COVER STORY: Turkey Gorget
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COVER STORY: Turkey Gorget

COVER STORY: Turkey Gorget
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Bree is singer-songwriter, poet and memoirst from Cleveland, OH. She has been printing art and poetry books via Green Panda Press and more since 2001. In 2014 she moved to Pleasureville, KY and began to focus on visual arts, for which she recieved an Artist Enrichment grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women in 2016. She worked many a year as a chef and bartender, selling books for an indy used bookstore, and finally pays her bils with funny money, since she's been ill for awhile. Most recent manu is This Dark Junco Morning (2016).
COVER STORY: Turkey Gorget
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Bree sees orifices, figures and animus in photographs. She opens the photos in Microsoft Paint, and uses cut and paste to isolate a figure or piece together a gorget. In a sense the collage is another way she found of drawing. Photographs come with a pre-existing pallet. Since she does not need to spend time creating colors, she is able to finish each work in a sitting, or the equivalent of a day at the office. 

In general her focus is on facial expressions and posture, things which are universally understood. She is also interested in figures from myth, folklore and history, and ancient and native peoples. The Yucchi tribe caught her attention after she found several pileated woodpecker feathers in an oak tree in TN. She searched for meanings associated with the bird, and found the tribe which once inhabited the very forest she found the feathers in had particularly revered pilated woodpeckers. This was evidenced in stone gorgets which pictured the bird four times around a sun which had a cross inside it. Turkey Gorget was one of several she made as an homage to the native art.

Other pieces are social and political in nature, or they examine couple-hood, sexuality, ego, gender roles, heroes and heroines. In general, her figures appear with a stark white background to emphasize expression and posture, humanize the beings and examine portraiture, and the camp sometimes associated with it. She often create works on commission from patrons own beloved photos. Her challenge is to look at it a certain way until a wing or set of lips emerges.

Bree is a poet and artist living in Pleasureville, KY. She was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant for nude studies in 2016. In 2001 she began Green Panda Press which published handmade anthologies, chaplets and ephemera of poets and artists of the very small press until 2016. In 2015 she began Least Bittern Books which puts out trade paperbacks of poets with singular voices. More than 150 of her collages are featured in COME WHAT MAY: COLLAGES FROM A SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH (2017). To order the book or prints email



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