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Prose Fiction

#HelpSaveGodzilla by Pete McArdle 1126

$18.65 by Ekin Glass 2371

3 flash fictions by J. A. Tyler 2068

8. Addiction by Steven Lee 1422

20 Years by Luis Rivas 2932
In the Presence of the Damned

51-50 by M. Frias-May 488

Abandonment by xTx 3308

A Bubblegum Love Song by Nathan Graziano 360

A Cautionary Tale of Bike Swapping by Kimberlee Smith 2960

A Cracked Gate by Cade Scott 376

A Dangerous Game by Charlie Skinner 1163

Admonishers, The by Helen Nicholls 534

A Fan Fiction to Stories about a Boy and His Dog by David Spiering 414

Affair, The by Sarah Nicole Donaldson 249

A Free Ticket by Dick Reynolds 2792

Aged Avenger, The by Pete McArdle 2648

A Gift for Tiffany by Pete McArdle 385

A Halloweenie Punkin Story by Tony Byrer 2085

A Hungry Artist by Anna Voisard 1282
-A modern take on a classic story by Franz Kafka-

Alien Dreams by Bill Pieper 3792

Allen's Way by Larry Blumen 4585

All Smiles by Audrey T. Carroll 8595

A Long and Cold Winter by Jon Beight 706

A Matter Of Convenience by Michael J. Solender 1602

American Werewolf in London Goes Incognito, The by David Moscovich 1407

Among the Nalatari by Tantra Bensko 1434

A Mutual Interest by JC Piech 2689

And All My Days Are Trances by Helen Nicholls 2133

And Ye Shall Be Healed by Brian Hartman 2310
(For Cari)

