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Space Alien Politics

Phil Schneider In Country

 AE Reiff
 AE Reiff
Space Alien Politics
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The narrator does not believe in the universe, the ultimate thought crime to all its sources and to the world itself. Believers in Universe more what before was their notion of god or gods. Notion of Universe as unrandom distribution WITH CAUSE accompanies the belief that psyche will provide, as Joseph Campbell says, a hero will appear when a hero is needed. These follow the stars as agents of divination and divination itself. But I hold these findings inconsequent beside THE BRIGHT EXTENSIVE WILL!
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Space Alien Politics
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Here's what General MacArthur told the West Point cadets: "We speak in strange terms, of harnessing cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy. The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war” (October 8, 1955, also 12 May 1962). The nations of the world, he might have said, must unite against the Buggers! According to Schneider, who constructed many underground bases to defend against such forces, every year of the known "white world" contains forty-four years of research and development in the “black.” The “Alien Agenda” out of this calculation enabled defense contractors to make 2,816 years progress in black weapons and advanced aerospace research in the 64 years from the formation of the CIA in 1947 to 2011. They would have explored the solar system, time traveled, invented anti-gravity and collected widgets from all over space. Add 2816 to 2011 and you get the year 4827! Subtract and you obtain the present advertised state of our technical age, which compared would equal 795 B.C, just before Homer wrote the Illiad. We give some cryptographic exercises here to crack this code, for Schneider has seen Bo Diddley up close, and documented the 131 Deep Underground Military Bases.

If the general thought that "the nations of earth must someday unite against attack by people from other planets" it could be believed the Exos would conquer earth by 2029, were that not also the proffered year of Singularity, unless of course the two are the same as Schneider says, and have been lo these years. But why wait when it just gets harder? Something is preventing: Gideon lights in the bush, a lamp, a pitcher, and a trumpet, people singing and praising Yeshua at night. Grant that movies about ET break down the parameters and distract people so they cannot attend their own demise. They don't look at their own chemtrailed skies or irradiated seas. Even if rapture means shoah for the world, how likely shall consumers stomach the alien or the Judgment of God who makes the nations prove, especially the United States?

Nazi Scientists

When the 1000 Nazi Paperclip scientists authorized by President Truman infiltrated American science in 1946, bringing special poisons like sarin, Klon B with 9/91, or tabun (they had invented mustard gas before), then the Pope, Hillary and Barak could announce the creeping of WW III, and the good guys in D.C. benefit Dow. Nazi med science iced prisoners to death in concentration camp bathtubs to increase underwater survivability in submarines and space. Nazi LSD began the CIA psychology-fracture machine. Rocketry, chemistry, med science, criminality were all sold on the Paperclips, the number up to 1500 by then, and climbing. George Kennan and Dean Acheson threatened that if we didn't use them the Russians would take the lead in poisons. They would take the lead in mind control and ESP too, for there the Germans were weaker. Nazis were more pure occultists than applied, after the Spear of Destiny and the raw supernatural power of Egypt. Nazi architects built underground cities and bases learned from the subterranean penal colonies of Nordhausen and gas chambers, the Eagles Nest of Hitler's HQ. Intimidation architecture would cow the Untermenshen sub human classes from experimental cell towers. The Weimar-Millennial digital Americans would go quietly when their time came. But transhuman Ubermenschen would not hanged. Imported to the West like the rats with bubonic plague that the Nazis tried to land off the English coast from U-Boats, maybe rats, Baal, buggers can swim. But maybe not, so DARPA invented a new aquatic rat for the Beltway. Lesser German endeavors airlifted hoof and mouth disease to England, but were countered by the Allies dropping potato beetles. These biologies required Camp King subjects to hatch the CIA black programs of Bluebird to get ahead of the curve.

At war, the conscious against the unconscious mind hatched many constructs of Hive truths and falsehoods for Diversion. Regulations describe Black Science as what the world calls wisdom stages in the plans for control. If this is fiction, Enders Game is the front and Neon Genesis Evangelion is the back where earth unites to defeat the good angels to ally with the bad, thus preserve global culture. Global culture is that delusion held in common by astrophysics, Hawking, Existential Survivalists, NBC and the Vatican. No doubt you can add universities, Phds, bill collectors.... "It's a system of power always deciding in the name of humanity who deserves to be remembered and who forgotten."

To summarize Phil Schneider's last lecture: Deep Underground Bases, but not to judge the aliens for what they are, as demons and nephilim, not ETs but HDs (HyperDimensionals), these horseshoe aircraft were seen in 1909 at Truth or Consequences N.M. Grey demons appeared in 1933 and 1946 at Ellis AFB. Atomic explosions at Bikini Atoll were to wipe out the Grey underwater base at Bikini Island (Operation Crossroads), all presented in the movies as Soft Disclosure.

