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Loneliness Of The Long Distance Drinker


After last call, lights down,
the loneliness of the solitary
drinker, nothing moving but
the shadows of those long gone
lingering near as if the spirits
contained within the bottles or
the keg lines would give them
a second chance at life, one where
they will never be short of cash,
the drink plentiful, their health
good, and cheerful, willing women
waiting at home to provide warmth
and comfort on all those cold nights
like this one, hearing nothing and
seeing less, spilled beer and ashes
on the bar top, ice and snow inside,
the worst kind of weather a man
could endure.

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About Alan Catlin

In a previous life, Alan Catlin, was an itinerant bartender, a profession he likens to being a soldier of fortune only much more boring. Usually.The best part of the work was an almost unlimited source of free material for writing projects and his placement in a high risk pool that finally got his life insurance agent off his back once he turned thirty....read more His work was twice voted among the Most Neglected Books of the year by legendary small press editor Marvin Malone of The Wormwood Review. He is currently the best kept secret in Schenectady N.Y, where he lives, through a series of coincidences, that defy explanation. His most recent chapbook is a sequence of neighborhood poems from March Street press, "Near Death in the Afternoon on Becker Street."


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