirk, Issue 143

Lori Gomez, FOOD: For What Ails You, Issue 87

Bill Yarrow, Sixty Things I Think About Before Writing a Poem or Story, Issue 88

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Alaskan Halibut and Asparagus for the Lazy Gourmet, Issue 88

Norman Belanger, Home, Issue 128

Ray Scanlon, Defensive Ignorance, Issue 91

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Happy Life With the Machines, Issue 91

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Easy Recipe for Summertime Blues, Issue 92

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Better Safe Than Sorry, Issue 93

Scott Unfried, Of Dogs and Dolphins, Issue 94

Linda Carol Cobb, Tennessee Trick or Treat, Issue 94

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Selling the Future — One Planet at a Time, Issue 94

Marie C. Lecrivain, Interview with Jerry (Grateful, Not Dead) Garcia, Issue 95

Josh Olsen, American Stepdad, Issue 95

Gene Berson, Vote For Pinocchio, Issue 95

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Let's Talk Turkey!, Issue 95

Reyumeh Ejue, Ghosts of Christmases Past, Issue 96

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, The Fire, Issue 96

Lorna Rose, A Daughter and Her Father, Issue 96

Reyumeh Ejue, Red Fez 2017 Pushcart Nominations, Issue 96

Doc Sigerson, Red Fez 2017 Pushcart Nominations, Issue 96

Lori Gomez, FOOD: The Dessert Crowns the Dinner, Issue 96

John Bennett, Talent Scout, Issue 97

Alex Schumacher, Talent Scout, Issue 97

Charlene Winsor, FILM: Brazil, Issue 97

Alakananda Mookerjee, Princess Leia, Issue 97

Reyumeh Ejue, THE WRITING LIFE: Interview with Matthew Guerrucky, Issue 97

Ted Jackins, I Dreamed Aloud and the World Awoke, Issue 97

Melissa Grunow, How to Break Your Own Heart in Five Steps, Issue 131

Terry Barr, Who On Earth Do You Think You Are?, Issue 97

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, 10 Being the Worst, Issue 97

Edward Shaw, Sylvia & Ted & Assia, Issue 97

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Salvador Dalí Does Food Porn, Issue 97

Reyumeh Ejue, The Writing Life: Interview with Wendy Lesser, Issue 98

Charlene Winsor, FILM: L'avventura, Issue 98

Charlene Winsor, FILM: Breaking the Waves, Issue 98

Lorna Rose, Finding Home, Issue 98

Aurelia Lorca, Approaching Presidents Day 2017, Issue 98

Edward Shaw, The Life of Ezra Pound, Issue 98

Diane Quick-Machaby, The Hitchhikers, Issue 98

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Ossobuco — The Italian Song of Winter, Issue 98

G. David Schwartz, Tennessee Tuxedo and the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade, Issue 98

Kyle Hemmings, The Murder of the Monkees: Head, Issue 98

Lyn Lifshin, Refugees Who Had Their World Taken Away, Issue 99

AE Reiff, Melt, Issue 99

Ray Scanlon, Kilroy, Issue 99

Clint Margrave, The Case For Provocation, Issue 99

Kyle Hemmings, Forever Changes: The Album That Almost Didn't Get Made, Issue 99

Edward Shaw, The Indomitable Clara Schumann, Issue 99

Charlene Winsor, FILM: La Notte, Issue 99

Charlene Winsor, FILM: Safe, Issue 99

Mark James Andrews, Happy Birthday Mother Fucker, Issue 99

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Easy Skillet Spinach Mushroom Frittata, Issue 99

Reyumeh Ejue, INTERVIEW: Casey Harding, Issue 99

Leopold McGinnis, 10 Things Kids of the Future Won’t Get!, Issue 100

Charlene Winsor, FILM: L'Eclisse, Issue 100

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: As I Lay by the Tigris and Weep by Tamara Albama, Issue 100

Josh Olsen, Raccoons Ain't Nothing to F--k With, Issue 100

Pat Simonelli, Video Games: Playing Arcade Cabinets in the 1980s — 90s, Issue 100

Edward Shaw, Lord Byron the Rock Star, Issue 100

Mark James Andrews, Into the Facebook Mystic with Van Morrison, Issue 100

Marie C. Lecrivain, BOOKS: The Acadians by Angel Uriel Perales, Issue 100

Loring Wirbel, BOOKS: The Tongue Has Its Secrets by Donna Snyder, Issue 101

Reyumeh Ejue, THE WRITING LIFE: Interview with Anna Nobile, Issue 101

Steven Gulvezan, Nijinsky in Mount Clemens, Issue 101

Pat Simonelli, BOOKS: Stop Being a Bitch. Quit Your Lame Ass Job and Move To Cambodia, Issue 101

Tommy Vollman, Boots, Issue 101

Aurelia Lorca, The Blood of a Poet: A Meditation, Issue 101

Steve Mitchell, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, Issue 101

Edward Shaw, George Sand, Issue 101

Charlene Winsor, FILM: Bigger Than Life, Issue 101

Edward Shaw, Somerset Maugham Presents the Levantine, “Mr. Know-All”, Issue 102

Pat Simonelli, My First Vegan Year In the Nuclear Age, Issue 102

Doc Sigerson, BOOKS: Imagine Not Drowning by Kelli Allen, Issue 102

Reyumeh Ejue, THE WRITING LIFE: Interview With Caleb Puckett, Issue 103

Pat Simonelli, Top 5 Worst Video Game Home Consoles, Issue 103

Edward Shaw, La Divina, Issue 103

Mather Schneider, John the Writer, Issue 104

Edward Shaw, Here's Looking At You, Kid, Issue 104

Doc Sigerson, RED FEZ presents Our 2017 Best of Net Nominations, Issue 104

Koushik Sen, BOOKS: Solitary Stillness by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 104

Peter Dick, BOOKS: Ego to Earthschool by Stephen Roxborough, Issue 104

Andrew Turman, People Always Disappoint, Issue 104

Josh Olsen, Things You Never Knew Existed, Issue 104

Doc Sigerson, ART: Interview With David Arshawsky, Issue 105

Pat Simonelli, Spitting Old Lady Witch Gets Me!, Issue 105

Josh Olsen, Attack at the Yack 2, Issue 105

Edward Shaw, The Scandalous Victoria Woodhull and her Sister, Issue 105

Bree Bodnar, COVER STORY: Turkey Gorget, Issue 106

James Leon, MUSIC: Open Your Eyes, Issue 106

Edward Shaw, Nick and Nora, Issue 106

Kim Bailey Spradlin, The Fight for Human Decency, Issue 106

Aurelia Lorca, It Does Get Better: Thank You Ms. G, Issue 106

phillip maguire, My Brother's Boat, Issue 106

M.P. Powers, My Sister the Twitter Zealot, Issue 106

M.P. Powers, Talk, Talk, Issue 107

Doc Sigerson, Within the Life Resides the Poem, Issue 114

Todd Zack, MUSIC: Contemporary Pop Run Amok, Issue 106

Doc Sigerson, Red Fez 2017 Pushcart Nominations, Issue 107

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Off the Tip of the Tongue, Issue 107

Sandra Gibson, What’s In The Name, The Name, The Name, Issue 107

Alakananda Mookerjee, Is God a Behavioral Engineer?, Issue 108

Colby Milliken, How I Made It To College, Issue 108

Charlene Winsor, FILM: The Phantom Carriage, Issue 108

David Jans, T-Minus 23 with Elsie, Issue 108

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Reading Backwards Through the Yellow by Carolyn Srygley-Moore, Issue 109

Josh Olsen, Watch Out!, Issue 109

Jason Thompson, Hawk, Issue 109

Aurelia Lorca, The Power of Being a Ninth Grader, Issue 109

Doc Sigerson, BOOKS: New February Arrivals for the Bookshelf, Issue 109

Alicia Ann Young, The Secret of My Traveling Crystal Necklace, Issue 110

Mather Schneider, Envelopes, Issue 110

G. David Schwartz, I Have Been Called Boorish and Rude, Issue 110

Doc Sigerson, BOOKS: New March Books, Issue 110

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Lantern Lit Vol 4, Issue 110

Aurelia Lorca, Inigo Montoya And Divine Madness As The Anti-thesis of Bullshit, Issue 111

Aurelia Lorca, Queen Of The Nerds, Issue 111

Michael Chin, Professional Wrestling as Creative Non-Fiction, Issue 112

Jennifer Wees, Everybody Wants Some, Issue 112

Patrick Dobson, Demolition Party, Issue 113

Michael Meyerhofer, Review of "The Fire Next Door", Issue 113

Aurelia Lorca, Motherfucker, Issue 113

David Serra, Quest, Issue 115

J. Ray Paradiso, You Can Do It, Jimmie, Issue 115

Aurelia Lorca, Ballad Of The Dormouse, Issue 115

Terry Barr, Perceived Convictions, Issue 115

Aurelia Lorca, Removing The Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Issue 115