Schneider worked at 13 UG bases where 100,000 children and 1 million adults are taken each year (numbers vary). There have been some escapes, Kurk Wold in point. In case martial law has to be declared the 131 UGs can convert to prison camps (Richard Sauder). UN troops trained in blue helmet techniques would occupy 3 UGs per state with scalene triangles, no side equal to another. Chutes, slides go down from FEMA camps, so take some wax paper. All 131 bases, 4 1/2 cubic miles each in expanse, are connected by 2 lane roads and mag-lev trains 5700 feet under ground. The UN built one 30 cubic miles large in Sweden. They will use this sooner than they thought. Martial law research training for police is available at each base. Tesla's lab in Colorado Springs is connected to large caverns of their local UG.

All this is brought to you by a series of card tricks, poppycock hooey and poo-poo. Demon aliens, Nazi war criminals, murderers, Gestapo agents who give "consenting human experiments," when they do not participate in nonconsenting human experiments, visit the eight levels. The double negative is effective. Black psy ops at Harvard, depersonalizing at Yale fragment different selves to prepare for modern America at Stanford. These compartments are OK because students sign consent. There goes Ted K with multiple, daily inductions by MK Ultra look alikes in theaters, churches, stores and parking lots, all lone gunmen no doubt. In shades of Black Water private contractors, murdering geneticist doctors became pediatricians, Gestapo agents completed CIA training, paramilitary exterminators got jobs in police, germ warfare biologists did cancer research. The busy thousand founded DARPA, then NASA, and DISCLOSURE! This is when the yeast blows up American white bread on the bun. British dough is already superminded. The American soul, doing what it pleased, found out during the blackout what Bolivians think. Nobody knows the master like the slave. Nazis- prepared infection explored outer space and in and everywhere between. Epidemics spread to tissue metamorphoses within the body. Allo-toxin materialist minds ruled as Rome. What was their inspiration? Nietzsche! The god of science, Beyond Truth and Falsehood at DARPA.

As the King of Babylon once said, shaking arrows out of his quiver, consulting images and looking into the liver, the real Wunderwaffe of weapon ingenuity came to America and Britain from Germany. But Russia got the Ark of Gabriel to Antarctica and Neuschwabenland, not on record. The Allies got the antigravity bell that Walther Riedel, Nazi head of V-2 designs says made short trips around the moon. Along with space mirrors, early Project Blue Beam stuff, the American Raubkammer was also proving ground of chemical weapons against cats and dogs, horses and cows. Pigs were moved to Templeton ASU complex, adopting what all Passenger Rockets of mental takedown hold to, the black hole, broken dimensions and ever popular mind controls (see Operation Paperclip, 92. Annie Jacobsen). By the time you read this, 1,477 underground bases will have been readied around the world to serve 107,200 prison boxcars of an expected 15 million dissidents for fun, in case they refuse to go.

Schneider, disbelieving, claimed the alien New World Order was a secret force to conquer the world and rule a fascist one-world. At least we could then be safe. Gun control would finally pay off. Schneider claims that "the alien agenda" is "to kill off from up to 7/8 by 2029," that there are U.S. "black budget projects" in the trillions that "garner one quarter of the entire gross national product of these United States," that "at least 1.023 trillion dollars is used in black budget programs," funded primarily by fgov drug running. That's nothing compared with the 8.5 trillion dollars missing from Pentagon budgets in accounting up to 2013.

While you are looking at your phone book profound existence is moving. Where is it going? We mix one plane with another as if there were no above and below, merely the digital. One skin this onion makes, but there are more to compass. Would you take them by force? If there are 140 elements in the periodic table as Schneider says, and hundreds of massive underground cites and bases manned by foreign troops at best, ready for dissidents funded by that 8.5 Trillion missing from the Pentagon Budget alone, and if the people are to be cast as the very untermenshen the Nazis experimented on and exterminated, which NFL game will you watch? That is the threnody of Carmarthen, which one is this, which one is this, ask me I know them. Except he spoke of graves. In our time things just disappear: desaparecidos, tunnels, multi dimensionals. You must add, I never knew them. One day a great surprise in store, not the hologram coming down, but the One shall be seen. Every eyen shall see him!