An Epistle to Odysseus from Elpenor by Rocky Burton 271

An Evening With the Charles Bukowski of Berlin by M.P. Powers 2861

An Eye Fer An Eye by David Weston 2488

Angela by Daniel Clausen 441

Angel and Rope by Dennis Vannatta 740

Animals by Andy Henion 1366

Another Mostly True Story by Robert Masterson 1652

A Nuisance of Noggins by Charles Austin Muir 718

A Nun's Tale by Pete McArdle 4540

Apple, Watch, Penny by Robert Sachs 3109

A Public Apology for the Crude Display of My Listicles by Kaylin Tristano 369

A Quiet Desperation by Christopher J. Dwyer 2112

ARBOLES DE NAVIDAD by Bud Smith 2169


As a General Rule by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal 2015

Assassinate the DJ by Jeff B Willey 3259

Assignment, The by Josh Olsen 1490

A Stolen Roll of Film by Britta Burdett 1832

A Stupid Joke by Andrew Moreno 971

A Symphony Of Bumps And Creaks by Michael Stewart 963

A tampon. by Dan Donche 3275

Attack of the Fifty-Five Foot Crab! by Pete McArdle 1404

At The Hors d'oeuvre Convention by Tom Janikowski 2101

At the Star Trek Convention by Margaret Karmazin 3443

Audition, The by Lise M. Quintana 1226

A Workingman's Blues by Joel Sweeney 1173

Bad Influence, The by Debbie Lechtman 634

Basement by Daryn Houston 2184

Basic Needs by Marion de Booy Wentzien 117

Bastards Were Everywhere and Would Endure, The by William Taylor Jr 4590

Bayou Scars by Mary Ann Loesch 2678

Bear That Ruined Academic Careers, The by Michael Giddings 1520

Beautiful Something by Drew A. Carmichael 1000

Bedside Manner by Ben Drinen 1865

Before Tomorrow by DB Cox 1792

Ben the Bear by Mike Hancock 5737

Best of Both Worlds, The by Steven Gulvezan 1484

BETRAYAL by David Sparenberg 1430

Between Living and Dying by Ally Malinenko 2718

Bicycle, The by Shannon Lane 3325

Big Dipper, The by Kathleen Radigan 2501

Big Top by Jon Tait 1394

Billy Hit The Train by Larry Blumen 1849

Binoculars by Patricia Grant 2449

Bipolar by Timothy Gager 2387

Black Friday by Brandon Tietz 4794

BLEEDING OUT by Andy Meisenheimer 825

Bobby by Suvi Mahonen 1647

Bordello by Alex Martin 2833

Bottled in Chicago by DB Cox 2412
For Rod Serling and Charles Beaumont

Bottom of the Ninth by Chris Milam 338

Boxer - a fable, The by Ben Loory 1839

Boy With No Hands, The by Martin Law 464

Breathe by Mitch Lavender 1283

Bridge, The by Lana Casiello-Boyle 2569

Brimstone Pillow by M.E. Parker 4069

Bring Me An Apple With No Worms by lo mo 1599

Brogan’s Summer Break by Andy Henion 1829

Broken Hearts Are For Assholes by J. K. Cody 1390

Bucket Head by Bill Ectric 3400

Buffalo Nickel, The by Clifford K. Watkins 4439

Bumble Off To Bethlehem by Pete McArdle 2333

Burning Hot Girls by Pela Via 5578

Burrowing by Kathleen Radigan 1878

Bus Ride by Ted Gogoll 519

Button Pusher, The by Leopold McGinnis 2321

Caledonia’s Boxes by David P. Press 1342

Cali Lean, The by Olvard Liche Smith 2710

Call Me Mister by Paul Corman-Roberts 3351

Cantilever by Pete Stevens 2514

Carter’s Gift by Dave Dulberg 1243

Case of the Girl Who Never Went Out, The by Larry Blumen 1639

Celia by Josh Olsen 1291

Channeling by Timothy Gager 2055

Chestnut Street by Mitchell Waldman 4553

Chicken Man, The by Paula Sophia Schonauer 6747

Choonakhul by Ashwin Parulkar 1224

Clarissa's Party in New York by Yolande Brener 978

Claude by Jennifer McCarthy 2745

Clean Sheets by Bryan Howie 2689

Cold Like Being Afraid by Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman 3191

College Material by Louis Wittig 1639

Comanche Killer by David S. Pointer 1464

Comeback, The by George L. Sparling 1271

Coming In Their Baleful Urgency by Mark James Andrews 2565

Consequences by Jim Chandler 1237

Contributors’ Notes You May (or May Not) Have Seen by Sally Houtman 553

Convicted by Damion Hamilton 3179

Corralled by Creppy 1806

Costume Party by JP Reese 1153

Crocodile Kisses Over Daiquiris by Jade Freeman 460

Crows Who Liked to Listen to the Ramones, The by J. Claudius Cloyd 2189

Cupcake Chronicles #6 by Patricia Carragon 1730
6- Tuesday morning at 9:00, May 13, 2008

Cupcake Chronicles #8 by Patricia Carragon 1620
8- Thursday afternoon after school, September 24, 2008

Cupcake Chronicles #13 by Patricia Carragon 1658

Curtis by Thomas Mundt 1991

Czarninapalooza by Tom Janikowski 1658

Dade County Workhouse Blues by Larry Blumen 2699

Dancing Grandmas by Giridhar Veeramaneni 4477

Darling Weapons by Franklin Klavon 877

Dawn in the Valley by Luis Rivas 3146

Deacon Bridge by Wanda Morrow Clevenger 194

Dead Reckoning by Tony Pena 1367

Dead Spot by Maureen Lougen 3149

Dear Dr. Shapiro by Tony Battaglia 814

Declan Lamasery by Stephen Rowntree 1565

Deer in Headlights by Nathan Graziano 2020

Denizens Of Hell by M. Keeney 3146

Destined by Greg Eidson 3584

Deviants by Stephen Graham Jones 5569

Die, Priest, Die by George L. Sparling 1983

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) by G.J. Jensen 755

Diminishing by Gabriel Ricard 507

Dinner Conversation by Cicily Janus 2356

Distinguished Precipice, The by Connor Caddigan 3116

Doctor's Orders by Randi Suzanne Meyer 3061

Dog Catcher, The by Bradley Mason Hamlin 3692

Dogs of Malviya Nagar by Ashwin Parulkar 917

Dog Tags by Kenneth Radu 1998

Do It Yo’self by Jack Saunders 1511
--editor's note: Saunders recently marked his 40th year of writing like a madman. Check out his website: --

