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- May 2016 -
Editor's Intro: My Heroes Will Always Be Writers

by Doc Sigerson

- Poetry -

BeastifyTeeth glide feather-like | | ‘long inner thigh | | being rises as | | ...
   by Ericka Becks

BridgesMy brother moved to San Francisco with a working fear of bridges. | |   | | I’m ...
   by Kerry Trautman

Docker Dreams Of Running FreeDocker is a digger | | Right now it is five AM | | He is warm & snug | | ...
   by Michael Grover

For All My Friends to See Writing about the racetrack | | you always run the risk | | of standing accused | ...
   by Mark James Andrews

It's Not What You Think, It's What You KnowPalm sweat | gliding over the surface | shadow larch and the swelling of place | opening | here | and ...
   by James Diaz

Mare's NestGulp down those little pills to dull the ache, | | drink until you blur that face in the ...
   by Doc Sigerson

My First Visit to the Apple Store: April 2016Everything is so shiny | | and dust free | | it’s almost unsettling | | ...
   by Ally Malinenko

No OneI hide in this monstrous building, | | been through oblivions and heartaches | | too ...
   by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Starch Coming First, Filling Hands Before Mouths Met BrineWhen we leaned into the metal, snow | | was already cleaved into grass, and stones | | ...
   by Kelli Allen

Taco TuesdayI am fifty-five and stupid | | according to my Mother | | as I watch her | | ...
   by Sam Gilbert

The Existentialist Drunkin a haze of cigarette smoke | | you sit in your usual spot | | sucking up liquid ...
   by Mark Noack

This Ain't CheersThis ain’t Cheers, baby, but everybody knows your name ...
   by Alicia Winski

UntitledThe smell of your perfume still haunts | A possibility of what could have been | Did ...
   by Ryan Snellman

UntitledHe was a sampling man with vague worry or indifference | | nice moustache | | ...
   by Colby Clair Stolson

When I DieWhen I die | |   | | have me stuffed and mounted | | over the mantel of your ...
   by Michael Gillan Maxwell

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