Josh Olsen, He's on Fire!, Issue 116

Brad Krause, Find Relief From Workplace Stress by Freelancing, Issue 117

Josh Olsen, Smile Now, Die Later, Issue 117

Aurelia Lorca, Lucky, Issue 117

Doc Sigerson, Kick Out the Jams in the Midnight Hour, Issue 117

Charles Austin Muir, 5 Lessons Writers Can Learn from John Carpenter's The Thing, Issue 118

Don Tassone, Paperboy, Issue 118

Donna Snyder, From a Mythic Place to a Physics of Everything, Issue 118

David Serra, A Thanksgiving Surprise, Issue 119

Jon Tait, The Shoemaker's Dog, Issue 120

Mark James Andrews, With This Ring (for The Platters), Issue 120

Jason Thompson, These Shitty Tattoos, Part I, Issue 121

Angela Mackintosh, Small Fish, Issue 121

A.S. Coomer, Publisher Interviews: Burning Willow Press, Issue 121

A.S. Coomer, Publisher Interview #2: Analog Submission Press, Issue 122

John Lunar Richey, Swimming In Mythology, Issue 123

John Lunar Richey, Tattoo, Issue 124

Mark James Andrews, My Hellhound Harmonica Manifesto, Issue 125

Terry Barr, You're Old Enough to Know Better, Issue 125

Doc Sigerson, ARTIST'S PORTFOLIO:, Issue 126

Doc Sigerson, New Books for August 2019, Issue 126

Doc Sigerson, Our Best of the Net 2019 Nominations, Issue 127

Edward Shaw, A Paradoxical Blue Angel from Hollywood's Golden Age, Issue 127

Josh Olsen, Piece by Piece, Issue 127

Doc Sigerson, New Books for September 2019, Issue 127

Alexis Rhone Fancher, L.A. Poets, Issue 127

Alexis Rhone Fancher, More L.A. Poets, Issue 127

Alexis Rhone Fancher, Still More L.A. Poets, Issue 127

Josh Olsen, Busted Open, Issue 128

Doc Sigerson, New Books for October 2019, Issue 128

Lynne Breitfeller, Photography, Issue 129

Doc Sigerson, The Red Fez 2019 Pushcart Nominations, Issue 130

Doc Sigerson, The Grand Red Fez Essay Contest, Issue 129

Aurelia Lorca, Dago, Issue 130

BONNY FINBERG, For Steve Cannon, Issue 130

Edward Shaw, The Dark and Gothic Literary Summer of '16, Issue 130

Terry Barr, The Grist Mill is Out There, Issue 130

Doc Sigerson, Books for December 2019, Issue 130

Don Tassone, I Get Here Now, Issue 131

Beth Copeland, Hello, Mary Lou, Issue 131

Gideon Asche, That Black Military Sedan, Issue 131

Joanna Grant, True Crime, Issue 132

Amanda Sierzega, Not Built By Human Hands, Issue 132

A.S. Coomer, Publisher Interview #3: Inside the Castle with John Trefry, Issue 132

Serena Toxicat, This Is Your ED on EBT, Issue 132

Karen Foster, Class Notes, Issue 133

Gabriel Ricard, Five Essential Films from 1974, Issue 133

Jake Lamarche, Book Review: The Mark by Bitan Charkraborty, Issue 133

Edward Shaw, How Did Shelley Really Die?, Issue 134

Jordan Trethewey, The Past is a Foreign Country, the Future an Alien Planet, Issue 134

Donna Snyder, Even in the Absence of Proximity, Issue 135

Lindsey Heatherly, Lindsey Waterfall, Issue 135

Jordan Stewart, Self-Isolation Diaries - Drinking The Apocalypse, Issue 136

Lindsey Heatherly, The Shell with a Hole in the Top, Issue 137

Donnie Cox, Road Like A River, Issue 138

Joanna Grant, The Children's Playground at Manama Naval Base, Issue 138

Damian Rucci, Musings of a Derelict Poet, Issue 138

Doc Sigerson, New Books for August 2020, Issue 138

Doc Sigerson, Grand RED FEZ Short Story Contest, Issue 138

Kaci Skiles Laws, Dead Things, Issue 139

M.P. Powers, Austria in a Time of Corona, Issue 139

Doc Sigerson, New Books for September 2020, Issue 139

Cecelia Chapman, In the Dark, Issue 140

Joanna C. Valente, Your Dream is Dreaming a New Dream, Issue 139

Doc Sigerson, Best of Net Nominations 2020, Issue 139

Dennis Piszkiewicz, A Lonely Place to Die, Issue 140

Alakananda Mookerjee, We've Upset the Climate's Mood Swings, Issue 140

Steve Mitchell, Never Far Enough, Issue 140

Mark Blickley, Waiting For Robin Williams, Issue 141

Jordan Trethewey, Completely Absorbed, Issue 141

Doc Sigerson, RED FEZ Nominations for 2021 Pushcart Awards, Issue 141

Doc Sigerson, The Grand RED FEZ Poetry Contest, Issue 141

Aurelia Lorca, Letter to Lupe Velez, Issue 142

Jordan Trethewey, Confession of a Fourth Grade Stick Figure Pornographer, Issue 142

Susan Triemert, Eyelet, Issue 142

Dennis Piszkiewicz, The End of the War, Issue 143

Isaac Seal, Learning How to Speak All Over Again, Issue 144

Josh Olsen, Participation Trophies, Issue 145

Mather Schneider, Independence Day in Hermosillo, Issue 145

Edward Shaw, Killing Emile Zola, Issue 145

Courtenay S. Gray, Le Feu Follet: The Absurdity of Life, Issue 145

Susan Triemert, Guess What's Different, Issue 146

Jordan Trethewey, Two Books by Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Issue 146

Robert Fromberg, How to Walk Down Stairs According to Chuck King, Issue 146

Cheryl Klein, A Heart Beating Too Fast, Issue 147

Edward Shaw, Mata Hari, Issue 147

Elsa Williams, No Choir of Angels, Issue 147

Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Taking a Knockout Punch, Issue 148

Joanna Grant, Coro, Issue 148

Anita Brienza, The Driver's License, Issue 149

Marilyn Duarte, An Ocean Away, Issue 150

Jody Rae, Crumble to the Sea, Issue 150

Josh Olsen, Trunk Sale, Issue 150

Claire Taylor, The Road To Here, Issue 150

Doc Sigerson, Best of the Net Nominations 2021, Issue 150

Amy Barnes, Border Patrol, Issue 151

Bill Yarrow, Aphorisms, Issue 151

Kristina Saccone, Unseasonal, Issue 151

Amanda Rosas, Antepasadas, Issue 152

Joanna Grant, Little Dillon, Issue 151

Doc Sigerson, New Books October 2021, Issue 151

Julie Flattery, The Distinguished Gentleman Dog, Issue 152

Doc Sigerson, Our 2021 Red Fez Nominations for the Pushcart Award, Issue 152

Kristina Saccone, Æblekage, Issue 152

Mike Hickman, Just Let Michael Jackson Die, Why Don't You?, Issue 152

Michele Alexandre, Just Come, Issue 152

Vidd Jims, oouygv, Issue 153

Jody Rae, Obituary for a Public Elementary School, Issue 153

Josh Olsen, 72 Hours, Issue 153

Chelsey Clammer, Puppy Love, Issue 154

Cheryl Pappas, Learning to See Again, with Annie Dillard, Issue 154

Jamie Etheridge, When We Saw Sparks, Issue 154

Dylan Willoughby, The Death of Revolutions, Issue 154

Stephanie Austin, Flying Cars, Issue 154

Sheldon Birnie, Like You're on Vacation, Issue 154

Jamy Bond, The Music of Chance, Issue 155

Elizabeth Reese, Communication with the Dead, Issue 155

Grace Jordan, Beautiful Uncle James, Issue 155

Melissa Mulvihill, No One Writes About Agnes, Issue 155

Rimma Kranet, A Smeared Image of You, Issue 155

Aleathia Drehmer, PRYING by Micheline Bukowski, & McDaris, Issue 157

Wendy Newbury, Agnes Brown, Issue 157

Edward Shaw, The Hanging of Tom Horn, Issue 157

Alakananda Mookerjee, Running a Movie Marathon, Issue 157

February Grace, My Sister's Bones, Issue 157

Rhonda Zimlich, Grand Torino, Issue 157

Jordan Trethewey, Happy Place Park & the Rocketship Swing, Issue 156

Doc Sigerson, RED FEZ Presents 2022 Pushcart Nominations, Issue 156

A. Razor, What's In A Name?, Issue 37

Addison James, #DarkNet, Issue 85

Addison James, Telling Tillie's Tale, Issue 87

Addison James, Airborne Flowers, Issue 88

AE Reiff, Opiomes the Domes, Issue 66

AE Reiff, Satan at the Super Collider, Issue 83

AE Reiff, Space Alien Politics, Issue 88

Aida Zilelian, Toni with an I, Issue 39

Alakananda Mookerjee, Da Vinci Does Facebook, Issue 82

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Dr Henry Jekyll, Victorian Biohacker, Issue 83

