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 AE Reiff
 AE Reiff
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There is writing to touch like silk, which produces the finest translucency of light, as if it weren’t word but transparency. This more however melts in the fire, slumps around forms like the folds of Balzac’s cloak. Only that state telescopes. Other writing has rigors that never melt. Initially soft it turns brittle and stiff as though there were only one too soft, the other too hard. Another holds itself after the soft to malleable the impasto and shave, roll coat thin, one atop another, palimpsest gratefully to accept the translucent undercarriage that allows the shine. Writing must pass the fire twice, the first prepares to receive the second. Those that enter a second time will not change. Purified as silver, not intellect at all, the shrinkage of one losing water and vanity of mind before anointing with fine oil. Writing wants to receive impression, resist correctly and give form of the formless, the shape of the shaper.
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The Antarctic is being assembled, flotillas arriving and arrived. Heliports, airports, bases, housing for thousands and ten. It is the camp of a decade. What's the point?  The new facts, machines, techniques, processes, the antigrav is to prepare for Stage II Civilization say the emergent awake, the orb ones, the truthers, the disclosers. This present state of knowing will be held in ridicule by the new imperial authority. It is the founding of an empire Rome and Babylon would deplore, to make hearts fail not just from the hundred readjustments of its apostles, but the recreation of a world that once existed before the human. The search for Annunaki DNA is looking ahead, all the way to next year.

Pick up the trail of a timeline from 11 Feb to 18  2016, the same week of the suspicious death of Justice Scalia, staged to look so. That most culpable pillow over his face was a symbol to smother speech and thought. If the coming disclosures lift their pillows and dazzle us the staging will be complete with the usual defamiliarization of reality, blended undistinguishable narrative voices, structural disorder and abstraction so stultified it will compel belief. The roster that week led off with players like Justice Scalia and Pope Francis, Russian Patriarch Kirill and Donald Trump, and continued early and late with John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, James Clapper, Buzz Aldrin and a whole host of  players from the Russian Baltic Fleet of 2017, but extending back to the President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastian Pinera Echenique, Presidents of Uruguay and Ecuador, 2/2/13, King Carlos of Spain and Prince Harry. 


Antarctic Timeline 2016

The Pope arrived in Mexico 12 Feb 2016 on his way to Cuba to meet the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. On the 18th he was in Juarez, right across the border from El Paso where Scalia's body was taken 2/13, after his death. Just leaving, he would say in midair that Donald Trump was not a Christian, but on 2/12 the deep net had Trump telling Putin in a hand delivered note that they better never meet in Texas if they expected to live. This was a reference to the Bush/Texas/Dallas/assassinations, but by the evening of the 12th Scalia was dead. On 2/11 these same intelligence sources say Obama met with Scalia at the Cibolo Ranch, where Scalia had gone with the Bohemian Grove hunting club (St. Hubertus) of which he was (or not) a member, gratis of Obama's Poindexter. On Feb 9, 2016, four days before the death of Scalia, a Podesta email read, "don't think wet works meant pool parties at the [Cibolo] Vineyard."

We are programmed to accept leaks as "chatter" that intelligence uses to find terrorists, but such judgments are really cabalistic.  Elites love numbers, letters and signs. Hence, these events occur in a leap-year, right before the beginning of the calendrical American election cycle (always a leap year), celebrated 29 Feb.  Secretary of State Kerry's flight to Antarctic the eve of the American election, 2016 serves these ends. The 7.8 NZ earthquake the last night of his stay, two minutes after midnight, 14 November 2016, recalls a prior "earthquake," not exactly reported so, that was the deep state motive for the Pope meeting the Russian Patriarch in Cuba in the first place. Those offices were convening for the first time in a thousand years, similar to the thousand year span breached in the Instructions for the discovery of the Ark of Gabriel. Excavations under the Grand Mosque in Mecca, September 2015 caused two major disasters, 12 Sept and 24 Sept 2015, which "quakes," called lightning  (plasma emissions) in the chatter, motivate the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill in Cuba. 

