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Send Up The Red Smoke?

Editor's Intro

by Patrick Simonelli

Red Fez #53 had an extra-long time to percolate, an additional month in fact, thanks to our holiday break. Of course this means more submissions came in than usual, but our fine editorial staff has presented me with an issue that is fairly normal in size. This leads me to believe it's loaded with just the good stuff.

We find ourselves at the dawn of a new age. Yes, i am rather discombobulated at the prospect of a new pope. And i know that when i think "small press," my next thought is usually "religious matters." But there's more on the horizon! Without stealing any of Leopold's thunder, i can tell you that the March issue of Fez will mark 10 YEARS for us! So if you'd like to be part of this important milestone issue, send in your finest submission.

A few news items to share, starting with the most pressing:

-Tomorrow is Valentines Day! If you needed this note to remind you, consider spending some time on your own, preferably years, then come back and try again.

-Speaking of which, old buddy Michael Grover will soon have a new chapbook out on CFDL Press, "Some People Go Crazy." It will be released as part of the Black Kite poetry reading on Monday February 18, 7 p.m. Other featured readers are Michele McDannold and Brian Fugett. Black Kite is located at 2499 Collingwood, Toledo, Ohio 43620. The event is FREE. Or contact Grover for ordering info. He also has a new zine out called Mixolydian Blues.

-Another plug. Bud Smith has a book out, "Or Something Like That." He's giving away a free kindle edition if you've got the app for that. Or you can purchase the paperback. <a href="
">Click here to take a look via Amazon.</a>

-Book collectors and FN WRIGHT fans, here's a ***HOT TIP*** for you. The late author (FN Wright's) family has put some of his own books, plus items from his personal library, up for sale. The three main books he wrote: The Whorehouse, Flight to Freedom, The Music Sluts, had been very hard to find, especially at affordable prices. But now they have a good supply of them in, from $25 on up. One could even score a signed copy with an original FN Wright painting. The books from his library include several by Ken Patchen, whose work is also hard to find. <a href="">Check out the Amazon store of "brandkev," this seller is a member of FN Wright's family.</a>

And that's it. Hope you enjoy Red Fez issue #53...

- Patrick Simonelli

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