Alakananda Mookerjee, 404's: Mistakes, Made Painstakingly, Issue 84

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Defending Earth's Cosmic Borders, Issue 86

Alakananda Mookerjee, ART: Interview with Annabel Burton, Issue 87

Alakananda Mookerjee, SCIENCE: Time, Through The Ages, Issue 89

Alex Mantel, An Apologia for Boarding Schools, Issue 76

Alex Simand, On Love and Fish, Issue 78

Alexandra Huber, A Photographic Memory, Issue 75

Alicia Winski, BOOKS: Open Heart Sutra Surgery by Stephen Roxborough, Issue 79

Alicia Winski, BOOKS: It Broke Anyway by April Michelle Bratten, Issue 80

Alicia Winski, BOOKS: ordinary words by Si Philbrook, Issue 83

Allen Parmenter, BOOKS: Poemas ante el Catafalco: Grief and Renewal by Donna Snyder, Issue 71

Allie Marini, They Were All My Friends. And They Died., Issue 61

Andy Hall, My Inner Wendy, Issue 52

ani smith, To Love a Stray Forsaken Dog, Issue 30

ani smith, Its Hostile Presence, Issue 38

ani smith, To Love Your Loneliness, Issue 39

ani smith, There Is No Book, Issue 32

ani smith, A More True Definition of Freedom, Issue 34

ani smith, My Cockamamie Theory, Issue 37

Anthony Spaeth, Art History, Issue 33

Ariel Bethell, Chocolate Bunnies, Issue 83

Ashwin Parulkar, I Walk, Issue 31

Aurelia Lorca, In the Shadows of the Cathedral, Issue 63

Aurelia Lorca, The Wisdom of Ghosts, Issue 65

Aurelia Lorca, The Flamenco Moon and Fourth of July in North Hollywood, Issue 71

Aurelia Lorca, Small World, Issue 74

Aurelia Lorca, Henares Family Pets, Issue 75

Aurelia Lorca, Union Square Blues, Issue 78

Aurelia Lorca, Only Way to Feel the Noise, Issue 81

Aurelia Lorca, The Dahlia, Issue 82

Aurelia Lorca, How I Became Aurelia Lorca, Issue 83

Aurelia Lorca, How Soon is Now?, Issue 85

Aurelia Lorca, Getting Into Formation, Issue 87

Aurelia Lorca, Rorro Berjano: Radiant In Seville, Issue 91

Benjamin D. Carson, Darkness at Noon, Issue 53

BhaskaranandJha Bhaskar, BOOKS: Desirous Water by Sumita Nandy, Issue 77

Bill Ectric, BOOKS: The Zombie of Great Peru by Pierre—Corneille Blessebois, Issue 83

Bill Gainer, BOOKS: Relics of Lust by Lynne Savitt, Issue 70

Bill Gainer, BOOKS: Church: Retrospective by Missy Church, Issue 86

Bob Tomolillo, Ap-proving Artist, Issue 76

Brad D. Green, Hillbilly Teeth, Issue 21

Brandon Figliolino, Interior Decorator, Issue 62

Brandon Figliolino, Dueling Banjos, Issue 94

Brian Fugett, James Quinton Memorial, Issue 50

Bryan William Myers, The Solid Ground We Walk On, Issue 70

Bud Smith, JESSICA, Issue 45

Bud Smith, WATER BALLOONS, Issue 47

Bud Smith, They Will Tear You Apart, Issue 49

Bud Smith, Randomly Finding Beer in the Snow, Issue 54

Bud Smith, BOOKS: Stealing Midnight from a Handful of Days by Michele McDannold, Issue 75

Bud Smith, BOOKS: Imaginary Foxholes by John Dorsey, Issue 77

Cassandra Dallett, The People's Express, Issue 72

Charles Kruger, Race to the Top, Issue 43

Chelsey Clammer, Objects of Desire, Issue 47

Chelsey Clammer, Roll, Issue 53

Chris Campanioni, Soft Opening, Issue 86

Chris Fradkin, Checking In, Issue 57

Chris Milam, The Silent Door, Issue 61

Chuck Howe, Blame Mom, Issue 51

Chuck Howe, Because We Have a Fucking Gig Tonight, Issue 52

Colleen Corcoran, EVERY PERSON I HAVE EVER MET, Issue 46

Crawdad Nelson, So You Want To Be A Poet..., Issue 40

Crawdad Nelson, Whistletown, Issue 45

Crawdad Nelson, 3 Shorts, Issue 47

Crawdad Nelson, Borne Arms and Bare Behinds, Issue 60

Dan Jacoby, The Hazards of Haggling with a Publisher, Issue 86

Danie Knopf Weinstein, Remembering a Dead Girl While I Shower with My Sister, Issue 90

Danielle Imara, Champagne Hostess, Issue 69

Dave Wanczyk, Reckoning, Issue 43

DB Cox, BOOKS: The Sound of Loneliness by Craig Wallwork, Issue 57

Dean Hulse, Two of a Kind, Issue 77

Devin McGuire, BOOKS: We, Monsters by Zarina Zabrisky, Issue 64

Doc Sigerson, A Christmas Odyssey, Issue 62

Doc Sigerson, FILM: The Long Good Friday, Issue 70

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Macbeth, Issue 78

Doc Sigerson, BOOKS: Under the Mountain Born by John Swain, Issue 79

Doc Sigerson, FILM: The Stunt Man, Issue 82

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Dead Ringers, Issue 83

Doc Sigerson, FILM: Dr. No, Issue 85

Doc Sigerson, BOOKS: Bougainvillea and Other Stories by Bitan Chakraborty, Issue 90

Doc Sigerson, Our Nominations for Best of Net Awards 2016, Issue 94

Don Tassone, Flashpoint, Issue 74

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Begging for Vultures by Lawrence Welsh, Issue 69

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: A Life in Small Stories by Rose Aiello Morales, Issue 70

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Lumière by John Thomas Allen, Issue 71

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Fire in the Marrow by William Crawford, Issue 72

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Progress on the Subject of Immensity by Leslie Ullman, Issue 73

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Lupa and Lamb by Susan Hawthorne, Issue 75

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: South Sun Rises by Valentin Sandoval, Issue 76

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Lo Que Trae la Marea by Xánath Caraza, Issue 77

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: Dancing on Broken Glass by Barbara H. Moore, Issue 78

Donna Snyder, BOOKS: A Place For Your Ghost Animals by Kushal Poddar, Issue 79

Dustin Holland, Music Piracy, Issue 46

E. R. Sanchez, Slam Family 2003, Issue 59

Eileen Register, BOOKS: The Reverse Tree by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 73

Eric Day, The Class of 1987, Issue 30

Erik Thurman, An American's Toilet Paper Nightmare in Southeast Asia, Issue 49

Erin A. Corriveau, Watching Her Watch Him Die, Issue 59

Frankie Metro, excerpt from the professional donor, Issue 34

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 40

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 41

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 42

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 43

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 44

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 45

Frankie Metro, The Left-Handed Smoker, Issue 46

Frankie Metro, The Left- Handed Smoker, Issue 47

Frankie Metro, Spring- Loaded Viceroys, Issue 47

Frankie Metro, The Left- Handed Smoker, Issue 48

Frankie Metro, Mercury Hounds, Issue 48

G. David Schwartz, I Used to Have Red Shoes, Issue 78

G. David Schwartz, The Passover Haggadah, Issue 83

Gabino Iglesias, Dead Horse, Issue 92

Gabriel Ricard, FILM: The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Issue 48

Gabriel Ricard, FILM: The Serpent's Egg, Issue 72

Gail Clinton, How I Broke My Husband’s Hip in Mexico and Saved Him for $22.34 to Nag Another Day, Issue 31

Gordon Hilgers, BOOKS: Otherwise, Soft White Ash by Kelli Allen, Issue 90

Gwil James Thomas, Memory Gallimaufry, Issue 85

Heather Dorn, Chicken Tacos, Issue 55

Hilary Christian, Baked Chicken, Battered Woman, Issue 74

Hitisha Goel, BOOKS: My Glass of Wine by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 76

Iris Appelquist, true, Issue 47

J. A. Tyler, Poetic Narratives, Issue 30

J. A. Tyler, He Can Make Us Like Him, Issue 31

J. A. Tyler, The Wonderful Finding of Something New, Issue 32

J. A. Tyler, More Than Pirate Poetic, Issue 33

J. A. Tyler, Something About Escaping Boundaries, Issue 35

J. A. Tyler, Keeping Pace on These Streets, Issue 36

J. A. Tyler, The Youth in Imagination, Rekindled, Issue 37

J. A. Tyler, What Exactly is Happening Here?, Issue 38

J. A. Tyler, a Body as a Body as a Body, Issue 39

J. A. Tyler, Brutal Love, Issue 40

J. A. Tyler, When the Anger Subsided; or, Then There Was Infection, Issue 41

J.B. Pravda, Lost Shakespearean PlayER, ‘Sir kNight, Benjamin of Judah‘, Found, Issue 37