 The Grand Mosque Caliphate had contacted Patriarch Kirill in Fall 2015 because his Russian Orthodox church retained a copy of an ancient ms. (c. 1050) called Gabriel's Instructions To Muhammad about how to "handle" the Ark. The Instructions presume to have enabled the Ark's excavation according to protocol. Why the Ark should then be transported to Antarctica is not obvious unless some notion of the disclosure-discovery ruse is taken, and further that technology being collected all over the world was also being taken there. The Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill had a Russian historical connect with the Mosque generally. This produced the order by President Putin for a fleet of Russian ships to transport the Ark  6 Dec 2015 to Antarctica.  Immediately following his meeting with the Pope in Cuba in Feb 2016 therefore, when Patriarch Kirill flew to Antarctica 18 Feb, the Ark had already arrived. Intelligence sources further say that in Cuba the Pope had given his own secret ritual ms. from the Vatican archives to the Patriarch to be performed in Antarctica. The Book of Enoch is a probable context for this. When those factions and Kirill with the ms. rendezvoused in Antarctic 18 Feb 2016 to "repatriate" the Ark, those events of  Feb 2016 were punctuated by the Pope declaring Trump cannot be a Christian (18 Feb), drawing him as a sort of Scalia parody into the mix.

  Antarctica is called "the bottom of the planet." That is presumably why the UN flag is centered on the North pole. North is "up." It is the supposed top. Europe is up. Patriarch Kirill's suggestion that the Antarctic is the summit of the planet with the whole world below is upside down to the European-UN design. From the South the oceans are seen as in Plato's Timaeus with the continents encircling them. This new presumed "unity of the earth" of a one world continent that rings Ocean is why Patriarch Kirill is in Antarctica in the first place, the least intuitive place for a Russian Orthodox Patriarch. One ring to rule them all. If trading the UN for ET sounds like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, the Patriarch offers no better explanation himself than the series of circumstances around the Ark of Gabriel

 The Instructions given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel in a cave on Mount Hira, (610 AD) near Mecca were Muhammad's First Revelation entrusted to his care with the proviso that this “box/ark” of “immense power” was forbidden to use as it belonged to God only and was to be buried until its future uncovering in the “Day of the Resurrection.” This shrine was the “place of worship the Angels used before the creation of man.” 

 The Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow from Cuba said that "human civilization has entered into a period of epochal change...the international community must undertake every possible effort to end terrorism through common, joint and coordinated action. We call on all the countries involved in the struggle against terrorism to responsible and prudent action... and not permit a new world war." This relic of angels before the creation of man was to be unopened, but they opened it, and now wanted to put it back. The "ancient secret manuscript” given to Patriarch Kirill by Pope Francis, presumed written directly by the “watchers,” that is those same angels described in the Book of Enoch, was for this purpose. We cannot fail to mention by comparison how the supernatural tenor of angels and rituals belongs also to the Third Secret of Fatima that backgrounds the WWIII of the Joint Declaration. After talk like that literally anything could happen in the immensity, "a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father.’ Others... going up a steep mountain... a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step... having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed [with the others]. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.  "An Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, pointing to the earth with his right hand, cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!" 

Truthers hold that the Ark placed under the pyramids acts like a capacitor in the commentaries of Giza to fractalize DNA sprays out the top to rebuild/re-create the earth. President Putin, who had been first informed about this Gabriel Ark 27 September 2015 ordered bombing of the Islamic State on 30 September 2015, defending Syria, which ceased as suddenly as it began, 14 March 2016, signifying some extraordinary connection to these events in the time frame.

After the service at the Holy Trinity church in Antarctica Patriarch Kirill referred to Antarctica as the summit of the world. Who would have guessed he would echo H. P. Lovecraft who said that the stone towers that brooded there were "Corona Mundi...Roof of the World" (43): "Remember you are on the summit of the planet. When I blessed water today ...when we bless water we attract this divine energy [which] penetrates through it as we sprinkle ourselves with WATER. WE BLESS OURSELVES as we drink and ARE charged with the union of things physical and earthly with things divine."


