Death of a Catholic School Girl (c. 1960)

She ignored her mama’s warning

and went out that night

with a gang of tough dudes,

who rocked hobnail jackboots

and pencil-thin jeans.

They climbed to the top

of boarded-up North High,

swigging booze from paper sacks.


Most of our parents thought

she was nothing but trouble,

and nuns at the Catholic school

were sure she’d go to hell,

because she was too fond of boys.

But my friends and I knew

that she would always defend us,

whenever the bullies came around.


She was built like a Clydesdale,

heftier than most girls her age.

With her sloshed boyfriends

a few feet behind her,

she waved a whiskey bottle

in her hand and danced

over the dirty skylight

on the high school roof.


She must have felt such freedom,

staring down at the neighborhood

with no one telling her what to do.

I always wondered if she even

knew that she was falling,

before the leaded glass

splintered beneath her

on the floor of the auditorium.


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About Donna M. Davis

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Bio for Donna M. Davis: Donna M. Davis lives in Central New York, with her husband, three cats, and a posse of obstreperous parrots. When she isn’t writing poetry or putting band aids on her nipped fingers, her favorite pastimes include operating model trains and racing around the block at midnight on more kick scooter. Her poetic philosophy is that she has no set poetic philosophy. Rather, she strives mightily to communicate perceptions, stories, strange perspectives, and heartfelt feelings through her work. A former English teacher, she is the owner of a business specializing in resume writing and book design services. Her poetry has appeared in Red Fez, The Centrifugal Eye, Carcinogenic, Aberration Labyrinth, Red River Review, Ilya’s Honey, Gingerbread House, The Milo Review, Halcyon Magazine, The Comstock Review, Poecology, and Slipstream Anthology. She recently produced a chapbook entitled Several Ways to Look at the Stars.
  11 months ago · in response to Maria Elena Gordon

    Thank you so much for your viewpoint on the subject of this poem.
  11 months ago
You are very creative in the way you have written this poem. An excellent poem for the youth of today.
  11 months ago · in response to Fernando I

    Thank you. I appreciate your comment very much.
  11 months ago
This poem is awesome! Nice work, Donna.
  11 months ago · in response to Dan Jacoby

    Glad you like it!
  11 months ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    Thanks for you kind thoughts, as usual.
  11 months ago
way good
  11 months ago · in response to Donna M. Davis

    I thought that might be the case. It had to be swimming around in your mind for quite some time for you to create such a brief, but powerful and complex poem.
  11 months ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    This was actually a local tragedy when I was a kid, something hard to forget, but it took me a long time to write about it.
  11 months ago
Wow. This is quite a tale.

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