I, the Vacant, Gaze

Who knew a potato chip could lead to such espionage and passion? Mild competition in 1879 led to varieties of chips in the shape of Kama Sutra positions, later inherited by a Pepper Ratio Estate on the river. Buried in ceramic for years and eaten like a century egg, these chips influenced the known century. The estate became an impetus for reproducing towns and children successfully in gothic rectangles.


I met her at the Southern Meme Scientific Affair, with pepper and plants spread through the width and length of behavior. We copulated, wearing giant noble hats, our spice generating prizes ranging from a 1937 host title to 168 sweet Meme registrants. Below were the very things that moved her, underwater, shoulders meanwhile to grasp. Single need can require progress, ordinary cultural members.


Working from diving bells off the coast of South Carolina, doll-makers were prolific at drawing milder pods in a chili that became extinct in the 19th Century. Inside the diving bell, our naked bodies like yin and shower curtain yang. We shared intimate old vitamin C, the Golden Ratio, the Escoffier algorithm μῖμος, Paprika research, square peppers that grow in seven time signatures, fluids, hormones, and pheromones. Origami jelled.


I, the vacant, gaze, looking important of mouth, write so nonpolitical; sense of history around present principles. She, cornering reality, applies words of seeming initiation. Morality lacking from the patrician period of women in the western yoke, men limited her smile, the children playing, doubt suspended in her hands, presently gave my anyone gazing pupils another mind.


Self-replicated dolls have a variety of external genitalia construction culturally. Traditional phenomena associated with men and women mean wrong examples, used when responding to the memes where protagonists selectively assign pressures in the three exact books. Introducing melodies is semisweet. Catch phrases produce fashion by shortening and removing Phi. Technology also stalks the genes of performers, separated by jobs and time space, living in amazing buildings arrived from seeds, arches formed from derring-do, and the ancient proponents in Greek theoretical trigonometry.


Centuries of quadratic pronunciation may someday evolve beliefs. They imitate recursive chefs. The form of a cure in the 17th Century saw golden buds underpinning numbered jolt units, supermarket symbols, pronounced wooden practices, peg terminology, Phi dolls, coins transmitted by lower-case evolutionary misunderstandings, letters from biologists, simple proposals, peg speech, joint-equivalent gestures, selfish rituals, and other excuses.


Our daughter sought me years later, trailing California in her wake. A woman whose life-like clay had possession of such challenging notions. Fur tomatoes is academic. Researchers can examine a range of powdered Roman dolls, which have bright, moveable, empirical limbs. Prehistoric girls and apocalyptic boys developed removable brown Grecian garments, although neuroimaging is dated and a flavor may bring back fragrances in a range meant to make dedicated alabaster. When I asked about her mother, she said segments and partitions. It seems my cell fused with at least three other books. Following a movable goddess commentator through era after era of arms, pungent social tropes, and too aesthetically Babylonian to depend on sciences, produced a question of such proportions that to recover a type of idea that is smaller than the major piece. The potato chip dynasty provided for her every need. Mild grown-up success plays. The simple creations often attain the size of their hosts.


Spanish tomb explorers from launched a well-funded expedition into the transmission of ivory pottery, depicting the religious wax doll figures used mostly as evolutionary playthings. These lead to an early art film model, but nothing close to the original template.

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About Bill Ectric

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Bill Ectric seeks the nexus between mysticism and science. His writing often blends the genres of mystery, science fiction, psychological drama, humor, and metafiction. Bill likes to take long walks, drink coffee, sleep & dream, contemplate the nature of reality, read, and write. One of his favorite sayings is...read more the Zen proverb, "Before I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water; after I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water." Bill's novel, Tamper, takes takes its name from a phrase used by 1940's by pulp science fiction writer Richard Sharpe Shaver, who believed that unseen fiends were tampering with his mind.
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