Cheeseburger gravy and Mountain Dew
Take me back with you to Kalamazoo
I wanna moo like a cow goes "moo"

Space Invaders
Marshmallow pie
Love to watch the little puppy poopin' in your eye
Uh, woo woo
In your eye
Uh, woo woo

Got me a gal about five foot ten
She clucks like a horsy and barks like a hen
Uh, woo woo
Like a hen
Uh, woo woo

Frogleg Freddie was a helluva man
Got his meat from a butcher named Sam
Uh, woo woo
Butcher named Sam
Uh, woo woo
I hope Alice understands
Uh, woo woo
Alice understands

Ping Pong bluh

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About Corporal Robot Lips

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I was literally born in a toilet bowl back in nineteen hunnert and sem-n-dee sem.
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