 Let's Do the Time Warp Again.

Any explanation for these events has to wait until the announcements begin. Bigwigs are not done touring the ruins of the ("Blue Avian") "Builder civilizations."  Biden (2009 a joke, 2016 for real, to "New Zealand"), Buzz Aldrin, Patriarch Kirill, John Kerry, Mark Gibb (R), and Peter Ryder (Indochina Capital, John McCain, Newt Gingrich. From Mar 2016 to the American Election of November Obama and James Clapper visit Antarctica c. 23-27 Mar 2016 (officially Bariloche in Patagonia). Clapper, Director of National Intelligence had just visited Australia, New Zealand the week before, 15 Mar 2016. 


The Obama visits suggest the bigwigs were somehow represented there by Buzz Aldrin  on 1 Dec 2016, perhaps as an unofficial Ambassador to the newly "excavated" preAdamites from his previous contact with them on the moon. Just after the visit of the American secretary of state John Kerry on the eve of the American election, Nov 7-11, 2016, the same day, within hours, India withdrew its 500 and 1000 rupee note (Nov 8) to de-monetize. Kerry passed off his visit as environmental inquiry, but it was suggestively an attempted divination of the Ark of Gabriel, which fluctuates from invention to real and back again. Kerry's answer from the Oracle about its intervention in the American election (and therefore Trump) is inferred  the next day when he stayed in Wellington, New Zealand on his return. The 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake shook him out of bed two minutes after midnight on 14 Nov 2016. That would be a No. Its 7.8 force overturned the sea floor up 2-3 meters down, which suggests the earthquake at the Grand Mosque's second episode of its uncovering.

More rampant supernaturalism of borderline intelligence reports Scalia's ash was used in a ritual to placate the super computer that governs the stargate agency controlling Antarctic, but viewed in these events heightened by Pizza-Pedo-Gate still aborning these suggest the ritualistic nature of the administering minds of The Elite Wanton Boys, although they must be more interested in the blood and fat of the sacrifice than its end in ash. After the election, news of the underground civilization began to be leaked. Then came the report of Putin's plan to visit Antarctica Jan 2017. He ended up sending his Baltic fleet instead later in 2017. Of course Lockheed Martin, chief manufacturer of the deep state was hiring in full operation in Antarctica  with something approaching a thousand super jobs on the recruiting sheets. The meaning of the Steganographic coding in the images of Antarctica in the Podesta coded emails has yet to be revealed. John Key, New Zealand Prime minister, suddenly resigned 12 Dec 2016 as Fulford Speculates, because he was "directly connected to what is going on at ‘The Base’ in Antarctica: "John Key knows what is about to happen and he does not want to be at the helm of his country’s government when it does.” Further data both doubted and confirmed involve the Operation Icebridge Ruins, the 3 pyramids, the buried 14 mile long structure, the Norway dead reindeer line that intersects the new Zealand earthquake,  and the Wilkesland crater discovered c. 2006, as big as Ohio, not to speak of the Red lights of Pine Island


Three Blind Mice

Synchronicities of these rounds like three blind mice begin at different times. The straight line is that the Nazis founded New Swabia in Antarctica in 1939 in a permafrost of doubt, that their photographs were doctored with "certain primordial and highly baffling myth-cycles." The Antarctic had always been supposed from much earlier maps, Piri Reis (1513), to have been once temperate, without ice. But how did the Nazis miss the pyramids sticking right up on the coast, especially since they are right in New Swabia (Maud Land), Station 211, near the ice free mountains of the Muhlig-Hofmann? One supposes that Secretary of State John Kerry went to find out why the Nazis went there, and then Buzz Aldrin, "earth envoy to interdimensional space."  Director of American Intel, James Clapper had already been, and Obama, the Clintons and Eisenhower were not far off at Bariloche. Oh Greada! Affinity science travels late today.

