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My various interests include bike racing, Byzantium and Eastern Europe. They all find their way into my fiction at times, but mostly I just make stuff up.

My first and only published more is Laikonik Express - about two American slackers haring round Poland in search of a woman - out with British indie publisher Unthank Books in 2011. Since then, I've been trying to get another one out there, and I have been seeking representation. And cakes.

More than any sane person needs to know about me can be found at my website, The Last Thing the Author Said, which lives at the website address shown.

I have two fezzes, one green and one red... and one with a Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert design on it, which makes three. Since I left the big Balkan band I used to play with, I don't have so many opportunities to wear them. I need to join another band. Or move to Egypt.

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