Jack Henry, Untitled, Issue 40

Jack Henry, BOOKS: Retrograde by Puma Perl, Issue 70

Jack Isaak, Avanti's, Issue 53

James Valvis, Actually, Issue 32

James Leon, James Leon's Top Ten Albums of the 1990's, Issue 60

James Leon, Golden Age, Issue 61

James Leon, The Cool Kids on a Saturday Night, Issue 86

James Leon, Purple Rains Sadness in April, Issue 89

James Leon, Christmas Condoms and Cats, Issue 92

James Stafford, The King of Lunch, Issue 60

Jasmine, A Journey to the Pointe, Issue 45

Jason Hardung, Like a Rock, Issue 48

Jason Hardung, Separation, Issue 71

Jason Najum, Don't Hate Hipsters, Issue 60

Jeremiah Granden, The Man in the French Market, Issue 72

Jesse Myner, Gathering Chestnuts, Issue 89

Jessie Lynn McMains, Reckless Chants, Issue 75

Jillian Parker, Reading William Sears on Dubninskaya Street, Issue 48

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 64

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 65

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 66

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 67

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 68

Jillian Parker, Autism and a Boy, Issue 69

Jillian Parker, An Enchanted Wanderer: A Memoir, Issue 72

Joe Reese, English 101, Issue 15

John Dorsey, Thinking about James D. Quinton, Issue 50

John Bennett, Visiting With Oliver Stone, Issue 42

John Bennett, Vage, Issue 47

John Bennett, String Theory as Proof of God's Existence, Issue 69

John Bennett, Let the Revolution Begin, Issue 71

John Bennett, Leaving a Message, Issue 72

John Bennett, Getting Thru Winter, Issue 74

John Bennett, Patriotism @ Fever Pitch, Issue 81

John Oliver Hodges, Faulkner at One Hundred Ten, Issue 75

John Oliver Hodges, All About the Jealousy of Writers, Issue 78

Jonathan Penton, When Spencer Met Hannibal: I. of II., Issue 47

Jonathan Penton, When Spencer Met Hannibal: Recreational Cannibalism in the New American Century, Issue 48

Josh Olsen, The Trigger, Issue 53

Josh Olsen, Hydrocele, Issue 65

Josh Olsen, Ultimate Warrior Tribute, Issue 66

Josh Olsen, In Silence, Issue 68

Josh Olsen, Meeting "Macho", Issue 91

Josh Olsen, "The Hammer" Takes a Knee, Issue 94

Julia C. Spring, My Unitarian Halloween, Issue 94

Justis Mills, A Work in Progress, Issue 63

Karl Koweski, Observations of a Dumb Polack #1, Issue 28

Karl Koweski, Observations of a Dumb Polack #2, Issue 29

Karl Koweski, Observations of a Dumb Polack #3, Issue 30

Karl Koweski, Observations of a Dumb Polack #4, Issue 31

Karl Koweski, Observations of a Dumb Polack #5, Issue 41

Karl Koweski, How To Pick Up Women When You Are at an Obvious Genetic Disadvantage, Issue 71

Katie Long, Hamster, Issue 67

KaylaJo O'Lone-Hahn, Survivor Solidarity, Issue 47

Kani Tris, Throw It Against the Wall and See What Sticks, Issue 91

Kennesaw Keene-Hill, They Laugh At Our Goats, Issue 57

Kevin Ridgeway, The First (And Final) Andy Rooney-Thon, Issue 40

Kevin Winter, On the Thirteenth Day of March, Issue 56

Kim Savage, Source Material, Issue 55

Gary Robinson, BOOKS: The Reverse Tree by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 73

L.D. Zane, Solomon's Shadow, Issue 75

L.D. Zane, River of Revenge, Issue 77

Lahab Assef Al-Jundi, A Syrian-American Perspective on Current Events in Syria., Issue 49

Lara Aasem, Model Answer, Issue 75

Leopold McGinnis, Encounters with the Underground, Issue 34

Leopold McGinnis, CockTales: The Martini, Issue 67

Leopold McGinnis, Cocktales — The Corpse Reviver #2, Issue 72

Leopold McGinnis, How I Got My First Book Published, Issue 72

Leopold McGinnis, Boom Na Boom and the Yummy Balls, Issue 80

Lindsey Thomas, An Excerpt from The Hummingbird Sex Tapes (a working novel), Issue 36

Lindsey Thomas, An Excerpt from The Hummingbird Sex Tapes (a working novel), Issue 38

Lisa Gordon, Casually on View in the Half Light, Issue 57

Lisa Johnson Mitchell, Corrective Shoes and Colonics, Issue 80

Lori Gomez, FOOD: It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas, Issue 63

Lori Gomez, FOOD: In Memory of Ruth, Issue 64

Lori Gomez, FOOD: He Wants to Lasso the Moon For Us, Issue 65

Lori Gomez, FOOD: The Dinner of the Damned, Issue 67

Lori Gomez, FOOD: A Soul Soothing Soup, Issue 68

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Eat Drink Man Woman, Issue 69

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Life - It's a Helluva Good Option, Issue 70

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Double Chocolate Biscotti: A San Francisco Treat, Issue 72

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Yes, Virginia ... There is a Gluten-Free Lasagna, Issue 75

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Fling Into Spring — Grilled Pomegranate-Glazed Prawns, Issue 76

Lori Gomez, FOOD: What Foods These Morsels Be, Issue 78

Lori Gomez, FOOD: What Foods These Morsels Be, Issue 79

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Leftover Magic, Issue 80

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Raising the Bar on Halloween Treats, Issue 83

Lori Gomez, FOOD: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Turkey, Issue 84

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Springtime in San Francisco with Slow Roasted Salmon, Issue 89

Lori Gomez, FOOD: Kitchen Essentials, Issue 90

Lori Gomez, FOOD: A Taste of Hawaii, Issue 91

Lori Gomez, FOOD: A Cauldron of Molten Chocolate Cake, Issue 94

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #1, Issue 37

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #2, Issue 38

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #3, Issue 39

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #4, Issue 40

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #5, Issue 41

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles #6, Issue 42

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 7, Issue 43

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 8, Issue 44

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 9, Issue 45

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 10, Issue 46

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 10 (Part II), Issue 47

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 11, Issue 48

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 11 (Part II), Issue 49

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 12, Issue 51

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 13, Issue 52

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 14, Issue 54

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 14, Issue 57

Luis Rivas, The Last Days of Los Angeles # 14, Issue 58

Elynn Alexander, My Kid's A Pain In The Ass, Issue 42

Elynn Alexander, I Lost My Damn Hands, Issue 43

Elynn Alexander, Strawberry Bitch 2: Forever's A Bitch, Issue 46

Elynn Alexander, Strawberry Bitch #1: Recycling’s A Bitch, Issue 45

Elynn Alexander, Strawberry Bitch: Epiphany's A Bitch, Issue 47

Elynn Alexander, Strawberry Bitch #4: Toil's A Bitch, Issue 48

Elynn Alexander, Strawberry Bitch #5: Greed's A Bitch, Issue 50

Elynn Alexander, BOOKS: Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk by Tony DuShane., Issue 51

Margaret Ozemet, The Great Midget Jihad, Issue 34

Marie C. Lecrivain, BOOKS: Things to Know for Compañer@s, A No More Deaths Volunteer Guide By Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Issue 89

Marie C. Lecrivain, BOOKS: Welcome to the Dollhouse: Poems and OCD by Cat Angelique McIntire, Issue 90

