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Cupcake Chronicles #13



UNDAY EVENING AT 8:48, December 9, 2012

“And they sort of lived happily ever after.”
The mother chocolate cupcake closed the book and kissed her daughter’s marshmallow head good night...

The mother chocolate cupcake closed the book and kissed her daughter’s marshmallow head good night before hearing her profound comment:

“So now what do we do with the human we bought at the bakeshop today? Would it squirm if we cut it in half?” You made humans sound so real, Mommy!”

The mother cupcake smiled.

“No sweetie, they won’t. The world is a nicer place without them in charge. Humans get too hungry for power and greed. As you can see, war is now extinct. They are better off as desserts. A little sugar goes a long way. I can tell you stories about when I was your age, but it’s getting past your bedtime.”

“OK, Mommy… good night!”

The mother cupcake closed the bedroom door. The child grinned, enjoying her taste of freedom. She had her own magic inside the nightstand drawer––a small box from the Sweet Dreams Bakeshop. The laughing cupcake removed the treasure from the box. Her mouth enlarged to engulf her special dessert.

I saw her teeth and screamed.

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Patricia Carragon is a New York City writer and poet. Her work can be found online and in anthologies. She hosts the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets and is the editor of its annual anthology. She has written two books of poetry. She is a member of Brevitas, a wild group of poets dedicated to short poems. When not overly-crazed by everyday life, she...read more loves to bake and cook. But please don't ask her to clean up!


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