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Daniel Reinhold once owned a red fez. (Is there any other color?) Somewhere along the path of his moving from Allentown, PA to Baltimore, MD to Ithaca, NY and finally New Orleans he lost his red fez along...read more with his Sgt. Pepper coat and his hand-woven belt from the Aran Islands. Whether this loss caused him to write poetry is unclear and yet it is as playable as anything else.
Daniel has an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. He yearned for a red fez at graduation or at least a silly hat but he instead received a flat hat—two sizes too small—with a swishy tassel.
If anyone cares he has been published in Samisdat, Axe Factory review, The Painted Bride Quarterly, and H_NHM_N. He is also a painter of acrylics and encaustics. He is obsessed with rhinos, Gatorade, and the promise of rain.

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