Sometimes God likes to drink whiskey
with me:
the hard stuff,
no chaser -

we sit in the living room
in front of the TV and we smoke
cigars, watching the news:

“Earthquake in Haiti…, suicide bomber
in Afghanistan…, hunger in Somalia…,
flood in India…, killings in Iraq…”

I put my empty glass on the coffee table,
close to the half full bottle
and I watch Him exhale clouds of white

“You not going to do anything about that?”
I say and point at the screen.

He answers back and pours himself
another glass.

It is almost afternoon.

On the corner, close to my apartment, there is
the Methodist church.

The bell tolls.

I see God trembles.

I got up and go to the window.
I watch the kids play in park under the gold
rays of the sun.

Then I turn around and He is gone.

The bottle is empty.

I go to the fridge, take another one,
turn off the TV

and this day ends like it’s supposed to.

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About Peycho Kanev

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Peycho Kanev�s work has been published in Welter, Poetry Quarterly, The Catalonian Review, The Arava Review, The Mayo Review, Chiron Review, Tonopah Review, Mad Swirl, In Posse Review, Southern Ocean Review, The Houston Literary Review and many others. He is nominated for Pushcart Award and lives in more His collaborative collection "r", containing poetry by him and Felino Soriano, as well as photography from Duane Locke and Edward Wells II is available at His new poetry collection �Bone Silence� will be published this fall by Desperanto, New York.
  29 months ago · in response to Theric Jepson


Hmm. Guess html doesn't work in these comment fields....
  29 months ago

I would like to see a collection of this sort of poem. So far there's <a href="">me</a> more and you.
  2 years ago
God would be like that, wouldn't he.

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