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Jeffrey Rothstein

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have been painting, writing, twitching in an odd manner, as well as walking around with a broken video-camera, pretending to tape the ordinary everyday actions of a wide variety of people, for more years. I am known in France for my cinema verite; in New York for my guerrilla art projects-- including the 2008, "Cranberry sauce in Brooklyn" happening, where hundreds of people dressed up like hideous insects, manually disbursed over 10,000 pounds of cranberry sauce from oil drums to make a point about world hunger- -and for my Hummus in Beirut, where I sometimes work nights preparing food in a small bistro while Fairuz plays in the background. My writings, thought transmissions, and Kirlian spirit photographs are known on several planets; and, I hold Seances with a Ouija board nightly, where i attempt to make contact with deceased jazz musicians like King Pleasure and Sun Ra. I am presently residing inside a sensory deprivation chamber in the basement of the same building where Dan Rather was once accosted by a man who asked, "What's the frequency Kenneth?" many years ago. This and other questions remain unanswered to this day...
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