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Addicted to tawdry tales that sometimes make her blush, Jesse's trying to craft her own.

Despite it’s scantily-clad acclaim, her first published story (When the Pheromones Dance) more not so well-received by her mortified Catholic mother.

Fearing mother’s wrath, Jesse fled to the nation’s Capital—and securing White House Press Credentials—covered Science & Technology Policy during the Clinton Administration.

But buoyed by Lewinsky Lewdness, Jesse suddenly spiraled into a life of prostitution … and spent six orgiastic-years pretzling for Corporate America.

While some of Jesse’s stories get treated like used tampons— publications like Red Fez, the Flash Fiction Offensive, and flash-zine Shotgun Honey have graciously published her work.

Her back bent from writing smut, the author now resides in the U.S. Poverty Level (but fortunately not below-it). You can learn more here:

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