Satan at the Super Collider

This was the damned worm who pierces through the world. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and its objectives are viewed through the vision of Satan given by Dante in Canto 34 of the Inferno. The climax of this descent into dark matter is foreseen, along with the extra dimensions, parallel universes, black holes to open doors to other space/time dimensions. CERN's stated purpose in France/Switzerland, where 

          the side on which he fell from heaven;

          for fear of him, the land that once loomed here

          made of the sea a veil and rose into

          our hemisphere; and that land which appears

          upon this side--perhaps to flee from him--

          left here this hollow space, and hurried upward. (121-26)

We walk past monuments erected by our selves and pretend they are something else, as if, like the shag carpet Dante climbs down to pass through hell they are a foothold in the underneath, anything but what they are. It is the frozen visage of Satan down which he descends, climbing down Satan's shaggy sides and between the tangled hair and its ice crust past the point where the thigh begins. To land this way Satan must have been cast head first into the earth’s center and stuck there, a kind of jack knife in two dimensions but in three a somersault reversal of gravity, immobilized in ice, for his fall displaced all the land, pushed it into the northern hemisphere. In two dimensions a v and inverted v from entrance and exit collapsed together. They are collided to free the energy, in this case Satan, CERN's drunken purpose, prematurely we should say, as if that were possible, but actually before the fact of Satan's incarceration, since that comes later in earth's time, after most of these matters are resolved. Then he is not frozen, but chained, then released, then cast in a lake of fire.

Satan is a sort of structure (7) so towered from the ice, up from midchest (29) two wings spread out (46). Do you still believe you are north of the center (107),  beneath the hemisphere opposing (112f)? Descended, down from tuft to tuft, / between the tangled hair and icy crusts (74-5). Do we really need to spell out the parallels with the worm who pierces through the world? When would you believe? No, "that soul up there [consumed head first in Satan's mouth] who has to suffer more...his head inside, he jerks his legs without" (61-3) is a perfect patsy of...fill in the blank. We could stop to look at it a while, except maybe we realize there are other frozen statues there and run.

Literature gives a much clearer view than science but is not believed. And if this is merely Dante being told by (the fictional) Virgil, truly one of the great foreknowings, it remains to divulge the ultimate vision of foretelling, which (the real) archangel Gabriel gives to Daniel, except this is mathematically precise. The 69 weeks from the beginning of the restoration of Jerusalem to the proclamation of the King, that Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, measure exactly, to the day, the time from March 14, 445 April 6, 32 A.D. We are in the presence of something so much greater than Dante that it is well worth contemplation if you tire of the same old black hole, time breaking routine that brings the fierce countenance in. If so you can read Scotland Yard's Sir Robert Anderson's, The Coming Prince

Satan at the Super Collider continues...
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As far as I can tell the narrator of this writing does not believe in the universe. This is the ultimate thought crime to all the sources and to the world itself. it's like not believing in the normal curve or standard deviations. However let us observe the universe is a construct that its believers more for what before was their notion of god or gods. They believe in random distribution but with a cause. They believe in the universe as provider, much like Jung believes the psyche will provide, a la Joseph Campbell, a hero when a hero is needed. That is they all follow hook line and sinker to the stars as both agents of divination and divination itself.
  5 months ago
Wikileaks proves the last sentence.

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