Naked Girls In Cars
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Naked Girls In Cars

 Corporate Cobras
 Corporate Cobras
Naked Girls In Cars
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Corporate Cobras is: ToeKnee Grande - guitar, ThaiSun Blake - drums, Tim Murray - vocals, lyrics.
Naked Girls In Cars
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They’re naked in cars

Welcome to my hair band
MTV suntan
Hairspray large can
Big blonde haystack
Here to rock you
Stonewashed pants you
This is Jon Bon Jovi
Baby be my groupie

We are a metal band
Here to scare your grandma
Sniff my leather pants sweat
Here to serve Satan

Hang my poster on your bedroom wall
Touch yourself when you sing my song

We like cars
And we like girls
Can you tell
How excited we are
For the cars
And the girls
And the bars
And the bras
And the groupies after the show

Can you tell
That I like girls
When they throw their panties on the stage



  3 years ago
Alice Cooper would be proud

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