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- September 2016 -
Editor's Intro: Plums

by Doc Sigerson

- Poetry -

Across Your ShoulderAcross your shoulder | | I can see the river falling | | and the sky light ...
   by Mark Niehus

Big Talking RocksI’m moving the muscles to breathe in | cold water. They feel like bone in the ...
   by Wren Tuatha

Casa RobertoThe wind's knife taps | | against my bones | | the sound annoys | | as is the ...
   by Robert Beveridge

Cozy As Bug Eyed MonstersLike flies on shit the assholes | | Pile on me humungous cheeks smothering | | ...
   by Steven Gulvezan

elmo’s world is not big enough the little girl on the floor | | my little girl | | playing with her puzzles | | ...
   by J. Claudius Cloyd

Forgive MeAbove the bed. | | the night sky outlines you figuratively, | | a rough draft of ...
   by John Grey

I think I can trytoday the world is such a violent place, but I can try | | to overcome. I look my ...
   - For Michael Grover -
   by Mike Hackney

In The Absense Of My MuseOh my most mundane and mercurial muse | | Long have I toiled for thee | | I wrack ...
   by Jude Okonkwo

Outsiders of…The street poet among everyone | | Can of course ‘sing for his supper’ | | ...
   by Jonathan Beale

Thoughts On The Worst Jukebox In The World From Granada, SpainNo quiero nada, solo escuchar  | | la peor gramola del mundo | | ...
   - “A poem is a hard-on of the hanged. Too late for anyone to enjoy. But nonetheless, there.”-David Eloy Rodriguez -
   by Aurelia Lorca

Untold MilesGlory of ember fades, | imperial medals’ twinkling | takes on tea mug tones, | ...
   by Carter Vance

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