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El Mexicano

with music by Paul Oss


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About Leopold McGinnis

Leopold started this whole Red Fez thing. Where it stops, nobody knows. If you liked this, I've also written five books, which you can see on my profile. Also, you've got some mustard on your collar. No...no problem. Anytime. Gotta be careful with the mustard.

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Donna Snyder    6 months ago
ps Also loved the guitar.
Donna Snyder    6 months ago
Gatling guns for fists, super agitated Coronas!
   Those butterflies in his chest are Monarchs, dwindling in number but still motivating mad, bad Mexicans.
   Enjoyed the ride, Señor. Pero el X no es X. Es H. Bit I imagine you already knew that.
Gwil James Thomas    8 months ago
Que bonito!
Deborah Leigh Jones    14 months ago
"I prefer to think it's where he puts all the dumb questions people ask..." Yeah!
Dan Jacoby    18 months ago
Dean and Jack Keroauc south of the border escaping from that whore house!
Leopold McGinnis    19 months ago - in response to Steven Gulvezan
Thanks Steve. This is one of my personal favourites. It came to me by magic one day and was the first of many poems subtly inspired by beers that I wrote.
Steven Gulvezan    19 months ago
With gatling guns for fists and a sombrero as big as a tall tale of the old Southwest...El Mexicano is coming! Well done, LM and PO!

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