A Review Of Doug Draime's More Than The Alley

Interior Noise Press - 2012

More Than The Alley
by Doug Draime
144 pages

DOUG DRAIME is one of those writers that I wish I could make everybody read. The first poem I could remember of Doug's that really made an impression on me is The Suits Won't Go Away, and I was glad to find it in this collection, it still stands as one of his best. His poems make me laugh out loud, & even cry sometimes. Some poems in this book are just bursting with emotion like Zoot Sims Crying, or Someday I Will Write A Poem That Will Flood The Earth. Doug Draime's poems are real life stories of life in L.A. and various other places life has taken him. I would recommend this book to anyone who appreciates poetry as he has many styles and there is something in here for everyone.

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About Michael Grover

Michael Grover is a native Floridian. He currently lives in Toledo, Ohio. Michael is widely published in it literary underground. He is the current head poetry editor at www.redfez.net, Michael has published several chapbooks including his newest Some People Go Crazy on Citizens For Decent Literature Press. In...read more 2014 Michael published his first novel Lockewood/The Wolves Of Lockewood.
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