Issue 84

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Other Rooms Press

Publishes exciting, interesting, online, with an occasional print anthology. Holds contributor readings in New York City. One review: "celebrating the concepts of the new avant-garde" View publisher Other Rooms Press

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the open end

Why should you read TheOpenEnd?

1. TheOpenEnd is a general platform for creative writing of all varieties.

2. TOE contributors are insightful, musical, published, and pretty normal.

3. We were established in 2008. Explore us here.

4. TOE showcases... View publisher the open end

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The Phoenix Soul

60 vibrant pages of art + heart (on hand-painted backgrounds) in pdf instant download

Handwritten love notes from me to you

Intimate interviews (including feature truth tribe interviews with creatives such as melody ross, christine mason miller,... View publisher The Phoenix Soul

From the Red Fez library...


by john sweet

collected e-books from 2004 - 2009 View sunpoison

From the Red Fez library...

Australian Love Poems

by Ed. Mark Tredinnick

This second edition was originally published as Australian Love Poems 2013. It contains an updated forward has changes to the original cover. View Australian Love Poems

From the Red Fez library...

The Young Orator

by Sarah Sarai


“Part Henry Darger, part Donald Barthelme, and part comic strip, Sarah Sarai's The Young Orator spins a dark charming tale out of the call to make some money and the wonders of... View The Young Orator