Marie C. Lecrivain, BOOKS: Life on the Periphery by Jon Cunningham, Issue 91

Mark James Andrews, Shot 3 Silenced the Singer, Issue 53

Mark James Andrews, Shot 3 Silenced the Singer - The Prequel, Issue 56

Mark James Andrews, Coleman Hawkins, Issue 77

Mark James Andrews, James Moody, Issue 78

Mark James Andrews, I Pushed the Book Cart for the Gangstas!, Issue 81

Mark James Andrews, David Bowie Rescued Me, Issue 86

Matt Sinclair, Remembering the Forgotten, Issue 78

Matt Sinclair, Memory Lapse, Issue 80

Matthew Dexter, Rafters of the Rink, Issue 32

Matthew Dexter, Breaking into the Boarding School Infirmary, Issue 40

Meg Tuite, Tumbleweed Blasting Through My Brain, Issue 54

Melanie Browne, The Body, Issue 65

Melanie Browne, Happy Days, Issue 73

Michael Filippone, A Strange & Unsteady Ascent, Issue 30

Michael Filippone, Burroughs Born Anew, Issue 31

Michael Filippone, To Grow Up Within Ourselves, Issue 32

Michael Filippone, The Living of Two Lives, Issue 33

Michael Filippone, A Thought Documentary, Issue 34

Michael Filippone, Forcing the Elevation of Our Expectations, Issue 35

Michael Filippone, A Novel of Prologues, Issue 36

Michael Filippone, Cut Together or Strung Apart, Issue 38

Michael Filippone, He's Dead, She's Dead, Issue 41

Michael Grover, A Review Of Doug Draime's More Than The Alley, Issue 49

Michael Grover, A Song Beneath Silence by Apryl Skies, Issue 52

Michael Grover, BOOKS: Disassembled Badlands by John Macker, Issue 75

Michael J. Solender, Light Baked Alaska, Issue 53

Michael Madakasira, On the Rebound, Issue 88

Mick Parsons, A Baboon in the Bluegrass, Issue 42

Mike Finley, Things I Meant to Notice, Issue 26

Mike Hilbig, The Hokey - Don't Put Me In the - Pokey, Issue 60

Mike Hilbig, The Birthday Suit Blues, Issue 72

Mike Hilbig, On Looking at Myself in the Reflection Pond, Issue 75

Mina Gorey, Shoot, Issue 52

Mina Gorey, Some Romantic Bullshit, Issue 54

Misti Rainwater, Serious Fucking Mileage, Issue 55

Misti Rainwater, Shakespeare's Women as Catalysts of Tragedy, Issue 78

Misti Rainwater, James Tate and Stoic Absurdity, Issue 80

Misti Rainwater, The Cage of Patriarchy, Issue 81

Nathaniel Tower, She Was Blue, Issue 55

Nescher Pyscher, Remote Control Flickering, Issue 42

Nescher Pyscher, In The Palm Of One Hand, Issue 42

Nescher Pyscher, Good and Hard to Define, Issue 42

Nescher Pyscher, BOOKS: The Hunger Season by William Taylor, Jr., Issue 44

Nescher Pyscher, BOOKS: Coming Worldgone World by Paul Corman-Roberts, Issue 44

Nina Rota, The Shadow Temple, Issue 69

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: Flat Foot Stooges, Issue 79

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in Who Done It, Issue 80

Noah Kaplowitz, CIGARS: Punch Imported Seleccion, Issue 80

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in The Brideless Groom, Issue 82

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in Sing a Song of Six Pants, Issue 83

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in Monkey Businessmen, Issue 84

Noah Kaplowitz, FILM: The Three Stooges in Pardon My Scotch, Issue 89

Norman Belanger, The Wilderness, Issue 90

Norman Belanger, Songs My Father Sang, Issue 93

P.M. Merlot, The Silver Room, Issue 57

Pantifesto's Porntastic Phunhouse, Masturbation Guilt, Issue 47

Pat King, childproof in Brooklyn, Issue 57

Pat King, Emma and Adele, Issue 64

Pat Simonelli, Rammstein May 10, 2011 Concert Review, Issue 34

Pat Simonelli, FN Wright Comes Home, Issue 45

Pat Simonelli, A review of Exit Nothing, Issue 46

Pat Simonelli, Nightmare Hits Home, Issue 53

Pat Simonelli, From the Fez Mail Sack, Issue 54

Pat Simonelli, Review of Sheryl Crow Concert, Issue 62

Pat Simonelli, Ultimate Warrior Waxing, Issue 66

Pat Simonelli, Salome: The First Girl I Loved Who Was Mean To Me, Issue 89

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches From Atlantis #1, Issue 29

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #2, Issue 30

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #7, Issue 35

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #3, Issue 31

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #4, Issue 32

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #5, Issue 33

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #6, Issue 34

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #8, Issue 36

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #9, Issue 37

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #10, Issue 38

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #11, Issue 39

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches From Atlantis #12, Issue 40

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #13, Issue 41

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #14, Issue 42

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #15, Issue 43

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #16, Issue 44

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #17, Issue 45

Paul Corman Roberts, One More Cliche' Ghost Story About a Small Press Hero, Issue 46

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #18, Issue 49

Paul Corman Roberts, Dispatches from Atlantis #20, Issue 50

Paul Corman Roberts, DIspatches from Atlantis #20, Issue 51

Paul Corman Roberts, Thirty Seconds, Issue 52

Priscilla Jolly, Desiring a City, Issue 66

Priscilla Jolly, Summer in Macondo, Issue 71

Randee Lynne, Plum Creek, Issue 66

RC Edrington, Lodi, Issue 58

RC Edrington, H, Issue 59

Rebecca Schumejda, WHY POETRY? Reviews/Interviews with Poets #1, Issue 45

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #2, Issue 46

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #3, Issue 47

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #4, Issue 48

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #5 - Cheryl A. Rice, Issue 49

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #6 with Don Winter, Issue 53

Rebecca Schumejda, Why Poetry? #7 with John Dorsey, Issue 54

Rich Ives, O Release of Comfort, Can You Recognize Me Now?, Issue 41

Richard C Rutherford, Bill Kildee, Issue 91

Robert Kloss, No Matter How Shitty and Godless, Issue 30

Robert Kloss, What Does God Know, Issue 31

Robert Kloss, How Violent We Can Love, Issue 32

Robert Kloss, What Plumbs Beneath, Issue 40

Robert Kloss, The Novel is the Freak, Issue 33

Robert Kloss, Such a Painful Softness, Issue 34

Robert Kloss, If a Pageant is a Bullet Wound, Issue 35

Robert Kloss, Your Place Or Mine?, Issue 36

Robert Kloss, The Imagination of Youth, Rekindled, Issue 37

Robert Kloss, In the Presence of Our False Gods, Issue 38

Robert Kloss, To Step Towards the Light, Issue 39

Robert Kloss, This Monster Here Echoes, Issue 41

Rose Aiello Morales, The Mutants, Issue 86

Ryan Budd, The Seed, Issue 90

Saktipada Patra, BOOKS: The Earthen Flute by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 91

Sam Rasnake, On the Dying, Issue 58

Samuel Kauer, PTSD, Issue 46

Shang High, Sixteen Facts & Suppositions from a Western Ex-Pat in China, Issue 47

Shannon Peil, RFETS, Issue 29

Shirley Salemy Meyer, At Middle Age, Issue 54

Simonovitch, London 2012 Olympics: A Love-Hate Relationship, Issue 49

Steve Mitchell, A Fine Hunger, Issue 61

Steve Mitchell, The One Obstacle, Issue 75

Steven Jay Flam, Borg Borg, Issue 83

T. Birch, Thoughts on Reading a Poem by Kushal Poddar, Issue 63

T. Birch, Thoughts on Reading a Poem by Carolyn Srygley-Moore, Issue 64

T.S.Chandra Mouli, BOOKS: Poem Continuous by Bibhas Roy Chowdhury, Issue 73

Ted Jackins, My Life in Public Transportation, Issue 54

Ted Jackins, BOOKS: F-250 A Punk Rock Love Story by Bud Smith, Issue 72

Ted Jackins, You Can't Take It With You, Issue 75

Ted Jackins, BOOKS: My Damage by Keith Morris, Issue 94

Terry Barr, Nights With Corky, Issue 57

Terry Barr, I'm Older Than That Now, Issue 75

Terry Barr, So Lonely, Issue 78

Terry Barr, Shadows and Tall Trees, Issue 90

Theodore Sabo, Finnegans Wake, Issue 82

Tim Murray, a milwaukee recap of sorts, Issue 46

Tim Murray, 24 Oct 2009, Issue 45

Timothy Braun, Thanksgiving with The Blonde In The Brown Jacket, Issue 29

Torri Mallery, Dragging You Down, Issue 63

Vibha Malhotra, BOOKS: Healing Waters Floating Lamps by Kiriti Sengupta, Issue 83

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Breath Beneath the Surface, Issue 52

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Summer Dollar Sixty, Issue 61

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Ewing, Issue 64

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Running Colors, Issue 65

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Being on Bottom, Issue 66

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, No Regrets, Issue 68

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Getting Your Hump On, Issue 70

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Big Love, Issue 86

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Flying Sardines, Issue 88

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, The Suck of Reality, Issue 90

Wayne Mason, My Bleak Mantra, Issue 92

William Taylor Jr, The Lives of The Poets, Issue 29

William Henderson, Shapechanger, Issue 37

Andrew Turman, It Stands to Reason, Issue 58

Youssef Alaoui-Fdili, Two Bits, Issue 37


Photography, Comic and Illustration works published:

Jeffery Crouch, Are You Afraid?, Issue 12

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #2), Issue 10

Misti Rainwater, Ain't Got No Panties On, Issue 38

, Three Stages, Issue 67

Jay Duret, Lip Sync, Issue 84

David Serra, Planet Juno, Issue 88

John Oughton, Reflection, Issue 92

Josh Olsen, Fake Cabbage Patch Dolls, Issue 96

Karen Kaback, Rose Garden, Issue 97

Kyle Hemmings, Vacant, Breathing Room, Sepia Alley, Issue 97

David Serra, The Suvernap, Issue 97

Allen Forrest, Strip Malls, Issue 97

Karen Kaback, Elephants, Issue 99

M Sean Dowd, Nude in Open Jacket serigraph, Issue 100

Cecelia Chapman, Deadmans, Issue 101

David J. Thompson, The Way, Issue 101

David J. Thompson, Five Photos from Rural America, Issue 102

Karen Kaback, Red Haired Girl, Issue 102

Mark Myavec, Crossing the Country, Issue 103

Nathan Elias, Flight of the Soul / The Untamed Heart, Issue 104

David J. Thompson, On The Road, Issue 104

Andrew Turman, Crooked Skull, Issue 105

David Serra, Wrapped Up, Issue 105

Karen Kaback, Winter Forest, Issue 105

Bob McNeil, Global Madness, Issue 105

Sandra Torrez, Skeletons' Fate, Issue 105

J. Ray Paradiso, Welcome back to Reality!, Issue 106

Karen Kaback, Treetops & Amaryllis, Issue 107

Afzal Nusker, Scorched by Amorous Flames & Embrace of Burning Passion &, Issue 108

, Anne Gilman - Visual Artist, Issue 109

, Anne Gilman - Visual Artist, Issue 109

tom blatt, Lulu, Issue 109

David Olson, Street Shark, Issue 109

Cj , Modern Abstract Paintings, Issue 109

judy coppola, Keeping up with the Jones', Issue 110

JulieMarieDesign , Untitled, Issue 110

Cj , Die Without Regret, Issue 110

Karen Kaback, Sunrise, Sunset, Issue 111

Nick Mullins, In Water, Issue 111

James Leon, The Cave at the Sutro Bathhouse Ruins at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, 2018. Black & White, Issue 115

Cindy Leffel, All American Heavy Metal, Issue 115

James Leon, Albany Sunset & The Golden Gate Bridge, February 2018, Issue 115

Gregg Williard, Lurid Trance Movie Posters, Issue 115

J. Ray Paradiso, Ode to Nelson Algren: Chicago, City on the Make, Issue 116

Kyle Hemmings, New York Soul, Issue 116

WarrenJ Cox, Haunted Hurricane, October Storm, Issue 117

David Serra, Venzollo: A powerful and sadistic entity, Issue 117

Jenny Thorley, The Dancer, Issue 117

Mark James Andrews, Sundays Too, Issue 118

Grant Guy, Home Street, Issue 118

Mark Blickley, Sound of Silent, Issue 118

Karen Kaback, Lily and Sunflower, Issue 120

Chris Lambert, Shock and Caw, Issue 120

Chris Lambert, Shock and Caw, Issue 120

Daniel Watkins, The Next Morning, Issue 121

Jenny Thorley, Tribal encounter, Issue 121

Andrew Turman, White apples, Issue 121

Chris Lambert, Double and Nothing, Issue 121

Chris Lambert, Double and Nothing, Issue 121

Chris Lambert, Double and Nothing, Issue 121

Chris Lambert, Dreams of an Electric Lady, Issue 122

, Government Abides, Issue 123

David Serra, Fish Care, Issue 126

John Oughton, Four Types of Ambiguity, Issue 128

John Oughton, Three Types of Ambiguity, Issue 128

Kristin Fouquet, Guardians of New Orleans, Issue 130

Bree Bodnar, Kentucky Scenes, Issue 131

Vivian Giourousis, Flowers of Evil, Issue 132

John Swain, Changing of the Seasons, Issue 134

Isaac Seal, Homeless in NYC, Issue 133

Belinda Subraman, Roots and Branches, Issue 135

Stephen Huffman, Daily Life in Corvid-19 Times, Issue 136

, Your Dreams are Dreaming New Dreams, Issue 139

Phoenix, Heads in Winter and Blood True, Issue 80

Alexandre Nodopaka, The Bird's Eye View, Issue 40

Allen Forrest, Streets and Characters, Issue 85

Andrew Hakeem-Zahir Tobias Line, Little Wars, Issue 38

Marta Stawska, A Brief History of the Wallines, Issue 89

Anthony Spaeth, A Brief History of the Wallines, Issue 89

Arti Shlyapa, Polina's portrait projections, Issue 80

Bruno Souto, Down Across the Country Hill, Issue 42

Bruno Souto, Omnivores, Issue 46

Bruno Souto, Alienígena, Issue 50

Bruno Souto, The Black Crow, Issue 50

Bruno Souto, Bacon, Issue 71

Cecelia Chapman, Blueprints, Issue 64

Jeffery Crouch, Blueprints, Issue 64

Cecelia Chapman, Page Two, Issue 75

Cecelia Chapman, Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast, Issue 81

, Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast, Issue 81

Cheryl A Townsend, Mannequin, Issue 52

Christopher Barnes, Washing Machine, Issue 42

Colby Clair Stolson, Type Written, Issue 83

Colby Clair Stolson, The Frog; The Rabbit, Issue 89

Dave Hardin, Poet Panhandlers, Issue 78

David Martin, Wired, Issue 8

David Serra, Beasts, Issue 94

Dubeth Ramferi Cortez, Performance, Issue 43

Dubeth Ramferi Cortez, Portraits, Issue 44

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Hands, feet, knees and toes!, Issue 33

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Breaking the Barrier, Issue 34

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Ultra Rare Ultra Vanities, Issue 80

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, From Slums to Media City, Issue 81

Elizabeth A. Soroka, A Grisly Night at the Gallery, Issue 50

Elizabeth A. Soroka, Untitled, Issue 52

Eloy Silva Juarez, Unauthorized Copy or Reuse is Illegal, Issue 68

F.N. Wright, Creatures, Issue 34

F.N. Wright, The Write, Issue 35

Fabio Sassi, Outerspace Elvis, Issue 36

Fabio Sassi, Webs, Issue 45

Fabio Sassi, Weird Still Life, Issue 61

Fabio Sassi, Intergalactic Elvis, Issue 65

Fabio Sassi, Scraps, Issue 66

Felipe Remourseful Campos, Pepe, Issue 54

Geoffrey Ellis Aronson, Eccentric Caricature, Issue 80

Giles Ipes, A/B Split, Issue 72

, The Eagle Feathers, Issue 57

Heinz Insu Fenkl, The Eagle Feathers, Issue 57

Ira Joel Haber, Odds & Odds, Issue 54

Ira Joel Haber, Flowers, Issue 55

J.B. Pravda, The Dream, Issue 39

Jami Beck, Girls, Guns & Hot Rods, Issue 31

Jami Beck, Self-Portrait, Issue 31

Janet Snell, Both Sides of the Divide, Issue 59

Jay Duret, Body of Work, Issue 88

Jeff Lemire, Left, Right?, Issue 5

Jeff Lemire, Lost Dogs, Issue 6

Jeffery Crouch & Diana Magallon, Weeded Garden, Issue 19

Jeffery Crouch, Feast and Famine, Issue 11

Jeffery Crouch, Main Street USA, Issue 14

Cecelia Chapman, Blackmail, Issue 69

Jeffery Crouch, Blackmail, Issue 69

Cecelia Chapman, Babes, Blackmail, Barrel Bombs, Issue 71

Jeffery Crouch, Babes, Blackmail, Barrel Bombs, Issue 71

Jeffrey Rothstein, Bitmap System, Issue 77

Jeffrey Rothstein, A Map of Informational Overload, Issue 82

Jessica Flores, Michael Myers, Issue 50

Jim Wittenberg, Asemic Text, Issue 42

Juan Zapata Jr, A lonely but hopeful series of characters awaiting some attention, Issue 36

