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Give it to me—
fuck me like the night we first met,
back when it was hot and endless and we
both felt like we could take on the whole world;
before the newness wore off
before the dirty underclothes and beer bottles
began to layer the entire floor
before we learned how to get under each other's last nerve...

take me hard and fast before we end up
killing each other

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Cynthia Ruth Lewis has been delightedly infecting various sites (and people) with her poetry for some time now. A true-hearted pessimist, she enjoys rainy days, canceled vacations, and the tarnished side of the coin. Her latest chapbook, Piss on Your Parade (poems from a disillusioned pessimist) is available for $5 from CRL1866@yahoo.com. <a ...read morehref="http://ulabookreview.blogspot.com/2007/01/cynthia-ruth-lewis-piss-on-your-parade.html">Click here for a review</a>


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Fernando Izaguirre    2 months ago
I was smiling from the start. Nicely done.


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