How To Make Ends Meet

I used to think the saying went:
“How to make ends meat,” like
something you’d throw in a stew
because if you worked hard enough
you could scrape together enough
to buy beef parts or the legs of chickens.
These were the ends of the meat.

I felt a little bad for the snap-necked
chickens, but mostly I felt like She-Ra
with the power of Grayskull and protein
inside me. I didn’t even like meat
that much, it was tough to chew
and inconsistent as my mother’s men.
But our once-a-week meat night
was a window to the dream, so we

had to finish all our meat before we could
eat bread. I remember thinking
about my mom working hard for the dentist,
staying late to scrub teeth
and then also cleaning homes on the side
(sometimes she was a night-time
bookkeeper). I remember a grisly piece
of meat sticking in my teeth wishing she
hadn’t wasted her nights for this –

that if we couldn’t have front meat
what was the point in trying?

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About Heather Dorn

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Heather Dorn was born. She did some stuff and had some times and found herself here, in the present, with a broken washing machine and no expectation of escape. Sometimes she eats tacos to make up for this.
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