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D Armstrong AKA Raindog Published in over 300 journals, magazines, Ezines, blogs and anthologies, Raindog also has fourteen books including Fire and Rain Vols. 1 & 2 Selected Poems � more (Lummox Press - 2008); On/Off the Beaten Path (Lummox Press - 2008) and El Pagano (Short Stories, Lummox Press - 2008). He also operates the Lummox Press which has published the Lummox Journal; the Little Red Book series (59 titles); New and Selected Poems by John Yamrus; The Riddle of the Wooden Gun by Todd Moore; The Long Way Home Ten years of the Little Red Book Series edited by RD Armstrong; Down This Crooked Road edited by RD Armstrong and William Taylor, Jr.; and Sea Trails Poems and 1977 Passage Notes by Pris Campbell. All can be viewed at An itinerant, self-taught writer, RD lives alone in Long Beach, CA USA. He makes a living doing whatever he can.
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