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Film Videos

7 Powers of Wrath by Cecelia Chapman 4935

20,000 Hugs Under the Sea by Julia Grochowski, Jesse McPhee 354

A Fistful of Tickets by Callum Lawrence 304

Alienation Prevails by Anthony J. Langford 931

A Lonely Man by Ben Adams 243

Beech Creek Gun Thieves by Addison James 465

Blooming Bead Trees of New Orleans, The by Kristin Fouquet 1114

bus stop ventriloquism by Scott Dragoo 634

Candlez by Peter Schwartz 1619

Candy-Gasms by The Perez Bros, 595

Cat Caller by Damian Browne 509

Certainty by Wrightson Tongue 776

Clash at the Cabinet of Dr. Pretorius 1918 by Juho Aittanen 475

Coagulate by Bjorn Harris 312

Come Beloved by Charles Bane Jr. 814

Cracker and Me by Nathan Graziano 1463

CREEPY CLOWN by Andrew Pledger 191

Cry of Her Unborn Child by Othmanbee 655

Cult House by Cecelia Chapman 2222

Daemonis Interius by Alex Hunter 306

DangerTune by Cecelia Chapman 2951

Dark City, The by Taylor Bond 556

Day to Day Data by Addison James 409

Dr. Island by Scott Dragoo 833

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 1 by Cecelia Chapman 454

Easy by Julia Grochowski, Julie Ferguson 658
A dance to Son Lux's "Easy"

Eating of the Jews, The by Rick Lupert 2687

Eighteen Slash Stainless by Seb Som 1664
for the people that are awake when everyone else is asleep

Electronique Soundz by Clem 816

Everything Old is New Again by Anthony J. Langford 951
(or War, War What is it Bad For?)

Falling Whistles by Brooke Jean 1506

Father Stretch My Hands by blake Cajiao 294

Father Stretch My Hands (Fan Made) by blake Cajiao 433

Flambeaux by Kristin Fouquet 630
A New Orleans Tradition

Four Desires by Jason Heroux 1473

Four Foot Fez by Clem 961

Frack Off by Tobleroy 843

Freud Chicken by Nathaniel S. Rounds 1148

Ghost Bikes Haunt New Orleans by Kristin Fouquet 606

Gili, The by Man-E Kerr 286

Girl Who Wanted to Strangle the Sun, The by Brian Fugett 921

Givenchy Freestyle by Sire Mastermind 299

gone tell em by Flame 271

Half Pipes & Half Shells by Julia Grochowski, Jesse McPhee 821

hand-crafted by Maryam Mir 920

Hot Dog Truck - A Vegetarian Poem by Rick Lupert 6137

I Am George by Andrew Wayne Adams 2522

I Am Polite As Fuck by Jeremiah Walton 1127

If U Want 2 by james robinson 270

Inappropriate Breads, The by Kristin Fouquet, James Thiebaud 1891

Inspiration by Cheryl Snell 2892

In the Winter of My Paris by Laura Hinton 1348

Is it Time to Go by out mastirie 962

Killday Public Service Announcement by Jason Heroux, Jason Heroux 672

King of Silence, The by Leyla Akdogan 876

Knock, The by Andrew Pledger 218

La Isla Solamente by Yvonne de la Vega 1461

Last Remake of King Kong, Prologue, The by David P. Press 1372

Les Flours du Mal by Kristin Fouquet, James Thiebaud 1425
The Making of the Film The Inappropriate Breads

Little Timmy by Fable The Poet 723
A Spoken Word Short Film

Looking for M by Christopher Anthony Leibow 1461

Lovestoned by Dan Bosi 526

Lovestoned by Dan Bosi 822

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman by Rick Lupert 1524

Mating Season by Produkt 262

Monkey Business by Alex Hunter 250

Monochrome Rainbows by out mastirie 1126

Natasha in need of... by Marjan Elliott 285

Need to Feed by Jason Moody 282

Never Let Go by The Holstar 751

New Politics of Fame and Fortune by Scott Dragoo 400

Nickel by Austin Lewis 229

Night Jar by Nathaniel S. Rounds 1211

Nightwatch by DB Cox 1382

No Feelings by Dennis Chapman 332

Noob Saibot Variety by Volodymyr Bilyk 1769

Not Once by Brian Hobbs 1077

Oh Me! Oh My! And So It Goes by Preacher C 654

Plan #2 by Stanislav Roshas 203

Put A Flower in your Hair by Leopold McGinnis 2297

Realization, The by Greg Chiappetta 269

Recuerdo by Cecelia Chapman 431

Red + Blue by Julia Grochowski, Jesse McPhee 492

Red Ruin: A Short Samurai Film by Donell Atkinson-Johnson 402

Remember Aurora by Jesse Vogelaar 275

Russian Party by Hitarda 1595

Scarecrow, The by Andrew Pledger 275

sea fever by Cecelia Chapman 2222

sidetrip by Cecelia Chapman 2023

Silent Witness by Cecelia Chapman 1610

Sites of Resistance by Leopold McGinnis 1376

Sleepdancing by Yahia Lababidi 1084
video work by Swoon

Sleepdancing (Giddoo) by Yahia Lababidi 2149

Soul Shaking Blues by Saira Viola 536
Performed by Jah Chemistry

Springtime Boy by Scott Dragoo 840

Star Anise by out mastirie 1366

Super Rapper by King Of PunchLines 1158

Tell Me, Sell Me by Tobleroy 805

Ten Blind Men with Hammers by Roger Gregg 882

Ten Fold by RedskyWalker 354

Vitamin Water by David Blaine 3451

Wake Walking by Darcy Hodgson 325

What do Animals Dream? by Yahia Lababidi 3648
video work by Swoon

Witness, The by Justine M Dunn 1134

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