Domestic Tranquility by Ken Poyner 676

Don't Fuck Around by jason neese 2368

Doorbell by Eirik Gumeny 2896

Double-Take by Faith Gardner 1708

Down The Steps by Marion de Booy Wentzien 432

Downward Facing MacGruber by Jude Ellery 1868

Draining Audrey by Brent Powers 1504

Dream Job by Holly Woodward 605

Dream With Enough Conviction by Samuel Snoek-Brown 2231

Drummer, The by Ted Gogoll 3218

Dun Horse, The by Edward Ahern 3935

Dying for a Faith by Cynthia Drew 1992

Dyspnea by John Faucett 2884

E-Harmony Connection #54421 by Meg Tuite 1963

Edie by Amy Pence 927

EE's All-You-Can by Mickey J. Corrigan 1446

Eester Egg by David W. Fry 3449

Eight Little Sausages by Julia Kennedy 713

Electric Ukulele Lady Land Band, The by Ashwin Parulkar 2229

Elegy by David Sparenberg 1068

Elegy for The Old Republic by Michael Gillan Maxwell 1679

Elixir of Life by Sarah Angleton 449

Engorged by Aleathia Drehmer 1010

Erin Just Wouldn't Eat by Rhys Milsom 2858

Everything That Keeps Me Together Is Falling Apart by Ted Jackins 4509

Exit Nothing by Pat King 2061

Exit the Editor by Steven Gulvezan 3350
A Micro-Novel in Two Books and Eight Parts

Explode by Damion Hamilton 2438

Exposure by Lewis J. Beilman III 1671

Eye Sees More, The by George L. Sparling 1173

Facts Of A Life by Marion de Booy Wentzien 811

Faking It by Larry Blumen 1580

Family Reunion by Tom Simmons 1207

Family Reunion by Brian Biunno 3557

Felix by HC Eversole 2249

Final Final Chapter, The by Bud Smith 1962

First Kiss by F.N. Wright 2310

Flash in the Pan by Sally Houtman 725
A quick and easy recipe for flash fiction.

