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- December 2017 -
Editor's Intro: Winter is Iccumen In

by Doc Sigerson

- Poetry -

6am off Sora PateraI. | | Great spires, chimneys, plumes of smoke.  | Mountains, clouds swirling, ...

A Beggar's BodyConsider my unseen face | set against Hollywood Boulevard. | In a day belonging to the ...
   - On a photograph by Garry Winogrand - “Los Angeles, California, 1969” -

After MeditaionWe crawl back | inside our skins | for the evening | and the dance | of stars ...

Big City, Bright LightsLying in bed in the no air, | open window night, lit by | five alarm empty ...
   - “there’s a feeling I get when I look to the West.” -Led Zeppelin -

Chilled Deep into the NightThe clouds fell and trimmed the treetops | lined with spears of emerald and hosting pine ...

Cover Mecover me in moss and watch the weeds | shyly greet the sun out of my sharp ribs, | the ...

I am San FranciscoI was born premature at home | In San Francisco  | The family doctor told my ...

Loch Ness in my LocketImagine your spine as a casket | and set it on fire. Tired | of burying when things could ...

MasqueradesScarlet petals of | abundance strewn | in carefree abandon | along confused forest ...

Suicide RedThis is the first poem of the year. |   | I almost called it “Jumping,” | a ...

The Astronomy Girl's LegsAre lithe | end in loafers | feet sockless | topline leather | lightly chafing ...

The Lines for the Urinals of HellThere's those people who live life | like it were some perfectly acceptable state of ...
   - (for Joe Pachinko) -

trumpet playera shadowy figure | leans against the overpass support | out of the rain, playing his ...

Walking through Neukölln in the RainWalking in the silvery drizzle at midnight, no umbrella |    soaked to the skin, | ...

When the brother of the man I love says, I wish I could spell cunt with a Kevery window in this house rolls down as shades | suddenly liquid glass and each snort and ...

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