Satan at the Super Collider
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 AE Reiff
 AE Reiff
Satan at the Super Collider
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There is writing to touch like silk, which produces the finest translucency of light, as if it weren’t word but transparency. This more however melts in the fire, slumps around forms like the folds of Balzac’s cloak. Only that state telescopes. Other writing has rigors that never melt. Initially soft it turns brittle and stiff as though there were only one too soft, the other too hard. Another holds itself after the soft to malleable the impasto and shave, roll coat thin, one atop another, palimpsest gratefully to accept the translucent undercarriage that allows the shine. Writing must pass the fire twice, the first prepares to receive the second. Those that enter a second time will not change. Purified as silver, not intellect at all, the shrinkage of one losing water and vanity of mind before anointing with fine oil. Writing wants to receive impression, resist correctly and give form of the formless, the shape of the shaper.
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Satan at the Super Collider
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Satan at the Super Collider

This was the damned worm who pierces through the world. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and its objectives are viewed through the vision of Satan given by Dante in Canto 34 of the Inferno. The climax of this descent into dark matter is foreseen, along with the extra dimensions, parallel universes, black holes to open doors to other space/time dimensions. CERN's stated purpose in France/Switzerland, where 

          the side on which he fell from heaven;

          for fear of him, the land that once loomed here

          made of the sea a veil and rose into

          our hemisphere; and that land which appears

          upon this side--perhaps to flee from him--

          left here this hollow space, and hurried upward. (121-26)

We walk past monuments erected by our selves and pretend they are something else, as if, like the shag carpet Dante climbs down to pass through hell they are a foothold in the underneath, anything but what they are. It is the frozen visage of Satan down which he descends, climbing down Satan's shaggy sides and between the tangled hair and its ice crust past the point where the thigh begins. To land this way Satan must have been cast head first into the earth’s center and stuck there, a kind of jack knife in two dimensions but in three a somersault reversal of gravity, immobilized in ice, for his fall displaced all the land, pushed it into the northern hemisphere. In two dimensions a v and inverted v from entrance and exit collapsed together. They are collided to free the energy, in this case Satan, CERN's drunken purpose, prematurely we should say, as if that were possible, but actually before the fact of Satan's incarceration, since that comes later in earth's time, after most of these matters are resolved. Then he is not frozen, but chained, then released, then cast in a lake of fire.

Satan is a sort of structure (7) so towered from the ice, up from midchest (29) two wings spread out (46). Do you still believe you are north of the center (107),  beneath the hemisphere opposing (112f)? Descended, down from tuft to tuft, / between the tangled hair and icy crusts (74-5). Do we really need to spell out the parallels with the worm who pierces through the world? When would you believe? No, "that soul up there [consumed head first in Satan's mouth] who has to suffer more...his head inside, he jerks his legs without" (61-3) is a perfect patsy of...fill in the blank. We could stop to look at it a while, except maybe we realize there are other frozen statues there and run.

Literature gives a much clearer view than science but is not believed. And if this is merely Dante being told by (the fictional) Virgil, truly one of the great foreknowings, it remains to divulge the ultimate vision of foretelling, which (the real) archangel Gabriel gives to Daniel, except this is mathematically precise. The 69 weeks from the beginning of the restoration of Jerusalem to the proclamation of the King, that Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, measure exactly, to the day, the time from March 14, 445 April 6, 32 A.D. We are in the presence of something so much greater than Dante that it is well worth contemplation if you tire of the same old black hole, time breaking routine that brings the fierce countenance in. If so you can read Scotland Yard's Sir Robert Anderson's, The Coming Prince