Flat, The by George L. Sparling 1730

Fleas, Love, and Understanding by Pete McArdle 2316

Flesh by Pete McArdle 762

Flower of Tongues, The by Aria Riding 245

Floyd Takes a Walk by Ted Gogoll 719

For Being There by Joan Hoekstra 2207

Found by the Sheppard by Giridhar Veeramaneni 2611

Four Days of Rain by Michael LaRosa 4479

Four Stories by Chris Lambert 283

Freezer, The by Neil Tarpey 187

Friend, The by Silvia Villalobos 1637

From Her Fingers Drip Tiny Words by Gabino Iglesias 1248

Fuck Machine, The by Jon Bennett 1451

Full Service by G. David Schwartz 2814

Games by Silvia Villalobos 2097

Games You Can Play With the Dead by Marion de Booy Wentzien 176

Ghostlike by John H. Matthews 2113

Ghost of the Gun, The by Brian Hobbs 805

Ghosts of Alvarado Street, The by Aurelia Lorca 2104

Girl Talk by Matt Andrew 1799

Golfing for Geese by Pete McArdle 589

Good For His Word by Steven Gulvezan 1242

Grace's Chair by Dai Akaboshi 1144

Grouse Ridge by Bill Pieper 3368

Halloween and Neo Paganism at the Library by Mark James Andrews 2482

Halloween At The Gym by Zarina Zabrisky 2304

Halloween in Monterey, California by Aurelia Lorca 187

Hamburger by Victor Schwartzman 1654

Hannah's Ascent by Rachel Stern 2209

Happenstance by Natasha Gdansk 1638

Hard America by John Bruce 3027

Harlot by DM Morales 1780

Harry, Francis, and the Language of Love by Rupan Malakin 1127

Harvest by David Morris 1724

Havana Corazon Alma by J.K. Dark 655

Hawkwood Monster, The by Jarek Moore 2633

Helen by Martin Westlake 873

Her Beautiful Oldness by Jerald Matters 1306

Her Fairytale by Elizabeth Walk 1687

Her Ironing-Board Stomach by Roberta Verdant 3277

Heroin Wings by Zarina Zabrisky 3209

Hey, Chinese kid! by Josh Olsen 1716

Hines Park by Josh Olsen 1580

His Father's Eyes by Drew McCoy 1745

His Grand Vision by Shawn Misener 1175

History of a Dead Man by George L. Sparling 1614

Honey, Soft and Slow by Angel Luis Colon 975

Honey-Hued Eyes by Zarina Zabrisky 1176

Hope In The Tenderloin by Aurelia Lorca 1068

House on the Corner, The by Glenn A Bruce 1356

How's Your Sister? by Anne Goodwin 4742

Huckleberry Pie by Neil Tarpey 411

Hunter by Kenneth Weene 3102

Hybrid Beastiary by AE Reiff 4215

I'm From Electric Peak by Bud Smith 3379

I, the Vacant, Gaze by Bill Ectric 568

Iceman, The by Fred Skolnik 2651

If and Then by Chris Lambert 969

In All Innocence by Eddie Martell 900

In Conversation With God by Zeeshan Aziz 1573

Incubator by Karley Bayer 1240

In Praise of Female Parts by Anne Goodwin 1754

Interim by Nancy Christie 3450

In the Age of Gerardo by Matthew Vasiliauskas 2165

Invasion by Gabe Gott 217

Ioana by Silvia Villalobos 1238

Issue of the Watch, The by Grant Catton 3417

I Stopped Reading the Newspaper by Margaret Karmazin 2895

It'd be a process by J. Edward Vanno 2432

iTunes Front Page Guy, The by Leopold McGinnis 1448

I’d Fuck Becky Green by h. l. nelson 1912

Jackson's Folly by Mary Senter 909

Jasmine, Wilting In The Garden by Richard Corrigan 2303

Jenny by Jack Isaak 2645

Jersey Shore by Bobby Sauro 3835

Jesus Leads the Jets to the AFC Championship by Pete McArdle 148

Job's Tears by Ron Burch 725

Job Interview by RW Watkins 2578

John, The by Candice Carnes 1712

Johnny Strikes up the Band by Libby Cudmore 3112

Johnson Family Holiday Newsletter, The by Pete McArdle 560

Jolene by Matthew Ulland 1859

Jury Duty by Josh Olsen 1620

Just a Bucket by Tom Janikowski 976

Kamikaze by Samuel Snoek-Brown 2721

Kleptomania by Ally Malinenko 5398

Klippinger, Minnesota by Adam R. Burnett 4034

Lakshmi by Ashwin Parulkar 1645

LA LOTERÍA by Ben Reese 2810

Lament for Janet by Larry Blumen 3175

Landscape of Worry by Kim Farleigh 4016

Las Chinches by Jesse Myner 1717

Last Club On Earth, The by Fawzy Zablah 4158
*previously appeared in LitVision*

Last Legs: A Fable by Wes Henricksen 85

Last Words of Henry Jones, The by Brian Anderson 431

Legend of Eddie and Lola, The by William Taylor Jr 3143

Licorice Stick Polka by Michael Dwayne Smith 1360

Lights of Christmas, The by Brian Anderson 610

Lights Out by Tony Pena 294

Limbo by Eric Johnsen 1737

Lips by David Owain Hughes 3400

Listening to Avro Pärt by Fred Skolnik 1150

Little Godot Blues by M. Frias-May 556

Little Puffs of Air by HC Eversole 1103

Little Spanish Bar on Lighthouse Avenue, The by Aurelia Lorca 377

Lives of the Poets II, The by William Taylor Jr 3222

Look, The by Noah Cicero 1443

Loop by Pete McArdle 1912

Lopsided Smile by Stephen Mander 864

LOVE by Zack Wilson 2356

Lulu in the Year of Gatsby by Gary Percesepe 2415

Lying Day by Bradford Philen 2183

Lying in a Creek by James Dunlap 1723

Magma Bodies by John Kuligowski 1462

Make A Wish by Eirik Gumeny 441

Mall Can Be Murder, The by Mickey J. Corrigan 816

Manhattan, Sunday Morning by JP Reese 1697

Manhattan Love Story: The Zen of Losing Weight by Kyle Hemmings 965
Tundra, and Judy Garland Once Lived Next Door

