David Bowie Rescued Me
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David Bowie Rescued Me

 Mark James Andrews
 Mark James Andrews
David Bowie Rescued Me
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Mark James Andrews is finding optimism in uncertainty. He has work forthcoming in Chiron Review, Third Wednesday and a couple other hot spo...read morets.
David Bowie Rescued Me
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from the Bicentennial of the USA

when my new bride and I awoke from fitful sleep

Sunday morning coming down

at the crack of noon

July 4, 1976

when my Shelly spoke of a Japanese legend

that when you can’t sleep at night

it’s because you are wide awake

in someone else’s dream

and I told her that I felt 200 light years

from the American Dream.

I’ll just make the coffee she said.

I put Mingus at Antibes on the turntable

a new Live album we called “Church”

our sweet soundtrack Sunday ritual passion play

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Prayer For Passive Resistance

Better Git Hit In Your Soul

when 2 friends came bounding up the back stairs

Big Z and Dirty Joe busting through the screen door

proposing an alternative Bicentennial celebration

a Sunday Matinee at an art house cinema

The Man Who Fell To Earth

and there we were gaping at the grainy film

The Bow as androgynous android alien startrooper

doing a header into a vector of New Mexico of course

an extraterrestrial from an unknown planet

landing with a preposterous British passport and accent

wanting a glass of water for his family

grainy drought landscape vistas of thirsty family

flashbacking from home planet

but going full-bore American corporate greedhead

Does he want all earth’s water?

Learning to be human by watching TV

a whole stacked bank of TV’s

watched through a presumed fly’s eye

perception, learning, memory, grokking it all

overload freakout to Roy Orbison’s Blue Bayou:

Get out of my mind all of you.

Leave my mind alone.

Hooking up with an American girl, Mary Lou.

The Bow tells her he is Thomas Jerome Newton.

Mary Lou takes him to church

introduces Tommy to alcohol and fucking

Tommy immersing himself immediately in the lush life

lining up top shelf liquor bottles like bowling pins

the water caper fueled by booze

the screen filling up with sex with Mary Lou

lots of it

The Bow as Tommy deconstructing the body feminine


Great scene of Gun Sex full frontal Bow nudity

Bow as Tommy wielding a pistol like a phallus

pistol loaded with blanks popping them off

Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart.

Mary Lou really goes batshit when Tommy

morphs back alien

ditches the human eye contact lenses

exudes full body slime while fucking.

Tommy’s getting the hang of it

and why does the alien have the standard male package

the same as every red blooded American male human

singing the Star Spangled Banner with a hard-on

on the 200th Birthday of the United States of America?

Postscript: Came home & barbecued.

Drawing inspiration from the film

Dirty Joe blew away a faulty car stereo

with his new Ithaca 12 Gauge in the back yard.

The faulty unit had been removed.

Big Z launched it off the back porch.

Joe nailed it when it hit the lawn.

We had been drinking the High Life

and smoking what we called Rat Boo.

We lived in an upper flat on Detroit’s Eastside.

Dirty Joe rented a whole house across the street.

A night of Ordinary Madness in America

and not a birthday party.

Cry if you want to.

Dug The Bow in all his incarnations

especially for at one time aspiring

to be a Buddhist monk.

The Bow studied at a Tibetan monastery

with Leonard Cohen in 1969

at Samye Ling in Scotland of all places.

David Bowie said he was one month away

from getting his head shaved.

Dug theThe Bow for his saxophone playing.

Check out his covers of Here Comes The Night

And I Can’t Explain on 1973’s Pin Ups.

He fills the breaks with riveting barrelhouse sax lines.

He loved Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy.

RIP Thin White Duke

the thinnest

and whitest Duke

to ever perform

in America

on Soul Train.




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