Issue 82

Publisher from another Mother...

Unlikely Stories

"We publish new activist journals and social essays each month. We publish new poems and new fiction and creative non-fiction in even-numbered months. We publish new art criticism, new visual art galleries, new movies, and new music in odd-numbered... View publisher Unlikely Stories

Publisher from another Mother...

Cascadia Review

Cascadia Review hopes to demonstrate—through that poetry and art—the bioregion’s evolving consciousness, its varied identities and sub-identities, and its singular overriding essence. Publication in Cascadia Review requires current or former residency... View publisher Cascadia Review

Publisher from another Mother...

Chantarelle's Notebook

Now in its tenth year, Chantarelle's Notebook Includes a featured poet in each issue and archives all of its back issues. View publisher Chantarelle's Notebook

From the Red Fez library...

Healing Waters, Floating Lamps

by Kiriti Sengupta

“Delicately poised between a viscerally concrete imagery and a sweepingly abstract philosophy, Kiriti Sengupta’s poetry takes us to many places at the same time: the wilted pathways of memory, the teasing tickles of laughter, and when we least expect... View Healing Waters, Floating Lamps

From the Red Fez library...

Ordinary Words

by Si Philbrook

About the author Si Philbrook spent twenty years working in the care sector for people with autism. He has also been a chef, a night porter, call centre worker and petrol station attendant. He lives in Brighton, UK. His poetry has been published in collections,... View Ordinary Words

From the Red Fez library...

The Zombie of Great Peru

by Pierre-Corneille Blessebois

A zombie rises from the grave of French literature to stalk the earth once more! This bizarre novel – written in 1697 – marks the first mention of the word “zombie” in world literature. It is a wicked tale of lascivious lust and lunatic desires,... View The Zombie of Great Peru