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Nancy Patrice Davenport lives in Oakland, California.

Nancy has been writing professionally since 2011. She has published poems in anthologies and journals, including The Burning Grape, more Mountain Gazette, The Bicycle Review, Oakland Review, The Lilliput Review, Blue Fifth Review, Poetry Quarterly, Full of Crow, The Lake, Yellow Chair Review, and OTATA, she is a regular contributor to RED FEZ and Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. Her poems have been translated into German and Spanish. Nancy’s chapbook, LA BRIZNA, was published in May, 2014, she was accepted by Country Valley Press for a broadside this year, and she is finishing a full-length collection.

Nancy had a Best of Net nomination this year for her JUNE 2 RETROGRADE MINDFULNESS poem.

Nancy is the proud mother of Arthur Hogan, writer.

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