Issue 79

Publisher from another Mother...

The Radvocate

In 2008, a friend and I conspired to make a parody zine called "The Radvocate" to lampoon the seriousness of skating magazines and other publications at the time. With irreverent articles and ridiculous "advertisements", we wanted... View publisher The Radvocate

Publisher from another Mother...

Poetry Super Highway

One of the original internet poetry publications and resources, Poetry Super Highway (est. 1997) publishes 2 poets online every week and orchestrates unique projects such as the annual "Great Poetry Exchange", "E-Book Free-For-All"... View publisher Poetry Super Highway

Publisher from another Mother...

MenaCity Review

Terry Rogers [kook] is me. Editor and creator of Menda City Review. Sometimes I even believe I can write, too. I vaguely recall one night or morning, stewed with whiskey, typing something to be deleted later, when I pulled a ragged copy of A Farewell... View publisher MenaCity Review

From the Red Fez library...

The Devil in Snakeskins

by Andy Henion

In a post-apocalyptic future, the world has reverted to a lawless Wild West existence where life is below cut-rate, books are used for target practice, and a contemptuous character known as the professor dissects human abominations for his medical curiosity... View The Devil in Snakeskins

From the Red Fez library...


by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

rupture is a trans-hemispheric adventure in discovering somebody who surprisingly reminds you of yourself. It’s an attempt to push creative talent to the extreme, aligning two unique visions to produce a tome that is urgent, startling, graphic and –... View RUPTURE

From the Red Fez library...

Charged New York City

by Ted Gogoll

CHARGED New York City is a collection of stories about desperate, volatile people trapped in the only place they know: New York City. A homeless drummer. A getaway driver. An unlikely prize-fighter. A repressed man who decides to live a lifetime in one... View Charged New York City