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Tim is an enigma, a paradox torn between two worlds, a fact he often blames on being raised in the arctic wastes of Alaska and dropped into Amish-land Pennsylvania upon entering adulthood, which he assures...read more you, is still a work in progress. He treads the precipice of poetry, where faith and doubt collide, in his attempt to bridge the separation of the secular and the sacred with sarcastic syllogisms and honest rumination bound together by coarse, in-your-face free-verse not meant for children. Or prissy poetry lovers looking for the serene, tranquil compositions of old. Or to put it bluntly, a Christian rejected by the church for being too over the top in jest and word-choice and looked down upon by the world because, Christian, duh. Need more be said?

P.S. Also known as a 23 years old, college graduate, living with parents in Pennsylvania while he searches for a job in his degree field like many that have gone before him.

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