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Barbara Moore is a New York City human sponge. She observes, absorbs and recycles insights gleaned from conversations and behavior of those around her. Dashes and dots from her own life punctuate her more appearing in online publications such as Wild Goose Poetry Review, Clockwise Cat, Gutter Eloquence, Heroin Love Songs and Lines Written with a Razor. Barbara's work has been published in several anthologies including “How Dirty Girls Get Clean: An Anthology of Wicked Women Writes, Art, and Subversive Scholarship, edited by Rene Diedrich (Art Soldier Liberated Press); In the Company of Women: An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class, Editing by Alicia Winski and Apryl Skies (Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House); and more recently “…and it happened under cover”, editing by alicia winski & rich follett (NightWing Publications.) Her first collection of poetry, Dancing on Broken Glass, Editing by Alicia Winski and Rich Follett (NightWing Publications) is due for release late summer 2014.
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