The event of CERN and the cracking of dimensions is popularly interpreted as the opening of the fifth seal of the Revelation and the star Wormwood crashing into the bottomless pit, where alien life expected by advocates and dissenters comes not from the stars but from below. To open a door to these other dimensions in the presence of metaphors of destruction does not hide much, so Shiva's statute at the facility flaunts destruction in the face of the world, dancing destruction, a pun on Oppenheimer's statement that he had become the destroyer of worlds after the first atomic bomb. It goes nicely with the image of broken time, that is of Kali, Shiva's counterpart, projected on the Empire State Building. Saint-Genis-Pouilly, the town of the super collider, is a shrine named after the Roman city which took its name from the Latin Appolliacum, that is, Apollyon, Pouilly, meaning destroyer. Apollo is cited in   Revelation 9/11 as apoliea, "whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon, king of the locusts who had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit." These trees make a row. Kali, Shiva, Apollyon, Oppenheimer. At least tit for tat, religion opposing religion, Christian vs. pagan, the clearest statement of this new physics and its exploration of new dimensions of super symmetry might be that it seeks to open the door to the disembodied spirits of the dead, removed nephilim trapped in a parallel dimension of the ether world. That this entire technology of the super collider is nephilim inspired does not exactly fit the paradigm that they are dead, but loosed, they loose themselves with this technology.

In a series of ritual desecrations to unleash the said nephilim, Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour  "" G. Ervana) plays D.C., Philadelphia, New York, the same cities and at the same time as Pope Francis. Continuing that same imagery of Crossing Over, breaking dimensions, the Tomorrowland festival immediately follows in Atlanta. This coincides with the announcement at CERN of its highest power disruption of the boundaries between the planes at that same time. That everything is peaceful afterward admirably suits the calm and beauty of that first September 11 morning.

How does Satan break dimensions? The whole cloning program and hybridization of the human genome. How does Satan break time? By attempting its assassination through geoengineering, counterfeiting always by saying that these things are done to save the earth, lessen warming, save humanity, give long life and health. Extra dimensions mean the unloosing of cohorts imprisoned there. All this is done by psychological mirroring too, the practice of imitation of the movements preceding to fake rapport in order to destroy. Was there a Messiah? There will be an imitation Messiah mirrored.

The one smoking gun in all this is the prima facie evidence of the explosion of technology after WWII with a concomitant black shelving of it so we don't really know what it is. This fuels the question of alien technology except that has no smoking gun at all. Where did it come from, the internet proposing earth into a stage one civilization, the mind of DARPA (Defense Advdanced Research Projects Agency, part of US Defense Department) , government scientists? The decoding of the human genome? The lab techniques of chimeras? Those drones are not capable of much beyond following orders. They make us think of Hannah Arendt's clerks who follow orders and assassinate the world. The little grey men who presumably showed the Nazis anti-gravity in 1938 showed them also how to clone? Chip and clone become the ultimate measure of DARPA success, chip, clone and kill anybody who can build another system, or anybody who had built the present system, in order to keep it covert. See all the suicide computer scientists of Britain, all the missing microbiologists. So zero energy and anti-gravity got black shelved while the gov built hundreds of underground cities to outlast the wrath of God. If that sounds stringent, it has become acceptable to cite every other deity but the One true, and to mock real judgment with another celebrated by the Shiva destroyer at CERN, built at the ancient site of the temple of Apolloyon destroyer at Saint Genis Pouilly, with the words of Oppenheimer about the atom bomb, embossed in gold on the outer shell, I am become destroyer of worlds. 

Now if the Disclosure that this information all stems from Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Sirius seems too much, and if you have not made fifth level contact with the orbs, which is the worst idea since taking DMT, then what aliens are we talking about? The news is at least indigenous. The angel alien fallen nephilim, who impersonate every light and dark philosophy from science to Tomorrowland, that fell with the chief musician of heaven and think their day has come, and as far as that goes they are right, but it will be short. Eisenhower met with them impersonating the greys and so it goes. 

We face such an amazing mixture of science and myth that they don't make sense without each other. Here one hand we face a myth where unbelievably the U.S. president Obama is to become a stand-in of Osiris and on the other that fallen angels made a technology and gave it to the global junta they created in order to.... And how any of this could be conceived or construed believably makes it necessary to believe that the U.S. president is a clone, following the orders of his controllers, whoever and wherever they be. There is no nice way to say that presidents, prime ministers, chancellors have been cloned since Jimmy Carter. Nobody could ever believe that LBJ was cloned, but there it stops. 

