Huckleberry Pie
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Huckleberry Pie

 Neil Tarpey
 Neil Tarpey
Huckleberry Pie
by Neil Tarpey  FollowFollow
As a NYC teenager, it took 50 minutes on a bus and three packed subways to get to high school. Now I'm 10 minutes from a walk in the more or on an almost-deserted ocean beach. Met my wife here--she's also a NYC fugitive. I quit drugs and booze at 31 and enjoy sober living. Our adopted 3-legged pit bull girl is barking. Might be the mailman. Got to go.
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Huckleberry Pie
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Belinda had acted nonchalantly when she found him waiting in her kitchen.

“You must be Webster. I heard my jealous ex-husband hired you.”

“Yeah, your affair with that traffic cop jeopardized Salvatore’s waterfront drug shipments.”

Webster shot Belinda twice.

He stepped over her dead body and opened the refrigerator. The fresh pie on the top shelf had a light crust packed with tiny red huckleberries, and its sweet taste hinted of lemon. He ate three huge slices.

Later, when the kidney pain, vomiting and blurred vision hit, Webster wondered about Belinda’s huckleberry pie recipe.



  2 years ago
Haha. Now that's a twist!

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