Hybrid Beastiary
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Hybrid Beastiary

 AE Reiff
 AE Reiff
Hybrid Beastiary
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There is writing to touch it is like silk, which produces the finest translucency of light, by light, light, as if it weren’t word but transparent...read more clay. This writing however melts in the fire, slumps around forms like the folds of Balzac’s cloak, so only a master takes it to that state that telescopes. Other writings have rigors that never melt. Initially soft they turn brittle and stiff as though there were only two states, one too soft, the other too hard. Less gritties hold themselves after the soft and maintain malleability to impasto and shave, roll coat thin, one atop another, palimpsests gratefully and accept the translucent undercarriage that allows them to shine. All writing must pass the fire twice, the first prepares, the second, after glaze. Those who enter fire a second time will not change. Purified as silver seven times, not intellect at all, they undergo the shrinkage of one who passes the fire losing water and vanity of mind before anointing with fine oil. Writing wants to receive impression, resist correctly and give the shape of the shaper.
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Hybrid Beastiary
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ONCE THERE WAS a genetical singing mouse whose future of "true godlike intelligence" (Artilect War 180, 183) was not yet out. Along with tiny voice Mouse came bat wing mouse and human ear Vacanti mouse (#2). Not to immortalize or sing this mouse was the moral tragedy of not building gods, for  those  ephemeral little lives so worthless, so insignificant," when compared (Artilect War, 186). From this human existence got the drift, “so petty, so trivial, so banal, so insignificant" (87).

We know all this from reading Hugo,  I want to call him Roland de Garis, who blew his horn and said, "from the galactic point of view, would it matter much if the human were wiped out? I think the universe would not give a damn" (89). Why does the physicist quantum quark not reconcile with Fibonacci on these shell and leaf spirals? Order and chaos, yes and no, but wiping out the mouse would be a tragedy. Beam me up Scotty! Save the mouse! Wipe out the man? Why doesn’t the transhuman universe give a damn if Kafka does?  "Being Cosmist and more intelligent… I suspect that those people [Galactics, have] higher IQs" (Artilect, 89).

More Mouse Wipe Out

We care about this mouse because little man (H) is defunct too: "too stupid, and have too small a brain to speculate on anything, unless it’s about their immediate survival" (Artilect 179). Ditto the dumb-bunny baby, ble, ble, ble, the ideal rabbit, Dudeney’s cows, honeybees, the  "apelike thoughts of chimps." Ditto, but, but if artilect slips, as mouse has accidents and men, and doesn’t "develop life-preserving strategies" to avoid falling into a star, then oops "the laws of physics" it removes (Artilect 180). Thus the Absolut of science invents one law and  another.

As mice are men, de Garis and Kurzweil  will not need their brains, like Yeats his nymphs and satyrs in the foam, super labs will mate humans and animals to make Humanzee a new man. These anyway were the thoughts of the Wold Company as we sang to the severed heads, “I think I can, I think I can.” We gave injections when those heads slavered and palavered, sang to the injectors spinning: “Rockabye godbey in the test tube, now you’ll find out how a man makes god.” Sling another round of viscose into them. Mouse/viscouse.

Sensory experiments enhanced a man’s nose who could now chat with a devil and smell like a dog. Ancient DNA's revived to join the crew underground, which in Latin means subvert or turn from below. Trillions of  brain cells came online so the present man-god could prevent this  tragedy of not building god. Crimes against the mouse, murine (mouse) hybridomas, hybrid cell lines that create Monoclonal antibody therapies for treatment of human disease, were long old hat, like replacing herbs with microbial transformation. Level 1 stuff, loss leaders, Trojan Horses, gimmes. After you have sacrificed millions and millions of mice, and raised your sights to Pig-Man fluorescent cats and dogs and spider-goats, rabbits don’t seem much, or cows experimented on, horse) because the one overriding purpose preoccupies, “a mindset and attitude so different from the average human that they may as well be a separate species

So the human is the obvious second goat. "Second Life" Bio vanity science in the labs. Personal, social disintegration underlay experiments without a cause. Conscienceless, millions and millions of beings sacrificed so human life supercedes. This singularity was the HYBRID AGE,  human organs grown in pigs and dinosaurs reconstituted from 80 million year old DNA stored in their bones. Considered fantasy to the culture above, below, a serious effort of government and business remade dinosaurs and paired all kinds of human and animal genes for human Zorse beings, Not Beings Plus, enhanced, parading nanobots…. 'practice of Nym....'"I sometimes feel that what I have become has transcended a fundamental boundary of propriety and is setting an absolute standard." This “sustaining a self-formulated identity”  is capable of deceit.

Crypto embryology was all the rage, cryptozoologically cloned to join with those extinct. Clinics for chimeras, hydras, minotaurs, all ethical of course, offered the endangered a better life. Super science, literature and philosophy led, but business and government were hard behind. It was a Noah’s flood of making  monstrous when the super collider on line alerted something was up, "some kind of invasion of spontaneously swelling and shrinking spherical or wheel-shaped creatures" had already occurred. Trains lined up busier than usual those nights. We needed ear plugs to stand the roars, and goggles, for these were not Ezekiel’s cogs even if they so appeared:

“They were identical wheels, sparkling like diamonds in the sun. It looked like they were wheels within wheels,” Dr Bertolucci later confirmed.
He said there would be an "open door," at the LHC but they would only be able to keep it open "a very tiny lapse of time, 10-26 seconds. Super Collider –Clunker Statue, Level Four
Nanobots with tweezers lined up to catch the strays “Getting in and out or sending something in" (November 2009), the good news from France was another hole in the faerie wall! Faerie faerie on the wall, where’s the biggest hole of all?
Yours truly on the Level,  De Kurk Wold



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