2016 Red Fez Pushcart Prize Nominees
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 Testy McTestical
 Testy McTestical
2016 Red Fez Pushcart Prize Nominees
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2016 Red Fez Pushcart Prize Nominees
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2016 Red Fez Pushcart Prize Nominees

In late November Red Fez selected six nominees for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. The entry pool consisted of work published in issues 74 to 84, in the 2015 calendar year prior to December. Our chosen pieces were then printed and snail mailed to Pushcart Press

These are a somewhat random sampling of excellent work that stuck in our brains. Red Fez loves and appreciates all work sent our way. The selection committee was: Christopher JH Lambert (head fiction editor), Michael Grover (head poetry editor), Doc Sigerson (head nonfiction editor), Leopold McGinnis (founder), Pat Simonelli (editor in chief) and Testy McTestical (mascot).

The nominees:

Banking On by mj taylor, Poetry, issue #83 October 2015

Searching for Nelson Algren by Doug Draime, Poetry, issue #79 June 2015

Flashpoint by Don Tassone. Nonfiction, issue #74 January 2015

On Love and Fish by Alex Simand, Nonfiction, issue #78 May 2015

Where Love Takes Us by Donna Lee Miele, Fiction, issue #79 June 2015

Unquenchable Fire by Paul Rogov, Fiction, issue #77 April 2015



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Thank you people!
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congrats to you guys

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