The other important mixture of science and myth involves the Iraq War II where the alleged covert purpose was to steal the technology from the Iraq Museum that Nimrod and/or Gilgamesh used in building the Tower of Babel, which was not a building exactly, more of an antenna that broadcast the EM frequencies we call scalar and were an attempt to "take" the heaven, whatever that could mean. Of course what it means is destroy the heaven, break the dimensions. The attempt failed because of outside interference, so called, which is one way of saying that the technology was good. What exactly it was of course was the purpose of its theft by the U.S. c. April 8, 2003. The best guess is that it represents a parallel track to the supercollider at CERN to break time, break the dimensions, find dark matter, let loose the hordes, in other words. When technology sounds like myth and myth like technology the simplistic principles of empirical science are out of date. All kinds of alternatives to fallen angel nephilim technology exist, especially Disclosure, assigning these discoveries to infiltrators from Sirius, Cassiopeia, Andromeda. And none of these explain parallel phenomena such as the buried super cites on the sea floor off of Japan at Yonaguni Jima, sunk in toto, more engineering projects of the builders of Babel. Those busy builders!

I began to revisit the reopening of the multidimensional gates located everywhere from Sedona to Bolivia when I became aware that that is exactly what CERN seeks to do in this present run, to force open whatever tissue of glue, gravity, veil stands between what they believe is this dimension and the other, serial dimensions of dark matter they think they are measuring, but can't see. The overt religious fervor of this in the statue at the facility, the odd reports of paranormal effects reported around it, the opera Dance of Destruction, filmed to celebrate this run, with its creepy effects, break dancing taken from My Pet Goat II and the applause on all the CERN videos whenever they complete a run, like a moonshot, factor taking the subject as the Days of Noah as an explanation, you know, when people were eating and drinking and giving in marriage right up until the rains came. Shiva the destroyer is a pun on the rains, in this case the doors opening, the gates thinning, to result in, and now here the effects might be a wee speculate, the coming of giants to eat you, the rising from the bed of the Euphrates of the horsemen of Revelation and the seven seals. This last quickly exhausts the viewer.

Back then to reality, or what we call alternative reality, comes the purpose for the Iraq War, which, all other causes notwithstanding, was to retrieve from the Museum of Iraq artifacts Saddam had dug up, and which the American special forces retrieved on the first day of the war, these constituting DNA formulas of Nimrod, to study how he, "began to become," a necessity for transhumans who wish the same upon themselves and must be considered another arm of the destroying Shiva at CERN. This explains why the Americans allowed the looting of the museum after, to cover their tracks. But Shiva has five or six arms. The other booty, flown out by helicopter by night, selected by the American ambassador who was on site to see to it, was, and you will appreciate how this is the counterpart to CERN, the control mechanism and power source of the Tower of Babel, viz. the technology of the fallen angels. That there is a theology anthropology behind all this you can ferret out yourself in the sources of Tom Horn and Steve Quayle and their associates. This bit about the Curator of the Iraq Museum comes 47.15-55.39f in their On the Path of the Immortals  "


Allied to this in some odd way, the interview of Alex Jones with Louis Lefebvre about Pet Goat II 

 argues that this is throwing the illuminati imagery back in the face of the elites to cause consciousness, but consider whether it doesn't do the opposite, merely to confirm those images by using them. Any pub is good pub. These are very like those images of TomorrowLand in Rio and that to come in Atlanta, which pose as initiatory rites to invoke multidimensionals through the  portal, so also allied to CERN, presumably to be announced on CNN. The coming cannibalism of the giants to be let loose, "the land devours its inhabitants" (Numbers) should be viewed as even more mental and spiritual than it will be physical devouring. If you wonder at all these precursors to the events to come, what they call predictive programming, it is arguably a technique of propaganda to preprogram a reserve data drop before the effect, so that it mimics precognition, or foretelling, and is recognized and therefore more readily triggers belief in that section of the brain where these lodge.

So Bush-Obama Amer-uca, land of the feathered serpent, learns to jump space through orbs with ancient portal technology stolen from Saddam at the same time as CERN does, but with suspicion that there are colliders in the US anyway. You just have to look underground. Good luck with that, as much as even getting onto the Bradshaw Ranch, the Sedona Portal, since it is now owned by the Gov.

