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About Andrew "Drewsy" Yallop

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Hiding behind the tweed-mind-armour in a locked room above a hidden basement lays Drewsy. He writes on a typewriter with the utmost pretension. The typewriter cost him about a months wage. He is here to read the stories to you though, not write them at you. He's also here to fight dragons. He lives in the capital city of Australia, he loves...read more the homely aesthetic of it all. He writes in third person for biographies because he's a pretentious prat. You'll love him, someday.


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An Apologia for Boarding Schools:

People always ask me about boarding school, with varying questions:  “Whoah, what was THAT like?”  “Wow, that’s one of the best schools in the country.” ...
An Apologia for Boarding Schools
by Alex Mantel