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Currently, a part time writer and full time teacher.

At fifteen years old, during the summer of my Junior/Senior year in high school,
I had to operate my father’s automobile more station and support our five-
person family. Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

When school began, I attended classes in the morning and then went to the
station and worked until 9:00 PM. Saturdays I worked from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

My father finally recuperated from his heart attack and was able to return to
work the summer I graduated from high school. I broke my leg and couldn’t work,
but when it was healed, I offed to college paying my own way by working in a
commercial bakery. And I have not stopped working.

Writing? I remember my mother sitting at the kitchen table banging away at the
old, Underwood typewriter. I used to race around the table on my tricycle. When
I went off to college, my friends and I exchanged thoughts through handwritten
letters I still have in my possession. Maybe a future memoir.

In the meantime, I write and encourage my middle school students to do the same.

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