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juice and cookies


at the end
of Casablanca

Bogey and
the French cop
start a beautiful
friendship (of
a homosexual
nature no doubt.)

the bullet went in
through the back
of Bugsy Siegel's
head, his eye
hit the wall
across the room.

i remember
my grandfather

bald with
a Hitler mustache

the same fiery eyes

drinking vodka
and eating raw
onions like they
were apples

dead of heart
failure at age 69.

he was
an atheist.

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About Ross Vassilev

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Ross Vassilev is a born loser and a poet. He's originally from Bulgaria but now lives in a small town in Ohio where he eats rotten eggs for breakfast and spends every day watching lezzie videos and other fine entertainment. You can read more of his poems at http://rossvassilevpoet.blogspot.com/.


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