In this series of non concentric circles the New Zealand earthquakes, Muriwai Beach, 14 Nov 2016 and the Podesta email pictures of Antarctica in the Anthony Weiner collection, though not decoded, make a link with the real effects in Antarctica of earthquakes at the polar opposite of CERN, in New Zealand. It would seem as if a bow were drawn with the rim of the bow being the earth and the CERN arrow earthquake its invisible tip. The line is deep here because on Kerry's  visit after Antarctica, last night in New Zealand, an earthquake inverted three feet of the ocean floor. We get a better picture of the unseen revealed at Muriwai Beach, from H. P. Lovecraft and his "monstrous barrel-shaped fossil of wholly unknown nature... tissue evidently preserved by mineral furrows between ridges...combs or wings that fold up and spread out like fans...fabled Elder Things...stretched on framework of glandular tubing...minute wing tips...objects eight feet long all over. Six foot five-ridged torso 3.5 feet central diameter membranous wings...flexible arms or tentacles found tightly folded to torso (19-21). These irruptions caused great scientific mention, yes? No, the subject was dropped. If you want to see what they saw, whoever they are, start at Invercargill and head south.

 World elites resettling there in New Zealand (89,000 millionaires and counting), fleeing on the barge of their own destruction, flee instead toward it. They just don't know what's coming up. Isais says that their covenant with the scourge that it should pass and not come near to them shall be annulled (Isaiah 28.15f). Their fathers toured the Greco-Roman ruins while they traveled to Peru and Cuzco, the Altiplano and the Amazon, but their children will go to the Antarctic. We have to ask Jonathan Swift to explain a world where the Apsu are comin' and their tails are in sight.  Reconstitute those yahoos while we are still yet in the way, before all highest and beast authorities say  they lied to us, but everybody's human, except nobody will be human any more. Science-religion business will prophet the Apsu and the cuckoo past come back. As Karl Woolf says before the fact, "we will completely alter mankind for the next ten thousand years."

If that's too big a bite, spores of new Cyclopean literature will bubble up aliens from Antarctica.  Pick and choose whether the pseudo neck and probable south are the ends of the tentacles themselves or need to be applied. Artificial Intelligence needs a binary salt of ash and nano code to encrypt the proper form of elite. Then the quantum comes. At first there will only be  five point mounds standing up, but diets that  absorb inorganic vegetable life and sushi marine will  find legs and charcoal grill the game.  Even if they multiply by means of pseudo foot that leads to pseudo head and folded wings, bat more than fish will fly like endless rain across the universe. 

This is the Dawning of the Age of Antarctica

The shock and awe in this playbook, as if we were being herded to a conclusion that says we do not live on a planet at all but in a bubble-think and were preceded by eight civilizations, our web-footed friends, those masters who will announce themselves through the mouthpiece of their scientists as the Origin of Species. To be kind, to take their hook and line and not to use the froward word, what a gas.

Elite discoveries of pre-Adamite tech machines from ancient Sumerian sites stored in Mosul with the Lapis Gilgamesh have no more empirical evidence than the Ark of Gabriel or Scalia's Ash.  If it is so that the Ark of Gabriel went Feb 2016 to the old  Builder Palace of the Puradu Fallen that must have left a lot of 12 ft tall dehydrated pot-bellied long heads ajar. Where they came from is in your Bible and below, but all the buildings flash froze about the same time as the electrical scouring of Mars. Technologies however were preserved. 

 Obama, Clapper and Kerry fleeing the Russian hack came to these labs under ice in 2016 and confirmed every genetic and financial mutation. Flood-reduced Puradu from the eminent ancient sources at Qumran mentioned that same mutation. Elite authority Edgar Cayce said it was Atlantis. Graham Hancock gave the Platonic date of 9,600 B.C.  Enoch said, "they sinned against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish" (Enoch 6-7), "corrupted alike men and cattle and beasts and birds and everything that walked the earth" (Jub. 5.1-2).  That makes the mutating grosbeaks of the D.C. Beltway a little tame, but fake news builds the tale. After the American underground linked sex crimes with "discoveries" of Antarctic Atlantis, not just physics and astronomy but anthropology, pyramids, shelf-splits, underground lakes, earth changes, ice melts, cracks, glaciers broke off.  DARPA's underground Neuschwabenland (c. 1938), Admiral Byrd's disastrous HighJump (1947), 19th century hollow earth paradigms turned solid, post 1947. America of course is  a way of saying Europe. Elites manage the whole world to succumb to its control. Dogon Nommos, Curtius and Auerbach are from Sirius A and B. 