Man I Built from Stone, The by Anthony Spaeth 2373

Man with Patches on His Pants, The by J. Claudius Cloyd 2593

Maple Leaf, The by Nathan Graziano 1732

Margarita Baby by Bradley Mason Hamlin 2660

Marinate by Josh Olsen 1007

Market Street Blues by Tony Pena 877

McUNIVERSE by Danger Slater 19590

Memories Of Flatworms, The by Ann Eveleigh 1843

Memories Revisited by R. B Ejue 1318

Menopause Yoga Studio by Dylan Gilbert 2531

Mercy by Mick Rose 2633

Messages by Wayne Dean-Richards 167

Midnight Run of 64, The by David McGinnis 1868

Miss Todd by Neil Tarpey 220

Mitt Romney's Phone Number by Newamba Flamingo 3066

Mixed by Aidan Hailes 1775

MOBTOWN by RD Armstrong 806

Moose Accident by Nathan Graziano 1828

Moron and Marciano, The by Charlie Skinner 2104

Movie Stars by Miguel Gardel 3384

Mr. Blackistani by Ali Eteraz 3410

Mr. Thursday by Dude Wallers 3404

Muddy Boots by Michael J. Solender 899

Mummer's Dance, The by Nancy Hightower 1554

Mundane Revolution by Star Spider 316

Murdered Sleep by Vyatcheslav Bart 2646

Murphy's Wake by Steve Wheeler 2211

Musketball by Tom Janikowski 1989

My Brother The Hero by R. B Ejue 472

My Commodore 64 is Dead by Brian Hobbs 247

My Fainting Goat Farm by Melanie Seal 1218

My Farsi Boyfriend by Robin Ray 5276

My Mother the Nigger by Noah Cicero 4369

My office by Josh Olsen 1621

Mythical Philadelphia by J.C.D. Kerwin 1128

Myths of Elvis by William Stobb 448

Nazi Next Door, The by Mitchell Waldman 4797

Nazi Underpants by Steven Gulvezan 2080

Negotiations with Gilligan by Forrest Aguirre 1390

New Sick, The by Gavin Pate 2526

Next Great American Novel Sinks to the Bottom of the River, The by Alan Semrow 506

Nico by Ted Gogoll 1404

Night Before Halloween, The by Larry Blumen 405

No Gold Watch by Pete McArdle 942

No Service by Raymond Hutson 2923

No Sirens, Just Lights by Zachary Moll 2155
--editor's note: this is a work of fiction, based on a true event--

Nothing is Free by Paula Sophia Schonauer 4317

Nyet Troika by M.E. Parker 2200

Olde Mission, The by Brandon Figliolino 1400

Old Weather Vane by Matt Rowan 2455

On Death Row by Jared Blakely 1151

One Loose Screw by Brian Hobbs 1402

One Night in Concord by Dan Morey 783

One Square Yard of the World by Dennis Vannatta 444

On Improvements Outside The Box by Frank Sloan 686

On The Rock by Christina Hoag 2800

Open Your Eyes by Edward J Rathke 2776

Oracle by AE Reiff 689

Organ City by Pat King 2709

Origin of My Bad Behaviour, The by Helen Nicholls 587

Other Side, The by Mario J Gonzales 7287

Over Our Wine by Pat Simonelli 242
(A continuation of Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado)

