Coleman Hawkins
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 Mark James Andrews
 Mark James Andrews
Coleman Hawkins
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Mark James Andrews is finding optimism in uncertainty. He has work forthcoming in Chiron Review, Third Wednesday and a couple other hot morets.
Coleman Hawkins
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Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins, aka Hawk or Bean


the Hawk took the tenor saxophone to the top

when trumpet, clarinet, & trombone ruled out front.

Hawkins played vaudeville as Saxophone Boy

checked in with Fletcher Henderson

to solo Dicty Blues

chased Sidney Bechet

in an all night cutting contest.


racism and public indifference steamed Bean to Europe

to hone that tone

find form for Hawkins powered arpeggios & triplets.


in ’39 the Hawk found his way home

to a recording session that had a last minute addition

when one more tune was needed:


Body and Soul


his charging tenor attack relaxed

for 2 poised choruses:

a Masterpiece

& for the amerikan mind:

a Hit.



  27 months ago
That's Jazz, baby.
  2 years ago
Hawk's notes would form just as air at first. If you were close you could hear the air coming out of the sax before the note. liked this a lot

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