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 Jason Thompson
 Jason Thompson
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Old D.C. street kid in the 80's and early 90's, punk singer, and wanderer, now turned family man. I write about experience, mostly non-fiction,...read more sometimes visceral, with a few stop overs in other genres and topics including; fiction, humor, reviews, philosophy, religion, poetry, metaphysics.


A Street Encounter

The large, green-toothed man passed by as I was panhandling on the busy block, only to return a few minues later, standing before me in his red, stained shirt, with a dollar in his hand.

“This is for you,” he said, his giant hand careful not to touch mine, as i reached for the buck.

Without waiting for a response, he turned and left, leaving me with the task of getting money for food, vodka, and the club, by pressing strangers in casual summer clothes for spare change.

A couple of minutes later and he was back again, shuffling before my curious eyes, in a silent moment mustering courage before he asked, “Do you wanna go get a beer?”

“I don’t drink,” I lied, knowing the look of hungry men seeking young boys.

“O.K.,” he said, before leaving again and giving me the hope that we were done. Before the hope could settle in he was back for the third time, determination etched on his face, mixed with his driving desire.

“You wanna earn ten bucks?” he asked.

“How?” I resonded, with a face of emtional distance, prepared for the offer. He shrugged his massive shoulders, a gesture meant to trivialize the seriousness of his intent.


The word, spoken conversationally, struck my senses like a shout. I put my right hand on the knife in my back pocket, my hatred rising behind my deadening eyes.

“No,” I said, coolly.

He pondered my demeanor as I stared up at him, ready to bury my knife into his flesh and then run away, losing myself in the crowd and then alleys.

“It couldn’t hurt to ask,” he said, as he quickly turned away with the weight of the rejection.

My face flushed hot as my adrenaline, now needing no restraint, flowed through me, leaving my heart beating quickly and my body shaking, my imagination furiously pushing images of murder.

We were two predators, breathing unnoticed in the city.



  1 week ago
Great piece. Comes on like a flash of heat.
  1 week ago
  1 week ago · in response to Doc Sigerson

    Thank you for the time and energy.
  1 week ago · in response to Jason Thompson

    When I do a copy and paste from the most recent text I still get this weirdness. As a last resort I will just retype the whole thing after my nap.
  1 week ago
It looks like the last broken paragraph is due to a page break. The first one, I have no idea. I used google chrome, transferred to word doc. Seems it is my end. Lesson learned.
  1 week ago - edited
  1 week ago
I received your email and re-sent it. It looked fine on my end until I reviewed the sent form, then it had those weird breaks.
  1 week ago
  1 week ago
I've not received an email.
  1 week ago · in response to Jason Thompson

    I'll email you.
  1 week ago - edited
Curious. Was my original broken up in the middle of paragraphs? Did something happen during the transfer?


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