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The Yodelling Elevator


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Future Obituary for.........him: Don't look for anything so earthly as a gravestone; he's transformed (see 'Hamlet', section 2B), can't really discuss it, even a chaotic multi-verse has 'rules', author, well, see various holy books, although, he knew/knows I.T.'s a Simulator, yep, you are dwelling within a quantum computer simulation. But, he digresses,...read more it's done when time's exposed for what I.T. is. Latest version of J.B.Pravda, born Brooklyn, NY; former US Government lawyer where he realized that laws and rules are written by humans in avoidance of the label 'humane'. He was/is published in many organs (stop laughing, he can hear you), including www.Andmagazine.com where someone called A. Huffington also is (published); produced playwright, who actually collected royalties, alumnus of a place called the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Playwriting Intensives(he found this ironic as JFK preferred porn to culture, he told J.B. so); his website, like him, is electromagnetically eternal @ www.angrysponge.com. Gotta go,


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