P & J Sandwiches by Kent L Johnson 2496

P.S. - Thanks For the Beer by Aleksei Nelaev 897

Parker, At The Side Of The Road by Chuck Augello 1943

Party, The by Luis Rivas 2533

Patriots: Empire, Reactionary, War, Decline by Tom Simmons 62

Paulo by Michael Dwayne Smith 1065

Pawn by Colin O'Sullivan 2823

Pearls in Formation by Brent Powers 2249

Pebbles and Berries by H. Jacob Buller 1811

Pecs Of Steel Fitness Center by Dylan Gilbert 2462

People's Republic by Mark Staniforth 773

Petals On A Wet Black Bough by Kirpal 2073

Picket Fence by Morgan Roberts 1810

Piggy Ferguson Uber Alles by Marc Olmsted 910

Pig Legs by Zarina Zabrisky 384

Pink Light by Gary V. Powell 524

Pivotal Moments by Marion de Booy Wentzien 1027

Plant, The by Chris Lambert 2676

Plant v. Page by Colin McKay Miller 2816

Please Don't Eat The Fish by Len Kuntz 2589

Please Don't Shoot by D. Troy Johnson 432

Pockets by Melanie Browne 610

Poisoned Apples by Cindy Rosmus 2532

Posh Shop by Edward Wells II 3122

Presence by Don Tassone 330

present is a gift, the by Richard Paris Wilson 1998

Princess Fantasia at Château Kilo by Woodie Stephenson 5357

Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy by Robb Todd 4528

Proverbs 19:17 by Josh Olsen 482

Pubic Lice Affair, The by Joseph Ridgwell 3059

Puffed Up by Rudy Koshar 1158

Pumpkin Bones by Dan Morin 2439

Pursuit, The by HC Eversole 2943

Putting Patriot Down by Jeremy Maddux 3337

Quangelists by George L. Sparling 2196

Real Beasts by Brandon A.M. 1384

Recession Hits the 'Burbs, The by Dylan Gilbert 2308

Redemption by Jefferson Burnett 4638

Red Fez and Pancakes by Craig Wallwork 3345

Red Splooge by Doc Sigerson 2435

Remembering Ray by F.N. Wright 2033

Revelation by Doug Mathewson 898

Review: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” (1989) by Chris Campanioni 891

Room For Two by Drexel Erickson 305

Roz and Rick by Mark James Andrews 3117

Runaways by Andy Henion 2954

Rush to Clear by Marianne Simon 301

Safety or Security by Spencer Carvalho 1277

Santa and Co. by Kaylin Tristano 1374

Sarah by C.C. Russell 150

Save It for the Wedding Pictures by Anna Keeler 637

Save Me, Frog Eyes by Brady Dale 2156

Scarecrow by Cindy Kelly Benabderrahman 1503

Scorpion, The by Wes Henricksen 1229
-a new interpretation on the ancient tale-

Scott Scott by Bob Johnston 1362

Scout by Bud Smith 3077

Screen Door Slams by KG Newman 1937

Screw Cupid by F.N. Wright 2492

Seduction by Pickle by Dean West 1433

Seeing God by E.E. Barnes 2789

Segue by Peg Steiner 1982

Senescent Logophile, The by Cheryl McAlister 236

Senior Project by Bill Pieper 2728

Seven Sagacious Days by Clint Cherepa 1297

Sex, Drugs, and Metaphysics: the Breakup Memoirs by Cooper Melvin 3962

Shayna Kupp by Judith Felsenfeld 760

Sheriff Andy Taylor and My Wife’s Best Friend by Kip Hanson 6294

Sheshu the Philosopher by Giridhar Veeramaneni 2537

Shoot by Josh Olsen 1411

Side Effects Include by John Gifford 3576

Sightings of a Black Bear at the Lake by Bradford Philen 2116

Silence of the Rabbits, The by Pete McArdle 213

Simulacrum by Adam Moorad 1879

Sincerity by Michelle Ong 2340

Situations, The by Colin O'Sullivan 1971

Sketches for (my sweetheart) the drunk by Tom Ingram 607

Sketches Of Chris by Aurelia Lorca 1633

Skinny Girl by Carla Sarett 3255

Smith by Jon A. Beadle 1839

Snap-Snap by David P. Press 728

Snow Angel by Leopold McGinnis 4314

Snowsuit, The by Hannah Thurman 2643

Soldiers by Daniel Davis 1881

Spinning the Wheel by Jon Beight 1796

Springtime for Papa by Steven Gulvezan 1037

Standard Response, The by Christine Nichols 580

Stanley by Victor Schwartzman 1512

Star 69 by Bradley Mason Hamlin 3528

Star Dust by Tony Battaglia 1456

State of Shock by David P. Press 1027

Stella is Crying by Leopold McGinnis 2887

Still Alive by Samuel Snoek-Brown 1944

Stomachache by ani smith 4560

Stories That Defy Literary Conventions by M.V. Montgomery 1762
A single piece consisting of four boldly iconoclastic flash fiction segments.

Stranger Among Us, The by Clinton Bryant 393

Study Abroad by Chris Campanioni 376

Study of Him, The by Laura Ortega 201

Summer of Gypsie Hendricks, The by Joan Hoekstra 2538

Sun King, The by Robin Wyatt Dunn 1428

Swallowing Pride by J. A. Tyler 1523

Sweet by Walker Smart 1007

Symphony, The by Eric San Juan 309

Taking Care of Myself by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal 1773

Tale from a Tub by Ben Nardolilli 2362

Tale of a Mantis Named Munchy, The by Harrison Patton 448

Tales Of Bewilderment And Angst by M.V. Montgomery 1151

Talker by Steven Gowin 960

Talking Head by Clinton Bryant 1781

Tall Fences Make Strong Neighbors by Heather Heyns 204

Teeth by Aidan Hailes 3066

Tequila Bartender by Leopold McGinnis 470

Test Day by Jeff Weddle 319

Thank God for Dave by Paul Corman-Roberts 1543

That Fucking Dog by Newamba Flamingo 8030

That Obituary Summer by John Palen 1767

That stink by Josh Olsen 2321

That Summer by Mike Boyle 1160

Then I… by Josh Olsen 970

The Secret Life of Dr. Marty Walters by Pete McArdle 2539
Homage to "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