Juan Zapata Jr, The Great Tragedy, Issue 38

Julie Ray, Frosted Window Panes, Issue 41

Juliea Joules, Halloween Haiga, Issue 50

K. Sóley, Futures, Issue 49

Karim Hetherington, Toxic Freakshow, Issue 40

Kushal Poddar, Bed, Issue 75

Kushal Poddar, Untitled, Issue 78

Kyle Hemmings, The Colonel, Issue 70

Kyle Hemmings, Tunnel to Myself, Issue 68

Kyle Hemmings, Loneliness, Issue 71

Leah Givens, Reflections, Issue 46

Leopold McGinnis, Sigh, Issue 30

Leopold McGinnis, iPod 7, Issue 39

Leopold McGinnis, Maiden of Mastroska, Issue 50

, test, Issue 50

Leopold McGinnis, The Sculpture, Issue 62

Leopold McGinnis, The Gun, Issue 89

Leopold McGinnis, The Wait, Issue 89

Lindsey Thomas, Tarantula Sun, Issue 48

Lucinda L. Flanary, Structurally Unsound, Issue 50

M.A. Dubbs, Self-Help, Issue 36

MANDEM, Sketch from a Time-Traveler's Journal, Issue 45

Marvic Adecer, Sadness is a Cold Puppy, Issue 30

Marvic Adecer, Comic Shops, Issue 33

Matthew Daley, Bewitched, Issue 58

Melanie Browne, Spaceman, Issue 54

Metal Hand, Pumpkin Head, Issue 50

Migel Grase, The Scream Continued, Issue 40

Misti Rainwater, Dental College, Issue 39

J.D. Brayton, Horn Scream, Issue 61

Nathan Holic, Footsteps, Issue 36

Nicol A. Kostic, Tootsie, Issue 41

Paramjeet Singh Berwal, Moments in Black & White, Issue 35

Patricia Merlino, Carnival, Issue 59

Paula Lietz, A Little Bit of Crazy, Issue 50

Richard Kostelanetz, Lovings, Issue 63

Ryan Dodd, After Work, Issue 42

Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Lady-Love, Issue 94

Sheila Murphy, Intuitions, Issue 40

Tracy Hieatt, American Love, Issue 40

Tammy Ruggles, Old Man, Issue 61

Terry Collett, Mona in Red, Issue 41

Terry Collett, Digital Bob Dylan, Issue 53

TheAllKnowingHead, Three to See, Issue 41

Theric Jepson, Inappropriate Book Illustrations Redeemed Through the Glory of Dance, Issue 64

Toby Oggenfuss, The Structures of Perspectives in Motion/Applied Kinetics, Issue 70

Tricia Louvar, The Wisdom Collection, Issue 47

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #1), Issue 8

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #3), Issue 61

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #4), Issue 63

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #5), Issue 68

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald (Issue #6), Issue 71

Victor Schwartzman, The Weakly Herald Issue 7, Issue 86

Volodymyr Bilyk, Typographic, Issue 54


Audio works published:


te fireoved, Red Fez Ted, Issue 53

INTERKID, Living in Disguise, Issue 53

Kay Lane, Just Go After Your Dreams, Issue 55

Wayne Mason, Revolutions Pass Through Me, Issue 57

, Quietly Burning Down Conciousness, Issue 58

Wayne Mason, Quietly Burning Down Conciousness, Issue 59

Pasha Black, In the Rain, Issue 63

Pasha Black, Tellin' Me, Issue 63

Daveed, Believers, Issue 65

Daveed, We're All One, Issue 65

Donald O'Donovan, Bath Day, Issue 71

Yvonne de la Vega, Beware and Be Forewarned, Issue 72

Happy Tooth and Dug, Asleep at the Wheel, Issue 73

Anca Mihaela Bruma, Recipe of Your Heart, Issue 79

Fatima Ijaz, Considering the native american wolf totem, Issue 84

Cade Scott, Red Fez Author Interviews Promo, Issue 87

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 2.3: Andrew Malan Milward on challenges and confidence, Issue 88

Chris Lambert, Paragraph Craft 1.1. CATCH-22 and adverbs, Issue 88

Chris Lambert, Paragraph Craft 1.2. CATCH-22 and pronoun references, Issue 88

Cade Scott, 4.1, The Aspiring Writer: Julian Hoffman, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 4.2 The Aspiring Writer: Julian Hoffman, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 4.3 The Aspiring Writer: Julian Hoffman, Issue 89

Chris Lambert, Imagery Zooming - Paragraph Craft, 2.1, Issue 89

Young Lye, Don't Give Up, Issue 90

Robert Louis Henry, i'm not indebted to you, Issue 91

Cade Scott, 6.1 The Aspiring Writer: Wayne Miller and Kyle McCord, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 6.2 The Aspiring Writer: Wayne Miller and Kyle McCord, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 6.3 The Aspiring Writer: Wayne Miller and Kyle McCord, Issue 89

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 7.1: Michelle Hoover, Issue 90

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 8.1: Simran Sethi, Issue 90

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 8.2: Simran Sethi, Issue 90

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 8.3: Simran Sethi, Issue 90

Scott Dragoo, It can be hard to believe, Issue 91

jig, Don't Mean Much, Issue 91

Jake Aldridge, When I'm Feeling Down, Issue 91

Lawrence Urbanski, Empire, Issue 92

Stafraenn Hakon, Burning at Both Ends, Issue 92

rabbitfoot capers, Monster, Issue 92

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 9.3: Grant Wamack, Issue 92

Chris Lambert, Ep 4. Reading With Red Fez on "Sweetbitter," "The Girls," and "Barkskins, Issue 93

rabbitfoot capers, Living on Brandon's Hill, Issue 93

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 25: Michael Kazepis, Issue 93

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 26: Michael Kazepis, Issue 93

Chris Lambert, Paragraph Craft Ep 4: Internal/External Zooming, Issue 93

Chris Lambert, Paragraph Craft Ep 5: Scope Zooming, Issue 94

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 27: Christoph Paul, Issue 94

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 28: Tiffany Scandal, Issue 94

Chris Lambert, Reading with Red Fez #5: Brooklyn, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, The Buried Giant, Issue 94

Priz Em, Together, Issue 95

Lawrence Urbanski, Crossing Rio Grande, Issue 95

The Leaders of Da New World, Somebody Lied to Me, Issue 95

Avail Records, Rain On Me, Issue 95

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 29: Violet LeVoit, Issue 95

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 30: Benoit Lelievre, Issue 95

Terry Barr, The Aspiring Writer 31: Terry Barr, Issue 96

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 31: Terry Barr, Issue 96

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 32: Josh Koehn, Issue 96

Josh Koehn, The Aspiring Writer 32: Josh Koehn, Issue 96

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 33: William Taylor Jr., Issue 97

William Taylor Jr, The Aspiring Writer 33: William Taylor Jr., Issue 97

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 34: Chris Campanioni, Issue 97

Chris Campanioni, The Aspiring Writer 34: Chris Campanioni, Issue 97

Stephen szenderski, Trying To See You Again, Issue 97

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 35: A.S. Coomer, Issue 97

A.S. Coomer, The Aspiring Writer 35: A.S. Coomer, Issue 97

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 36: Andrew Lee-Hart, Issue 97

Andrew Hart, The Aspiring Writer 36: Andrew Lee-Hart, Issue 97

JohNNy SiZZle, Bite it, you scum, Issue 98

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 37: Nathan Bransford, Issue 98

Wortley Clutterbuck, Democracy’s A Damned Nuisance, Issue 99

Wortley Clutterbuck, The Doctrine of Drink, Issue 99

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 38: Jaime Boust, Issue 99

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 39: Danger Slater, Issue 101

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 40: Gordon Warnock, Issue 102

Pasha Black, Crazy Life, Issue 105

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 41: Patricia V. Davis, Issue 107

Bruce McRae, Tranfiguration in C minor, Issue 111

rabbitfoot capers, So, Issue 89

Andrew "Drewsy" Yallop, Endlessly, Issue 46

Cade Scott, special preview #1: Drew Bratcher on the self-critic, Issue 87

Cade Scott, special preview #2: Michele Weldon on sharing, Issue 87

Cade Scott, special preview #3: Curtis Bauer on the writing indentity, Issue 87

Cade Scott, special preview #4: Drew Bratcher on reward, Issue 87

Cade Scott, special preview #5: Andrew Malan Milward on jobs, Issue 87

Cade Scott, special preview #6: Curtis Bauer on writing music, Issue 87

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 1.1: Michele Weldon, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 1.2: Michele Weldon on ESCAPE POINTS, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 2.2: Andrew Malan Milward on I WAS A REVOLUTIONARY, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 1.3: Michele Weldon on craft, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 2.1: Andrew Malan Milward, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 3.1 Curtis Bauer on THE REAL CAUSE FOR YOUR ABSENCE, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 3.2 Curtis Bauer on writing JOBS and BUSINESS, Issue 88

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 3.3 Curtis Bauer on the CRAFT, Issue 88

Cade Scott, 5.1 The Aspiring Writer: Mary Rakow, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 5.2 The Aspiring Writer: Mary Rakow, Issue 89

Cade Scott, 5.3 The Aspiring Writer: Mary Rakow, Issue 89

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 7.2: Michelle Hoover, Issue 90

Cade Scott, The Aspiring Writer 7.3: Michelle Hoover, Issue 90

Chris Lambert, Paragraph Craft, preview 1: adverbs and Catch-22, Issue 87

Chris Lambert, Test Audio, Issue 87

Chris Lambert, Reading with Red Fez promo, Issue 88

Chris Lambert, 01, Reading with Red Fez, Issue 88

Chris Lambert, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Dark Avenues - Reading with Red Fez, Issue 89

Chris Lambert, Ep 3. Reading With Red Fez on "Persuasion" and "Bad Behavior", Issue 91

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 9.1: Grant Wamack, Issue 92