So for all the remote viewing and insider talk among the tubes, the navy tubes, says Ron Blackburn, holographic tech, and the Morgan Reynolds' lawsuit, and Clark McClelland, Pilots for truth, April Gallup at the Pentagon, the Maxwell air force base holograph, Gravitational Force of the Sun: Pari Spolter, Henry Deacon's life on the planets, the Branton Files, Clifford Stone, NASA 'secret' astronaut corps, John Grace's OH Krill Paper, Miles Johnson on the Bases Project, John Lear on 9/11, there is not one word of the angels that so outnumbered Sennacherib's men (Isaiah 37.36; 2 Kings 6), or the fate of the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14) or of the King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28) or of Pharaoh, that great dragon that lies in the midst of his rivers who says, My river is my own; I have made it of myself. Nebuchadnezzar was overlooking Babylon and boasting it was his. I will exalt myself, he said, but the fish of the rivers will stick to the dragon's scales (Ezekiel 29). So while one could say that the Nazis look alikes of NASA, DARPA and CERN are our least worries, even if these great beings push the switches and open the doors, we can't say there is no difference between the greys, the Nazi war chemists and the pasty NASA Nazis (John Lear) who seduced the American/British to convert tabun and prepare their psycho war, no difference except propaganda, for if you were in America the bad guy was abroad. They were afraid of the greys but not Yahweh!

Underground Archuleta. Schneider's Death.

Two days after Phil Schneider's death from a surgical rubber tube that somehow caught in his neck Detective Harris dispatched the body to a Funeral Home without a coroner's exam. We have a dearth of autopsies at such moments. Ask about the autopsy of Justice Scalia's Hat. The medical examiner "Dr. Gunson made no mention of the metal plate in his head, or that his right lung had been removed when he declared the cause of death to be “strangulation by ligature asphyxiation.” In other words, it was “suicide.” The autopsy fell through the cracks almost as if it was the body of Prince Philip. Schneider is one of many conspiracy theorists to auto de fe--Paul Bennewitz, Danny Casolaro, William Cooper, Jim Keith--amid incredible ET claims. Shipped to 600 pre-existing “FEMA detention camps” funded under Reagan, Rex 84 Project, Project Garden Plot and Operation Cable Splicer offered advanced placement for those choice spots allocated to the Saved From the End of the World. Google it my friend. Along the Jersey Turnpike Schneider's timetable is the public dream of white science, vaccines, internal combustion engines and liquid fuel rockets. The Last of Schneider's texts at the Preparedness Expo of 1995-- Exogenous Underground Bases, FEMA camps and Chemtrails --under the heading of Byzantine Hybridomas, were secret "Black Ops" of Military, FBI and rogue elements pertaining to the under-government. These include "about 6 million to 7 million human beings slaughtered by the aliens at this present time," huge vats containing alien and human body parts floating in the plasma of ensanguinated cattle and Sherry Shriner.

Mass Narcosis

Under the influence of mass narcosis opiates alone, or hallucinogens when good substitutes to numb brain cells fail, these induce deterioration and mask recognized diseases like the effects of lithium, aluminum and barium: Lethargy. Thirst. Stomach distress. Sudden Weight gain. Muscle/joint pain. Twitching, can’t taste your food, slurred speech, blurred vision. Confusion, hallucinations. Impotence. Kidney pain. Hair loss. Gofernment corporations can both spray for debilitation and market the antidote. Science reports there has always been an epidemic of ADHD and autism, especially since the lies about mercury in vaccines. What's the drug that produces indifference to flu shots? Stay tuned with sound bites from the President. The desiccation of lithium is useful in increasing conductivity for these psychoactive/social ongoing tests. Medical and sociological effects are in play. Useful language in measuring dispersal plumes affecting human beings and the natural environment laboratory apply pathogens correlated with electromagnetic frequencies. The proper term is geoengineering. If your Google wants you to write reengineering, OK. When we are beneath the soil of toxic plume Superfunds, when we are considered strip mines, polluted rivers, forest fires of days gone by, it has gotten beyond the Jesuits "planning an attack on American soil." No citizen is alerted to the attack on American soil by the aluminum, lithium, barium morning glory clouds of water, air and soil. Lithium spraying, lithium carbonate, mood stabilizing bipolar mania daze fine tremor nausea headache hyperthyroid increase weight gain ataxia gait are Lithium benefits: lithium chelates aluminum! Monsanto has got a seed strain that grows in the new aluminum substrate. Wm. Burroughs had bad dreams and superstitions of this reality. He kept guns in his bread.

Loss of Conscience

The "government of the People, by the People, for the People" at one time within memory defined your beliefs, no matter how disagreeable, as worth fighting to guarantee. In this inherent contradiction of allegiance, the armed forces swear to defend the Constitution and obey the President and appointed officers. The Constitution assumes armies are composed of citizens whose unquestioned allegiance is to their families and their freedoms. This implies a soldier has the responsibility and right to disobey any order to violate the freedoms of the Constitution. And when does the soldier realize this duty? During martial law his conscience tells him so. Ever wonder why officers say when they take the oath of allegiance that it is done without mental reservation or purpose of evasion? American soldiers have turned their guns on many countries like the national guard did at Kent State. Gofernment assassinates Americans abroad and covertly at home whoever the state deems offensive, but the citizens of eastern Europe cooperate, line up to watch executions at the ditches of the bullet holocaust. Cell phone cameras photograph their own massive loss of conscience. The question is not, where is the good, because evil masquerades as good, as do all morals about earth, the poor, minorities, to mask further depravities. The good is much more the wholesale importation of Nazi physicists, rocket scientists, medical doctors, chemists into the United States infrastructure under the guise of beating Japan, then Russia, while the parallel structures of Nazi colonies in Argentina and Uruguay, not to speak of Antarctica, are ignored, and poison what morality might have existed in the war machines of the west. I love a good moral war, don't you? Fast forward fifty years to see the Nazis transhume the man to say nothing of the science kept out of public sight.

