Volunteer Labor
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 Neil Tarpey
 Neil Tarpey
Volunteer Labor
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As a NYC teenager, it took 50 minutes on a bus and three packed subways to get to high school. Now I'm 10 minutes from a walk in the redwoods...read more or on an almost-deserted ocean beach. Met my wife here--she's also a NYC fugitive. I quit drugs and booze at 31 and enjoy sober living. Our adopted 3-legged pit bull girl is barking. Might be the mailman. Got to go.
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Volunteer Labor
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Volunteer Labor

I wrenched my back, so Cousin Basil volunteered to trim a tree near my driveway and paint my small barn.

While Basil chainsawed, I walked my snow-white bulldog, Gumbo, down the bayou road. When we returned, a tree limb had shattered my pickup's windshield.

“I'm sorry, Etienne.”

“Accidents happen, Cousin. I've got insurance. Go paint the barn while I rest for awhile.”

Two high-pitched yelps interrupted my catnap.

I spotted Gumbo, splattered by barn red paint, hiding under the porch. And Basil, swatting away bees after the extension ladder fell onto my hives.

Hunting with Basil this fall? Oh, hell, no.



  21 months ago
i wouldn't hunt with Dick Cheney, either.

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