I say I began to revisit this some years ago because Gilgamesh crept into my work on ThoughtGottens and Oracle Binding, which queried, began the first awareness of the Lapis box that was said to be recovered from his remains. Which remains of these remains we search for in the USDA labs on the Beltway. Can't find a list or the number of these portals yet, but Mount Graham and the Four Corners in addition to Sedona are being bought up. Of course Dulce on the Archuleta is already in the portfolio. Today you can hear about Donald Trump, civil and financial unrest and immigration and receive that there is a higher and lower sort, that immigration coming in to those ports. Well that's what it means to be eating and drinking right up until the flood comes.

Another arm of this Shiva opening portals would be the Vatican offering homes to the space brothers they conjure from de Chardin on to their portal on Mt. Graham, which was brought to us by Senator John McCain. Another portal, but also one masked, or one to mask the work at CERN and at the D. C. government labs with Babel. I almost said Beelzebub. Check the astrobiology here at Baptized Martians, which of course is a joke since, if they have not fallen into sin, as the Vatican suspects, they will baptize us. Then they will kill us. CERN is the consequence of the Vril Society under its occult names. Further research, try dinosaurs at Sedona, suicides at CERN. Fallen seraphim reptilian giants need to be fed.

The best news received in the interim is that we are all in a medieval, Roman system of two classes of rulers and peasants. It is so comforting to be a restored peasant after suffering the illusion so long that I was better, something else. My aunt insisted always from an early age that we are all peasants. I have come home to it, knowing that I know nothing of the world and its stratagems, time and its breaking, even if I sue the words, and that I am so unimportant that I can be left alone to live my illusions without interference. It was my own fault for ever thinking otherwise, but we also recognize that is the programming put upon us at birth, in schools, in society, that we matter and that we can do anything. All illusion, all chimera.

As far as I can see it there are two reigning possibilities, ET vs the Nephilim, and these have many permutations, but the best one is the simplest, that they are the same, not that the numbers of intelligent parties who have had experience of ET would accept this. Steve Greer had early experience of contact. It became his raison d'être, his reason for being, leant significance to his life, although he is a member of the ruling class and not a peasant, which should give pause. 

Two classes of ET emerge, the android manufacture, programmed life form, chipped and cloned (extended to most Hollywood stars) and the "real" kind that say they are from Andromeda or Sirius and come with benign intent, little Speilbergs, for whom we must enter an age of peace, not war, so earth can have more generations, another neat bifurcation between the real and the unreal to draw participants toward the middle. Even though the Hegelian is decried by all these groups they all use it. The Disclosure effort by all accounts is to come public in an alien war, etc. a false flag event run by the rulers to consolidate ever more power.

Before this all gets lost in the details, none of these are fact, that being that every one of these appearances is nephilim. That every one of these black budget, black shelved, sequestered technologies that have been know for years to be thousands of years ahead of what is used on the earth, all come from the nephilim, who can take many shapes, littley greys for the Nazis, etc. It is pertinent that Revelation says that this was the beast that was, that is not, then that is and then that is no more, that this somehow explains the timeline that repeats the days of Noah, for there is plenty of history of the nephilim in ancient times entering human affairs, making fit extensions of themselves, i.e. hybrids, giants. In this there seem to be three: the first angels who fell, their breeding of their race of nephilim. further breeding into giants.

Diffused and disguised effects are to be argued from all of this, that is, radiations, skips and jumps in different directions affecting crime, war, earthquakes, politics, social movements (refugees, chemical plant explosions, Santiago, Chile, bogus nuclear treaties, Hajj stampede, threats of N and S Korea, China, Russia, the all purpose Obama dignitaries and the Pope). It was part of this world illusion that its best and brightest had all done unspeakable things and made bargains to display their beauty and power that made them so shine, but which in actual fact had debased them so far beneath the idea even of a human that they retained only the vestige.


The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Inferno. Allen Mandelbaum. 1980.



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Wikileaks proves the last sentence.

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