I saw a man laying down a grid of masonry tiles before tearing them up. I didn't see what was covered, only the covering, as if to say he had buried something before and covered it in order to pretend to rediscover it now. In the context this meant that the entire Antarctic disclosure was a tactical plant, a Piltdown Man to roll out technologies governments had been holding back all along, that otherwise they could not explain without severe contempt heaped upon them. They blamed it on The Melting from below.  How to roll out the technologies that no one would believe, when you had them all along? Ask Ben Rich of Skunkworks, "anything you can imagine we already know how to do."  Simply pretend to discover in the Antarctic Melt time travel, extremes of life extension, anti-grav put there by the "Builder Race," the Apkallu, the ET, the alien, the Annunaki, the Apsu, you name it, then call "factual" what is patently theatre. What is a fact? Whatever scientific authorities say is a fact. Disclosure means a previously hidden made known.

All this theater is worthy of the high global awards an Oscar merits with bait and switch. This way nobody gets blamed for blowing up colonies on the moon, Mars, Pluto (pick your own), blowing up the rings of Saturn or for the elite cooking up split dimensions. Where these things really came from is thus not an issue and if they are really there nobody asks. The real is replaced by the "facts," being what you are told, the real being another quantum yet beyond the ruse. Hand picked teams of archeologists and engineers that reveal these finds are the same ones that prepared them for disclosure, cemented them over and then tore them up. Anybody who does not accept the new fact is not just a conspiracy theorist, but anti-science, for science is no longer a questioning of things, it is a believing of them in the history of censorship and controlling beliefs. Those who do not agree will not be heard when the false beliefs of old science are replaced by the false beliefs of the new. One question, was science ever used to fool you before? Is that the fault of science or because science is a tool of the powers to fool? 

So this is the dawning of the age of Antarctica, outer perimeter of the dark flat earth where the fgov fills in the harbor at night with tigre extremes and you get an Apocalypse of Stars. Take your pick colonists, the moon, Dulce or Archuleta. Aliens or gfovernment spell check hard. It is an honor to join our brothers there when bodies thrown into Elisha's tomb land on his bones and are taken up alive (2Kings 13.21). Wait while the angel looses its vial. Euphrates dries. The Fig Kings march. There are more things dreamt in heaven and earth than probability. This meeting of Pope Francis and Precedent Kirill in Havana made two or more meanings of a word exploit multiple and similar-sounding words. Let's say both sides invented this. Who says there are two sides? Colonists underground and Plain Folk. No questions ask! Oberbold they clearly could not touch it and live. So there's more to Antarctica than sunny beaches and clay courts and hot spring resorts ten thousand miles from Moscow where it's really only possible to talk about the idea of the matter, not specific acts and persons who commit to serving them. All particular cases of these concepts must be rejected, not only because they are unbelievable absolutes but because even so who can bring the offenders to account? Are you going to indict the kings and queens of Inland? Sons will be waking up with cold sweats in their beds. What was he doing in that remote earth?

Home Mortars and .50 Cals

 To get the significance of the fanfare about to rule we take the emotional shock and weigh it by approximation against the awesome myriad of clues arbitrarily released into the media. It is the beginning of the thing that will cause men's hearts to fail. One of an ongoing series. After all, if NASA is secretly trying to blow up Saturn and if politics are what Phil Schneider says you really can't trust any sources in this investigation. What you gonna do when they tell you about CIA 9/11 and the Hollywood moon landing, the  Challenger astronaut hit job, that the moon is hollow? And that's just pillow talk.  One hundred fifty scientists will trot out with their tails tied together to tell you there's three hundred mile long space ships in the Rings and under ocean and you're not human anyway but an alien your own self. Them fire rats set loose in the country burn it down.

