The Aspiring Writer 31: Terry Barr

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About Terry Barr

I love music. Here's what's on my IPOD now: Dwight Yoakim, Merle Haggard, The Mavericks Lana Del Ray, Vampire Weekend, Television, Tennis, Massive Attack, Yo La Tengo, George Jones. My essay collection, Don't Date Baptists and Other Warnings From My Alabama Mother, was published in 2016. My wife more from Iran, a refugee. She's gorgeous and is a Buddhist. Our daughters look exotic and no one knows what to do with them. My wife is also half-Jewish, and so am I. I think that makes our daughters half-Jewish, too, but since I slept through tenth grade Biology, I'm not sure. That's my dog Max over there>>>>> He's a Carolina Wild Dog.

About Chris Lambert

Director of Operations for Red Fez. Former Head Fiction Editor at Red Fez. I grew up in Ohio. I run the film analysis site FILM COLOSSUS. My avatar picture is me after watching the movie "A Moment to Remember". It's on Netflix instant. Watch it. It makes you happy and sad all at once. My first book, more &Victim, just came out.
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