Recipe of Your Heart
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Recipe of Your Heart

 Anca Mihaela Bruma
 Anca Mihaela Bruma
Recipe of Your Heart
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Poetry and music together is like meditation, striving to express the experience as directly as possible. The goal of a poet and musician more involves channeling experience in a very immediate and visceral way. Anca uses poetry and music together as the most powerful way to impress the emotion upon listeners' minds, creating an artistic synthesis, providing a more intensified experience. She likes to experience how the unity of word and music is attained in a vocal masterworks, and for this symbiotic unity of word and tone to happen, she always looks for definable and finite meaning in both the poem and song itself. In other worlds, the meaning of the poem shall fit the meaning of the song, proving how semantics of poetry can fit the spirit of the music, giving birth to a creative blending. The poem and the song become one! The author Anca Mihaela Bruma labels her own writings as being “sensually mystique” or “mystically sensual”, a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. Through her writings she overpass what seems to be the limitations of the human but emphasizing the essence of the woman, of the Goddess. The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a transformative experience in life, the energyzing force in the universe and empowering the creative feminine. When she writes she sees it like a painting in front of her eyes, using lots of symbolism and allegory in order to apprehend the infinite intelligence, catching the reflections of truth with a strong mystic sense of infinity, of the boundless, of the opening out of the world of our normal finite expressions into the transcendental. Like an “architect” of a language she “builds” a language within a language, a universe within another universe, using vivid imagery, sometimes surreal, giving to her poetry a transcending feeling. Her writings are more kind of a spiritual autobiography, depicting a reality behind all forms, with no space and time, a quantum view of existence. Right now, she sees the writings as a form of being present inside the language, a paradigm of living which is encoded in the message itself, like a poetic consciousness with a spherical view of things, Life, and Love. It is more related with the realization of the greater self, beyond the mundane and well known laws of the society, as an expression of both the rational and the intuitive, in a concise form of poetry, increasing the awareness with new meanings expanded. Anca sees writing as an act of Creation, in which the pain transcends into Beauty, allowing a profound healing process to take place. She, as a poet, alchemically heals herself through the process of creation and subsequently heals all who are touched by her writings. She considers that is the main purpose of ART, to Heal and Elevate the mind and the soul of the readers! Since early age, Anca has always viewed her writing poetry as the perfect medium which is able to depict profound unfathomable complexities of someone’s life or life itself, to render into words that which is unsayable, that ineffable, which can be truly deeper than the language itself. Through her writings, as well years of readings, she always looked to seek something beyond that which was apparent to others! Anca was fascinated to see how different aspects of Truth were transfigured by different emotions, how experiences were poetized. I pursued seeing beauty expressed in all forms of art, not just poetry; creating a “thirst” within me to explore more and more for the knowledge of the mystery beneath and beyond it, as a symbol of something greater and higher with its own power to immortalize the expressions over the years.
Recipe of Your Heart
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To know the recipe of your Heart

I have to dream you with your eyes,
and speak to you only when the butterflies rise...

I have to read your Life recorded on each leaf,
pursuing your memories like a thief...

I have to see you as a mesmeric dreamer, 
and know in this Life you are not the sinner...

I shall write for you a symphony,
hoping, our hearts can sing in synchrony...

I shall draw for you a verse forever more,
hoping, in other Life, you may not ignore!...



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