Shot 3 Silenced the Singer
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Shot 3 Silenced the Singer

 Mark James Andrews
 Mark James Andrews
Shot 3 Silenced the Singer
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Mark James Andrews is finding optimism in uncertainty. He has work forthcoming in Chiron Review, Third Wednesday and a couple other hot morets.
Shot 3 Silenced the Singer
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Shot 3 Silenced the Singer
Eddie Jefferson is on the marquee in Detroit Baker’s Keyboard Lounge May 9, 1979 1:35 in the AM
When the music’s over, step out into quiet night 1, 2, 3, 4, exit Baker’s on Livernois Avenue into the Motor City street.
The Patriarch Lyric Composer of Jazz Vocalese Griot Poet who busted rhymes on the solos of Hawk & Prez Diz & Bird Dexter & James Moody is now hustling back to his road home the Leland House Hotel with friends Cheryl Francis, Leonard Paul Harrell & Valerie Chalk.
Eddie Jefferson shut down the gig EARLY some snide audience heckling ripping the pick-up band & his hard post-bopping Alto player Richie Cole an attack from an Avant-Garde aficionado faction.
EJ had spidey sense & threw a safety net over Cole told him to lay out of his party stay put with his Flame actress Brenda Vaccarro who was hanging in D Town with The Alto Madness Man.
Eddie Jefferson hit the Street.
Cheryl Francis painted a gothic tableau: We heard a loud bang. I saw smoke. It was a green Lincoln. I saw fire shoot out of the passenger side Just a big burst of fire came out the window. I kept asking, Where is Eddie?
Leonard Paul Harrell followed Eddie out of the club 53, of Detroit, a dancer & old running buddy of EJ. He viewed the green & chrome Lincoln of Death pull around a Checker Cab & stop.
2 shots close together rang out I SAW THE BARREL OF THE SHOTGUN OUT THE WINDOW FIRING. THE 3rd SHOT HIT EDDIE. HE SAID ‘HUP,’ like that.
I guess the force of the shot turned him to the right & he started running. I looked up to the 4th shot coming to ME. I could only see the barrel of the gun & the person that was holding--- the shadow of the person holding the gun It was a green Lincoln Town Car Light green or dark green? Green like the green in a flower green like a leaf that green Green like the St. Patrick’s day hats? Not that bright. Not that bright. A green leaf. Like a green leaf? Green leaf. That’s all.
BANG BANG BANG BANG Paul hit the bricks yelled “Get down!”
The artist who put words to Eddie Harris’ Freedom Jazz Dance took flight made Last Dance steps 35 feet down an alley made THE BIG JUMP Vamping, Looping, Riffing a funky gurgling New Vocalese fresh for the yank by The Sandman with the Shepherd’s Crook.
I said, Shotgun 4 blasts from the DRIVER Lincoln Continental Late model / Leaf green.
I said, Shot 3 silenced the SINGER put him Out, baby Off the spinning Earth Hey! .



  3 years ago
Wild. This is like reading Jazz. Bebop, maybe. Scales. Up. Down. All over the place...but once you hook onto it, it all makes some crazy sorta sense.

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