Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast
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Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast

 Cecelia Chapman
 Cecelia Chapman
Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast
by Cecelia Chapman  FollowFollow
Cecelia Chapman works in video, drawing and print.
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Graffiti and Guns on the Norcal Coast
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Along the Northern California coast there are many World War2 army bunkers built as observation points to protect the San Francisco harbor from Japanese Invasion. Two bunkers south of San Francisco are covered inside and out in graffiti, gun bores incorporated into the designs. Angry Orchard bunker in Pacifica is secluded, visited only by locals, a Lascaux-like, mesmerizing, smokey cave interior. Motion Smokey sits on Devil’s Slide Highway1, a dangerous site above the ocean and sheer cliffs, passed by dozens of tourists every day. I took these photographs with my sturdy LG cell phone, to show that somehow, creativity survives violence.

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