a milwaukee recap of sorts

June 1-2, 2012. street, meat, beat poetry reading

HAD A GREAT TIME hanging out in Milwaukee with Michele McDannold, Michael Grover, Frankie Metropolis, and Lindsey Thomas. how many syllables are in Improvised Explosive Device? Cops in the alley. Record store do you want to go to a record store I know where there's a great record store. Jesus and Mary Train. Pakistan. Covert Press rides again? Michael "Sandwich Staple" Grover. Somewhere this very instant Lindsey Thomas is counting her fingers. Hope the airline pilot enjoys the wonderful video of me taking a shower. Cool Whip 4-H. The other you use to eat your beard. How does it know if your eyes are looking at it? Fantom Phootball. Piggly Wiggly supper. Catfish scabs. Pizza Rocket Shuttle. Sprecher rit beer. Driving in circles...Lynn Alexander to the rescue. The Ginger Terrorist. Painting by Micheline. Dino Bravo's fatal head wound. Al-Qaeda. Polish Falcons. Wake up Timmy. It's a 17-story book store record store do you wanna go to a record store where Sonic Distortion and Social Youth hangout? Greek olive farming. Let's call up Brian Fugett. Afghanistan. next stop: FEMA camp two-step. this neighborhood is too nice to be ours.


lineup: Michele McDannold, Michael Grover, Frankie Metro, Tom Andrews, Russell Streur, Catfish McDaris, Lindsey Thomas, Tim Murray, Russell Jaffe, Chandra Dickson, Lisa Vihos, Ama Merakis, Ed Werstein

Cream City Collective (732 E. Clarke St.) Milwaukee WI
took place June 2, 2012 3-5 p.m.
In conjunction with The Midwest Small Press Festival

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