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 Wayne Dean-Richards
 Wayne Dean-Richards
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Amongst other things, I’ve been an industrial cleaner, an actor, a painter and decorator, a fitness instructor and a teacher. Throughout, more I’ve been writing. Like Isak Dinesen, ‘a little every day, without hope, without despair’ and, I suspect, like Charles Bukowski, ‘These words I write keep me from total madness.’ As well as plays, poems, reviews, and a novella – Breakpoints – more than a hundred stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, some of which have been collected in the Arts Council funded At The Edge, and in Cuts, which is available from Amazon as an ebook. The force of memory, things unspoken, love and loss feature heavily in the stories, yet many of them are laced with a dry, dark humour.
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He walks from one end of the house to the other. It’s a long, thin house, but this isn’t enough so he picks up the phone, checks for messages, listens, hangs up when there are none.

     He’s familiar with the cliché about there being hundreds of TV channels but nothing of interest and still he grips the remote and puts it to the test. When he’s done he goes back to the phone, checks for messages, listens, hangs up when there are none.

     He plays The Streets never went to church on repeat, singing along until his voice goes. What must the neighbours think: will there be a message telling him what they think? There isn’t, there are no messages so he hangs up.

     Unable to sleep he creeps from bed and moves through the dark. He goes to the phone, of course, waits to be connected to messages and listens. Finally there is a message and though the voice he hears is his own he tells himself, that’s okay.



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