These People Are Sick by Gabriel Ricard 1254

Thief, The by Robert Vaughan 1767

Things That Give An Uneasy Feeling by Miriam Sagan 369

Third Sunday of the Month, The by Brian Hobbs 757

This Is A Horror Story by Michael Kazepis 366

This is Not for You by Edward J Rathke 3126

Three Critiques - The Planetary Series by Helena R. Duncan 1142

Three Shorts: Rite, Professor X Circles The Drain, Preston by Mary Beth OConnor 1673

Thrill Show by W.C. Bamberger 3095

Time Travel by Toni Ann Johnson 1332

Tips For Mariokart: Election Dash by David Rawson 1223

Tits Like White Elephants by D.N. Anderson 2445

Tofu Dogs on the Corner of Queen St W and Spadina by Mike Lafontaine 1020

To Have the Ass by Sean Pravica 4379

To My Widow by Stephen Moles 3494

TO SMOKE THE HOOKAHS by Samuel Snoek-Brown 1655

Total Rapport by Victor Schwartzman 1759

Touching The Cracks by Robert Nordstrom 1215

Train Wreck by Frank Sloan 423

Transalphabetical by Carissa Halston 2400

Transfer, The by J.D. Finch 1970

Transgressions by Andy Henion 1127

TROPHY #JAILBAIT by Peter Clarke 308

Tuesday by Brian Hartman 3609

Tuesday Morning at the Sad Motel by William Taylor Jr 2992

Turn-Off by Larry Blumen 891

Two Dogs by Steve Wheeler 2266

Two Weeks in Hell's Kitchen by Mike Boyle 2832

Ugly by Andrew Lander 1925

Unaccustomed Mercy by DB Cox 1972

UNDEAD by Jeff Chon 4551

Undertaking Elmer by Joan Hoekstra 1776

Unnameable, The by Stephen Rowntree 1300

Unquenchable Fire by Paul Rogov 770

U People by Ashwin Parulkar 2131

Vampires at Noon by Nick House 766


VIKINGS by Rich Cronborg 1456

Vineyard, The by Jennifer Lesh 626

Voyeurs, The by Erika D. Price 2088

Waiting Game, The by Theo McCauley 977

Wallace in Wonderland by Pete McArdle 5068

Watch What You Wish For by Marion de Booy Wentzien 787

Wedding, The by Darlene P. Campos 2426

Wednesday for Dick by Brandon A.M. 1120

We’re Taking It Back: Wedding Edition by Bert Newsom 1357

What Are Friends For by S.C. Wade 1857

What February Feels Like by Ronit Feinglass Plank 3470

What Happened To Lorraine by Andy Meisenheimer 1429

What I Know About Love by Marion de Booy Wentzien 2048

What We Keep by Bryan Howie 2351

When Angie Broke Up by BC Petrakos 1212

Where Love Takes Us by Donna Lee Miele 1249

Where The Cowboys Are by Larry Blumen 3249

White Trash Rumble by Andy Henion 2918

Why Such Damned Blues? by Jason Lancaster Cooney 12606

William by Joel Sweeney 1972

Wind Chimes of Happiness by Clifford K. Watkins 3043

Wintersbeard in the Hall of the Ice King by Leopold McGinnis 1938

Wishbone by Jason M. Heim 1731

Witness For The Prosecution by James Claffey 1145

Wood and Wind by Kathryn Wolden 446

Words by Matt Micheli 2809

Working by William Taylor Jr 31016

Working and Thinking by Frank Sloan 913

Writer's Conversation with Husband by Gloria Garfunkel 908

XOS 2 Exoskeleton by Zach Hamilton 886

Yellow Pelican Case by herocious 2346

You've Seen The Gypsy by Karley Bayer 1731

You Are That by Stephen James Moore 1195

You Can't Always Get What You Want by Brian Anderson 959

You Don't See Any of This by Rasmenia Massoud 730

Zummy by Joseph Carfagno 2873