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- June 2015 -
Editor's Intro: Confessions Of A Poetry Editor

by Michael Grover

- Poetry -

Daughter    |    On rain days,  |    with vision blurred through rain-streaked ...
   by Victor Kreuiter

Are You?“Okay” I said “You don’t have to answer | these questions, they’re ...
   by John D Robinson

Blank HousesYou are crying, | | moon rain mirror | | reflects the shooting | |   | | ...
   by Mike Jewett

dance in the rain naked | they say | Playboy magnate | Hugh Hefner spends his time | dressed in ...
   by Kurt Nimmo

Empty ImagesTwo empty bottles of red wine | and a bloody hand from the murder | of hundreds drunken ...
   by Peycho Kanev

Eulogy for a VoyagerOn August 25, 2013, spacecraft Voyager 1 left our solar system, | ...
   by John Mannone

Family NightThe vinyl stuck | | to her cheek, | | street light-strobed lids, | | plastic, ...
   by Tabitha Bozeman

Hot/Cold ThingsHe blows on the scrape on my knee— | The sidewalk smacked back. | Finger and thumb ...
   by Deborah

INTERVIEW WITH A POETHe begs his host and the audience | | to be so gracious as to forgive him | | ...
   by Mather Schneider

Poem at 70The straps that hold | the two woven baskets | dig into my shoulders. |   | ...
   by Barry Jeffers

Searching for Nelson Algrenspitting blood | into the fog | along the Chicago | river, under | the ...
   by Doug Draime

Tesla's GraveAt last the dust can settle. Lost | Inventions, ghosts, remain. | The towers, gears, and ...
   by R.M. McGill

THE REWARDS | It is estimated that | about 212 million | people are right ...
   by John D Robinson

Theory # 5The rapid eye movements | the lids of the beautiful eye | as all sober eyes-- ...
   by Mike Hackney

Yard WorkRain-spattered leaves snap | | As grass blades shiver | | and bend | | under ...
   by Tabitha Bozeman

- Video -

Little Timmy ...
   - A Spoken Word Short Film -
   by Fable The Poet

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman ...
   by Rick Lupert

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