Reporting "facts," the endless rebroadcast and analysis of "facts" by analogy to partial occurrences, Andre Maurois' Tragedy in France outlines how Germany possessed the soul of France by manipulating Vichy confederates. Hannah Arendt got in much trouble with the Zionists for her report that Jewish leadership was complicit in the deaths. This "evil brainchild of the German Nazis" to manipulate the Jewish Council of Amsterdam, "charged with informing the Jewish constituency of their edicts through its official publication Het joodsche weekblad, was originally under the illusion that by negotiations it could save Jews from the worst. The Council had to select who would be sent to die in work camps and later to the concentration camps in Poland, ultimately becoming an effective tool in their own destruction." (Snapper, The Low Countries and the New World(s), "Westerbork to Auschwitz," 179). Why England Slept by JFK shows appeasement in Britain before the war. Why Earth Slept, Tragedy in Earth you can call it, the invention of the alien savior, fabrication, myth, propaganda and appeasement can be the title when Shiva has gained status for that statue at CERN, but many arms reach back from 2016 to 1950. The Nazi makes a good Shiva for reaching into every American institution of government, education, medicine, physics, psychology. So if Nazis couldn't be on medical school faculties when they were found out they could at least go to university and serve and if not there go into public health. Only as a last resort were they shipped to Argentina with that indispensable dark knowledge. The ones that got to stay worked in public health, if you call CIA experiments in interrogation public, or health. They founded Bluebird, MK Ultra, and in the Iraq interrogations radicalized that nation to protect the homeland, they said. Quoting McNamara, Rusk, Bundy, attacks on American soil sponsored by CIA took comfort at least in that if he's a Nazi at least he's not a Communist. Of course Shiva has a third eye and a snake around its neck so expect more spit. And, oops, Shiva has three heads and poison in his throat.

Dulce on the Archuleta Plateau

Schneider did a deep drill at Dulce N.M. in August 1979, sinking four shafts with lasers and components of the Tunnel Boring Machine. When the TBM came up broken Schneider and other geologists went down in a bucket to check. At the bottom, 2-1/2 miles deep they met the Grey later called Bo Diddley. Some people think there were no survivors. If you think that keep reading. The facility at Archuleta occupies the 4-corners area of New Mexico with the highest levels of missing people in the country. According to Schneider, women of child-bearing age, and young men from 10 to 15, are the prime age for *Bograming. Schneider discovered an underground amphitheater of large expansive meeting rooms identical to the U.N. with a specific “raised seating area” where seven foot tall Grey DJ Buggers could dictate to U.N. officials without bending. The U.S. Constitution did not apply that far down. Citizens held no legal standing and international leaders were at the later mercy of Orson Scot Card. According to Schneider, Offut AFB (Nebraska) is home to recovered angel/bugger bodies and craft with long rumored undergrounds at the WPAFB facility in Dayton.

Finally however, not all is lost. There is a defense for those below who can point down that uric power from the stars. Mr. Edward Abbey first sighted Grand Canyon with such precipitation. He said, "the first thing I did was urinate off the rim onto a little aspen." (One Life at a Time Please, 124). Phil Schneider's research along these lines suggests that what is noxious to the aspen is noxious to the infamous les Petits-Gris. Phil conducted this survival tactic out of the worst part of the mythical horror attached to FEMA above. Those bases where by day he innocently rappelled down were filled with Archuleta's *Eisenaliens, or iron lions, if such a neolog be allowed. This was Schneider's worst trouble until the rubber tubing, but surely no more so than the rest of these. When the battle of Archuleta was all but lost, as his wife has reported, and he had sustained such injuries that his body was covered with “shrapnel” wounds (about 500), and he had burns and skin grafts and missing fingers and his private part was cut right down the center and part of his ear was replaced. He had a metal plate in his head and part of a lung -- “he peed in his hard hat and threw the pee at the aliens and killed some of them. Many years later in a fictional program on TV the aliens were still highly allergic to ammonia and would die from it.”

Note: fgov is an abbreviation for gofernment.



  17 months ago
To the fez reader who has never listened to Art Bell or George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, Phil Schneider's Dulce claim is a good starting point in the world of strange tales. Some of his talks are still available online. Do you find him credible? He later died under mysterious circumstances.