I charge myself with falsity in the absurd connections and verbal satire brought to all these subjects. Always looking to turn a phrase could be said to diminish the gravity of the subject, making fun of it. But the purpose is to demonstrate the laughable nature of facts and threats against a promise that That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake, I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.

There used to be a maxim of prophecy that a prophet once wrong is always wrong, so with the facts. Many sources consulted here have ultimately disproven themselves. So let us consider them fiction in a nonfiction form. By way of proof of this attitude I got a phone call this morning from a friend who has had trouble reading over the years. First the specialists told her it was macular degeneration, then it was cataracts, both of which were removed, and now Fuchs' distrophy, build up of fluid in back of the eye. Next up is a partial corneal transplant. The crowning blow came when this was all blamed on heredity. Being a relation I was called to forewarn. If you can learn from the analogy, a chief vehicle of fiction, that is exactly what is going to happen with Antarctica. The crowning blow will be genetic, that we are all alien! Ancient Astronauts! QED. Ca Ching, ca ching, the Wanton Boys know how to scare and make you pay. You'll all be buying home mortars and 50 cals. But the good news is the end is false and the beginning can be cured. Try air, water and exercise. Call me in 30 days. 

There used to be a super soldier called Max Spiers, killed now by those he would have exposed, who trained him. He outgrew his controls and matured. Among his last statements are two notions, first, that all the centers of the body can be overthrown except the heart, no doubt because these forces have none in this sense, and second that Earth is maligned as it is because Earth is already  the Jewel of the Universe and the human heart is its brightest light. That, as far as it goes, is how the human fights against the gods.

Glossary and  Notes


--Buzz Aldrin. "The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!" is a (purported) direct quote.

--Earthquakes in new Zealand. Earthquakes in New Zealand: Worldview screenshot of New Zealand, Macquarie Island, Guadalupe Island & Nova Scotia / Nov. 13, 2016.

Fight Against the Gods and Apocalypse of Stars are two entries maintained online by Kurk Wold at his SuperNats, or Insight Statutes.

--Rand and Rose Flem-ath. Atlantis Beneath the Ice. Bear and Co. 2012.

--Fox tails. This is a reverse Samson whose Elite hero ties the scientists together to burn down the human. Samson tied the fox tails to together to spite the Philistines. 

--Greada. 1954 treaty between Eisenhower and the tall Grays. Like the Other Losses (James Bacque) dismissed as Conspiracy Theory by eight historians at Wikipedia, Eisenhower imprisoned and starved to death some 800,000 German foot soldiers and civilians behind barbed wire, the crème de la crème being imported to NASA.

--Graham Hancock's Egyptian Giza Star-based Religion of 11,600 year old destruction of Atlantis is the axis of the Antarctic expeditions, a great counterfeit with the 100 ton blocks of  stone fitted to a T, as if by giants. These giants worshipped the stars, their fathers, meaning the Fallen ingenious at counterfeiting. Hancock says he is working hard to change his life through Ayahuasca. So is the underground bases writer, Richard Sauder, living in Ecuador. 

--H. P. Lovecraft. At the Mountains of Madness (Arkham House, 1936). Modern Library 2005. 

--Scalia's death. Autopsy of Scalia's Hat. Sein und Werden. Corpus.

--Phil Schneider. Space Alien Politics- Phil Schneider In Country. Red Fez 88.

--David Wilcock.  Endgame Part II The Antarctic Atlantis. Prose version available. 

--Karl Woolf. The bad guy in Clive Cussler's  Atlantis Found (1999).




  1 month ago
Add to the "combs or wings that fold up and spread out like fans...fabled Elder Things" cited on p. 9 from H. P. LOVECRAFT his doctrine of Cosmicism (Artifical Intelligence Reptile, more in the ramblings of Geordie Rose (D-WAVE) on the elder things to appear from D-Wave dimensions.

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