Chris Lambert, The Aspiring Writer 9.2: Grant Wamack, Issue 92

Corporal Robot Lips, Kalamazoo, Issue 35

Corporal Robot Lips, It's Raining Water, Issue 36

Corporate Cobras, Naked Girls In Cars, Issue 28

Davy Carren, Santa's Off Day, Issue 41

DB Cox, Pretty Woman, Issue 37

DB Cox, Sleepwalk, Issue 38

Dustin Michael, Pedagod, Issue 37

Happy Tooth and Dug, Smoke, Steam, Dust, Issue 73

J.B. Pravda, The Yodelling Elevator, Issue 37

James Claffey, Under the Table, Issue 45

Leopold McGinnis, El Mexicano, Issue 33

Paul beckman, It's All Because of the News, Issue 72

Robert Louis Henry, i will not wave your sailing ship goodbye, Issue 90

Robert Louis Henry, stained white dress, Issue 90

Sarah Imbody, Unemployed in Indiana, Issue 46

Stafraenn Hakon, I am the beholder, Issue 93

Tim Murray, Meat, Issue 28

Valerie Borey, The Cattle Chute, Issue 64



Video works published:


Cecelia Chapman, 7 Powers of Wrath, Issue 32

Cheryl Snell, Inspiration, Issue 37

Cecelia Chapman, Silent Witness, Issue 44

DB Cox, Nightwatch, Issue 56

The Holstar, Never Let Go, Issue 73

Laura Hinton, In the Winter of My Paris, Issue 76

Callum Lawrence, A Fistful of Tickets, Issue 91

Damian Browne, Cat Caller, Issue 92

Jason Moody, Need to Feed, Issue 93

Alex Hunter, Daemonis Interius, Issue 93

Vagabond Thurman, Red Ruin: A Short Samurai Film, Issue 93

james robinson, If U Want 2, Issue 93

Andrew Pledger, The Scarecrow, Issue 94

Juho Aittanen, Clash at the Cabinet of Dr. Pretorius 1918, Issue 94

Saira Viola, Soul Shaking Blues, Issue 95

Greg Chiappetta, The Realization, Issue 95

Alex Hunter, Monkey Business, Issue 95

Man-E Kerr, The Gili, Issue 95

Cecelia Chapman, Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 1, Issue 96

Darcy Hodgson, Wake Walking, Issue 96

Dennis Chapman, No Feelings, Issue 96

Austin Lewis, Nickel, Issue 97

Ben Adams, A Lonely Man, Issue 97

Stanislav Roshas, Plan #2, Issue 97

Kristin Fouquet, Ghost Bikes Haunt New Orleans, Issue 97

Andrew Pledger, CREEPY CLOWN, Issue 97

Produkt, Mating Season, Issue 98

Scott Dragoo, New Politics of Fame and Fortune, Issue 98

Andrew Pledger, The Knock, Issue 101

Clifford K. Watkins, The Ballerina, Issue 105

Cecelia Chapman, Confidential 0P, Issue 106

Scott Dragoo, An Accumulation of Sky, Issue 107

Beau Blue, 3 AM Heading Out of Pennsylvania, Issue 108

Beau Blue, I am Here to Tempt the Fates, Issue 108

Beau Blue, Jersey Joe, Issue 108

MIKÆŽL K , People are Defective, Issue 110

MIKÆŽL K , I need a rich girl, Issue 110

Mark Blickley, Real Realism: An Art Manifesto for the Disenchanted, Issue 112

Rick Lupert, I Meet Alexa, Issue 113

Vaibhav Gattani, PARADOX, Issue 113

Jeffery Crouch, Moon on Fire Meditation, Issue 122

Cecelia Chapman, Moon on Fire Meditation, Issue 122

Jordan Trethewey, The Poetry Editors of RED FEZ Performing Live, Issue 142

Addison James, Beech Creek Gun Thieves, Issue 86

Addison James, Day to Day Data, Issue 87

Andrew Wayne Adams, I Am George, Issue 43

Anthony J. Langford, Everything Old is New Again, Issue 61

Anthony J. Langford, Alienation Prevails, Issue 61

Scott Dragoo, Springtime Boy, Issue 78

Scott Dragoo, Dr. Island, Issue 81

Scott Dragoo, bus stop ventriloquism, Issue 83

Bjorn Harris, Coagulate, Issue 94

blake Cajiao, Father Stretch My Hands (Fan Made), Issue 90

blake Cajiao, Father Stretch My Hands, Issue 91

Brian Fugett, Lynn Alexander Eats Vegetable Soup @ Snoetry, Issue 31

Brian Fugett, The Girl Who Wanted to Strangle the Sun, Issue 87

Brian Hobbs, Not Once, Issue 80

Brooke Jean, Falling Whistles, Issue 46

Cecelia Chapman, DangerTune, Issue 28

Cecelia Chapman, Cult House, Issue 34

Cecelia Chapman, sea fever, Issue 36

Cecelia Chapman, sidetrip, Issue 45

Cecelia Chapman, Recuerdo, Issue 88

Charles Bane Jr., Come Beloved, Issue 67

Christopher Anthony Leibow, Looking for M, Issue 36

Clem, Four Foot Fez, Issue 58

Clem, Electronique Soundz, Issue 59

Dan Bosi, Lovestoned, Issue 61

Dan Bosi, Lovestoned, Issue 75

David Blaine, Vitamin Water, Issue 33

David P. Press, The Last Remake of King Kong, Prologue, Issue 65

Fable The Poet, Little Timmy, Issue 79

Flame, gone tell em, Issue 93

The Perez Bros, , Candy-Gasms, Issue 91

Hitarda, Russian Party, Issue 58

Jason Heroux, Four Desires, Issue 52

Jason Heroux, Killday Public Service Announcement, Issue 77

Jason Heroux, Killday Public Service Announcement, Issue 77

Jeremiah Walton, I Am Polite As Fuck, Issue 66

Julia Grochowski, 20,000 Hugs Under the Sea, Issue 88

Jesse McPhee, 20,000 Hugs Under the Sea, Issue 88

Julia Grochowski, Red + Blue, Issue 88

Jesse McPhee, Red + Blue, Issue 88

Jesse Vogelaar, Remember Aurora, Issue 93

John Dorsey, John Dorsey reads @ Snoetry, Issue 31

Julie Ferguson, Easy, Issue 85

Julia Grochowski, Easy, Issue 85

Jesse McPhee, Half Pipes & Half Shells, Issue 88

Julia Grochowski, Half Pipes & Half Shells, Issue 88

Justine M Dunn, The Witness, Issue 59

King Of PunchLines, Super Rapper, Issue 67

Kristin Fouquet, The Inappropriate Breads, Issue 48

James Thiebaud, The Inappropriate Breads, Issue 48

Kristin Fouquet, Les Flours du Mal, Issue 54

James Thiebaud, Les Flours du Mal, Issue 54

Kristin Fouquet, The Blooming Bead Trees of New Orleans, Issue 75

Kristin Fouquet, Flambeaux, Issue 75

Leopold McGinnis, Sites of Resistance, Issue 24

Leopold McGinnis, Put A Flower in your Hair, Issue 24

Leopold McGinnis, A Personal Appeal from Red Fez Founder Leopold McGinnis, Issue 29

Leyla Akdogan, The King of Silence, Issue 67

Marjan Elliott, Natasha in need of..., Issue 94

Maryam Mir, hand-crafted, Issue 77

Nathan Graziano, Cracker and Me, Issue 40

Nathaniel S. Rounds, Freud Chicken, Issue 43

Nathaniel S. Rounds, Night Jar, Issue 43

Othmanbee, Cry of Her Unborn Child, Issue 86

out mastirie, Monochrome Rainbows, Issue 46

out mastirie, Is it Time to Go, Issue 46

out mastirie, Star Anise, Issue 47

Peter Schwartz, Candlez, Issue 31

Preacher C, Oh Me! Oh My! And So It Goes, Issue 82

RedskyWalker, Ten Fold, Issue 92

Rick Lupert, Hot Dog Truck - A Vegetarian Poem, Issue 58

Rick Lupert, The Eating of the Jews, Issue 61

Rick Lupert, Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman, Issue 79

Roger Gregg, Ten Blind Men with Hammers, Issue 58

Seán Dennehy, Poor Man. cast out., Issue 68

Seb Som, Eighteen Slash Stainless, Issue 42

Sire Mastermind, Givenchy Freestyle, Issue 94

Taylor Bond, The Dark City, Issue 75

The Holstar, Child Soldier, Issue 66

Tobleroy, Tell Me, Sell Me, Issue 74

Tobleroy, Frack Off, Issue 74

Volodymyr Bilyk, Noob Saibot Variety, Issue 53

Wrightson Tongue, Certainty, Issue 65

Yahia Lababidi, What do Animals Dream?, Issue 38

Yahia Lababidi, Words, Issue 38

Yahia Lababidi, Sleepdancing (Giddoo), Issue 39

Yahia Lababidi, Sleepdancing, Issue 40

Yvonne de la Vega, La Isla Solamente, Issue 61